Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Horizons-Pokhara @ Dawn [Landscapes Music]


If you have been frequently following my reviews then you are certainly aware of the respect I hold for smaller labels and artists who are trying to achieve their well deserved attention. One of the labels that has been making waves of its very own in the dance music scene is "Landscapes Music". I have covered quite a few of their releases as they always find the way to amaze with the sheer quality of their work and artists they showcase. 

 This time I set my sights and ears for that matter on the brand new single by the "Landscapes Music" owner himself, Shyamol Maracci. He frequently demonstrates his production skills under his artist name "Horizons". His new single is called "Pokhara@Dawn" and what a stunner it is!

 The kicks and bassline quickly set the pace of what lies ahead while the rest of the key elements fall into place. An assortment of finely chosen effects add to the heightening of the senses as a unique fusion of mystical, epic yet motivational melodies slide make their appearance. 'Tis without a doubt an aural journey into some of the places less traveled in our miraculous, mystifying world we all inhabit. 

 Visions of hiking through broken down trails come to mind, as we eagerly make our way towards the mountain top. Birds begin their morning songs hidden in their own world, tucked away beyond the dark trees, giving us a serenade of their very own while we inhale the crisp mountain air. Once we reach the summit, the view we witness is incredible. We are quickly filled with a proud sense of accomplishment as we gaze upon the world below. The sun begins to make its appearance shyly in this forgotten corner of the world and an instant flooding of serenity encircles us. 

 This is an artist that has often taken us on a musical journey to places unknown and does so once more, giving us a glimpse into a world very few of us have had the opportunity to lay eyes upon!

Released: 4/6/2021

Label: Landscapes Music 

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

D72-Without You [Coldharbour Recordings]


Markus Schulz's record label "Coldharbour Recordings", often takes pride in the search and discovery of new talent, ready to emerge like a soaring eagle into the dance music scene. One of these talented individuals is German producer Dirk Wershofen, that goes by the artist name of "D72". You may have heard some of his past productions such as "Together" along with "Dan Iwan" or his very own "Magika". This time he set his sights on the harbour of all things dark and groovy and offers us the magnificent "Without You". No wonder this was quickly snatched up as you will realize further along.

 From the very first moment we are swept away into a world wrought of darkness and gloom. It is ever present only allowing tiny slivers of light within. A moody bassline with a distant echo dominates the whole space before us while the rest of the elements begin to gradually settle in. The steady booming allows the mischievous percussion in to play, while out of the darkness and gloom a kind of dark horn makes its dramatic appearance as if to call upon lost souls. A broken down choir takes its part as emotions of absence are firmly planted within. Rhythmical synths and proggy grooves play their part accordingly, enhancing the already emotional charged atmosphere as male vocals find their way ever inward. These vocals are expertly paired up amongst shimmering crystal-like effects and sheer melodies that continue the emotional ride ever forward. Feelings of longing and sadness are slowly but steadily becoming replaced with perseverance, hope and utter determination. 

 An expertly crafted tune packed with the exact stuff to keep us satisfied while at the same time making us crave for more!

Released: 19/3/2021

Label: Coldharbour Recordings 


Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Blizzard-Torden/Feather [AVA Recordings]


The dynamic duo from Norway who have given us so many divine tunes over the years are back with a fresh two track release on "Andy Moor's" renowned label "AVA Recordings". Of course the artists in question are Tore Vatle Jensen and Lars Nyheim, otherwise known to the dance music cosmos as "The Blizzard". Their unique ideas and aural soundscapes have brought them far in this life and they continue to astound their peers and fans alike with their vivid ingenuity in the studio. Their new release consists of two very special tracks: "Torden" and "Feather".

 "Torden": Melodic bliss is unleashed into the void from the very first moments of play. Lush melodies dance playfully amidst the rumbling thunder while reverse female stutter effects and energized rhythms all play their part in creating a harmonious yet emotional wrought soundscape. It is filled with positive reinforced vibes that seem to float carefree on the very air itself. Images of rare beauty unfold within our mind, swiftly transporting us to lands beyond our very imagination.

 "Feather": BTesque effects are expertly thrown in here in good measure alongside ethereal female vocal effects and bright, joyous synths that do the track's title absolute justice. Dreamy, floating melodies and pumping basslines do the trick in elevating our mind and senses to an ideal world where only beauty and happiness are its inhabitants. Sorrow and anguish do not exist here and we are free to pursue our dreams full of hope and inner strength.

 Magical tunes by these two musical geniuses. Their craftiness and ideal musical landscapes have us already dreaming of their next release!

Released: 26/3/2021

Label: AVA Recordings 

Monday, April 26, 2021

Meanda-Far Away E.P [Landscapes Music]


"Landscapes Music" is a label that purely focuses on releasing a selective amount of musical material, never going for a truckload of releases at a time. Each release is carefully selected to fit the label's perspective and view in the elaborate world of electronic dance music. The label's A&R happens to be Austrian producer "Meanda" and when not shifting through demos he of course works on his own original music, which has a distinct character and sound to it. His brand new E.P lands on home turf and is quite the spectacle as you will quickly realize. His new E.P contains the original and an alternate version of his track "Far Away" which you will undoubtedly devour in one take.

 Eerie melodies are expertly paired up among fire forged subterranean basslines, water-like droplets,curious effects and moody grooves with a minimalist junglesque percussion lurking in the background like a wretched fiend out to strike when no one is aware. A marvelous fusion of dark, monochrome grooves which originate in the progressive territory, alongside stripped back rhythms that appear in the futuristic palettes of techno which instill chills and thrills throughout the deepest depths of the listener's soul. 

 The alternate edition of this tune is dubbed "Find Yourself version". It contains several similarities to the original, building on the foundations of its originator while emphasizing on extra amounts of drama via its lead synths, its sleek progression and its reinvented hypnotic basslines.

 An adventure like no other unfolds as we make our way into the darkest depths and underbelly of our world. An exploration within lost caverns long abandoned where darkness lies, crystals form like long lost jewels and stalactites hang from the ceiling as if representing the fancy crystal chandeliers of old. The echo of water trickling down the crevices can be heard in the distance as we move on armed with courage, a flaming torch, curiosity and a rising feeling of adventure that begins rippling through our skin.

 Another striking E.P by "Meanda" and the "Landscapes" crew. Perfectly suited for those 3AM sessions that we all love to get lost in!

Released: 30/4/2021

Label: Landscapes Music 

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Rezwan Khan-Apollyon [Perfecto Fluoro]


New York resident "Rezwan Khan", has rapidly becoming one of the scene's most riveting artists. His approach towards the genre and his craftiness of constructing a beat that easily stands out among all others is most certainly his forte. One of his recent releases the genre defying "Underground Anthem" under his "VaNISH" alias, gained him a return to one of dance music's most prolific labels: the mighty "Perfecto Records", brainchild of British dance music legend "Paul Oakenfold".

 His new creation brings him to Perfecto soil once more. This time he showcases his production skills on Perfecto's sublabel, the glorious and mesmerizing "Perfecto Fluoro". "Apollyon" is the name and in a way it is a continuation of the saga of its predecessor. Rezwan's affinity for those intriguing, mystifying dark beats has lead him down a familiar path once more.

 Dark, abysmal patterns lay out before us while eerie, hazy melodies like phantoms parade in mid air  amidst blood curdling effects that creep out from every dark corner startling one and all. Just as we begin to calm down, wild and wicked leads emerge from the shadows spreading fear and chaos in their path, ready to dominate our mind and crush our soul with their might. Darkness and decay are here in full force while hope seems to have long been abandoned. This one packs a mighty punch giving us a glimpse into a world wrought by darkness, despair and utter deconstruction. What was once fair and pure has now become foul and broken. The end may be nigh but humanity has and will continue to persevere making its final stand when the fate of all things has come to wither and die. 

A tune that will not easily be forgotten as "Apollyon" is here to stay! Another sure hit for "Rezwan Khan".

Released: 12/3/2021

Label: Perfecto Fluoro 

Monday, April 5, 2021

Ronski Speed-Greyskull [Subculture]


If you have been following the dance music scene quite closely over the last decade you have certainly come across the name "Ronski Speed" quite often. The man behind the name is German mastermind Ronny Schneider, who has been supplying the dance music cosmos with a vast number of anthems over the years under his alias "Sun Decade" or his main producer name "Ronski Speed" of course. From "Sun Decade-I'm Alone" to "Ronski Speed-The Space We Are (feat. Sir Adrian)" or more recent anthems in the making such as "Cassia" and his collaboration with "DJ T.H" and "Ben Lost"-"Downfall", this artist knows the exact formula to deliver an instant future classic. 

His exquisite remix work has also played its part in placing him in the trance pantheon with remixes like "Eye Of Horus" by "Aly & Fila", "Burned With Desire" by "Armin Van Buuren feat. Justine Suissa" and "Alone Tonight" by "Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford" are prime examples of his expertise in the field. Add to all this his DJ performances all over the globe, this guy is simply a machine that does not stop. Even in lock down state his creativity has not been stagnant and here he is delivering some fresh tuneage for 2021. Out now on well known Irish DJ/Producer "John O' Callaghan's" famed label "Subculture"is the uber anthem that answers to the intricate name "Greyskull".

 "Greyskull" is an explosive affair from the very first seconds of play. Immersed by pumping basslines, ecstatic grooves and acid synths spread out quite eloquently among a whirlwind of swirls and other fun effects. We make our way prominently along the rugged path that leads towards the grounds of the grand castle that lays out in the distance. Gasping in awe of what we hold before us we are instantly ambushed by a plethora of majestic melodies as if spout out by some of the Kingdom's finest minstrels and are pleasantly surprised by rejuvenating, mighty leads that demonstrate the full power, magic and potential of this regal stronghold. As the drawbridge drops to welcome us weary travelers within its ramparts we are flooded with a sense of adventure, duty and filled with an aura of goodness and inner strength. Another glorious tune of epic proportions conjured to life by one of the scene's finest producers. Surely an ode to the heroes of his childhood who reside in the far away Kingdom of Eternia!

Released: 15/1/2021

Label: Subculture 

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Boy From The Future-The Day You Will See The Light [Landscapes Music]

 Labels have been known to pop up like mushrooms in the scene ever since dance music's inception. Every once in a while a label is born with the fundamentals of greatness. One of these labels known for their unique approach, roster of artists and sound is certainly "Landscapes Music" owned and curated by Shyamol Maracci. Their latest release once again calls to arms a "Landscapes" regular: "The Boy From The Future". This talented producer is back showcasing the progressive sound he has become known for, if you have been digging deep through the "Landscapes" releases. His new single is titled "The Day You Will See The Light" and it is out now.

 This futuristic inhabitant brings forth solid progressive grooves fortified by lush vibes and an onspray of positivity and promise demonstrated through the expert use of steadfast percussion, minimal use of effects and a more than welcome downpour of illuminated melodies, which surely bring a glimmer of hope, shining light into the darkest and most abandoned of places. Images come to life within one's mind of lands long dark and forgotten, at last gaining the gift of the ever nurturing sun upon the fertile soil. We all stare and marvel at the glory of nature as new life is sprung from the ashes. A reminder to humanity that no matter how hard things may get hope is always lurking around the corner.

 This artist brings a ray of light into our lives with his new single. If you are seeking a dose of happiness on a difficult day, this one is just right for you!

Released: 29/3/2021

Label: Landscapes Music 

Thursday, March 18, 2021

NOMADSignal-Exclusion Zone [Coldharbour Black]


One of the swiftest rising stars shining bright in the "Coldharbour Recordings" universe and dance music cosmos alike is without a shred of doubt Nicholas Andrew Schwab, known under his artist name "NOMADsignal". This talented artist has been on a creative frenzy these past months and releasing a multitude of musical gems as if his life depended on it. The "RBMK E.P", the "Rontgen E.P" as well as the majestic "Thorium-238" under his "Isotapes" alias were all unique and addictive as can be. His radio show "NOMADcity" has become a place where loyal fans gather to enjoy some wicked tunes selected by the man himself, while interacting with him and other music fans as well.Of course the new year had to begin with a fresh release and he emerged from the studio with the mighty "Exclusion Zone" out on the "Coldharbour Black", imprint of "Markus Schulz's" record label "Coldharbour Recordings". 

 Hard kicks and intriguing melodies shake things up quite nicely while rolling basslines emerge out of the fog and the bare essentials in percussion do their part in setting the dramatic tone. The tension and anticipation grow rapidly much like the sand quickly escapes its prison in the proverbial hourglass. Dark, ominous patterns unfold while hypnotizing and mystifying leads guide us along the long shadowy footpaths ahead of territories wild and unexplored. A sense of adventure, fright and excitement all thrown in with good measure leaving the listener craving for more. A quick descent down stone hewn spiral formed walkways of old through the treacherous darkness and mist filled lands.

 "Exclusion Zone" will dominate the hearts and minds of all during those four am sessions once clubland revives itself and begins anew. Another ecstatic tune to add to your collection!

Released: 22/1/2021

Label: Coldharbour Black 

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

James Cottle & Tiff Lacey-Uncertain World [Subculture]


Dance music sensation from the UK, "James Cottle" has certainly been making a name for himself through his stunning DJ performances at some of the finest clubs across the UK and clubbing brands such as "Goodgreef" and "Digital Society". He slowly began working on his own productions as well which saw him gaining a vast amount of releases on labels such as "Paul Van Dyk's" esteemed "Vandit Records". His productions and collaborations gathered infinite attention from some of the industry's giants such as "Paul Oakenfold", "Paul Van Dyk" and "Adam Ellis" among others. His latest release sees him teaming up with UK Singer/Songwriter "Tiff Lacey". Tiff is a legend in her own way as she has been actively involved in the industry for years and whose voice is instantly recognizable throughout her many musical offerings. "Hypnotized" with "Paul Oakenfold", "Ecstasy" with "Atb", "Affinity" with "The Thrillseekers" are all instant reminders of her exquisite work. 

 James and Tiff find themselves on Irish DJ/Producer "John O'Callaghan's" label "Subculture" delivering a tune that sincerely is all that. The name is "Uncertain World" and it will rock your world.

 These two pull out all the stops as their collab is a fierce monster of a tune that packs a mighty punch. Solid chugging basslines move things swiftly along as other elements come into play, much like a locomotive charging ahead at full speed with no plan on stopping. Tiff enters the scene amidst a sea of enigmatic yet ethereal melodies, bringing an essence of wonder and sense to the raw energy within. Her passionate yet honest vocals make quite an impact on us, pulling at our heart strings, while bell-like chimes echo in the distance like fleeting memories lost in the depths of our mind, as riveting leads build and build, rising like the ever growing tide ready to consume it all as we willingly throw ourselves into the perfect storm, ultimately getting lost in a wave of euphoria.

 Amazing collaboration by these two that will undoubtedly keep the crowd ecstatic from start to finish.

Released: 22/1/2021

Label: Subculture

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Interview with Adam White!

 Over the years the UK has supplied the ever thriving scene of dance music with some of its finest artists. An exemplary case is that of talented DJ/Producer “Adam White”. Catching the dance music bug early on it became something of a mission to Adam to follow this ever rising passion building within. Honing his skills and performing as a DJ came natural to him as he appeared to have that extra keen ear of what to select and when to drop it. His skills as a DJ got him far indeed gaining the opportunity to perform at some of the biggest events and clubs around the world, entertaining thousands joyous music lovers. His success as a DJ continued off the stage as well as he was selected to prepare and mix “The Best Of Euphoria”, “Total Euphoria” and “Absolute Euphoria” among others. He even spent four exciting years touring with the “Euphoria” brand, spreading his love for the music he cherished above all. 

 Aside from the glamorous world of performing Adam had the itch for producing his own tunes thus awakening another hidden talent. This was proven from the very first moment as his track “Reverence” was supported by none other than “Tiesto” throughout the whole summer of 2003. Other accolades followed for Adam as his tracks continued to gain attention from the who’s who of the scene. His partnership with fellow English DJ/Producer “Andy Moor” under “The Whiteroom” project was another highlight for him as well as his later involvement with the “Perfecto Records” family and “Paul Oakenfold” himself. This lead to releasing new material on Perfecto plus being selected to continue the mix album “Perfecto presents...” tradition and mix his very own installment for the series.

  Adam continued to thrive in the scene achieving goals many aspire to. At the height of his career he decided to shift gears and take a long break from the scene in search of a normal life and focus on family life. The years passed and he has been sorely missed throughout the dance music community. Every so often, fortunately for us, the desire to create arose from within and he unleashed a couple new smashing tunes such as “Exodus” alongside “Scott Bond” and “Time Stood Still” with “AJ Gibson” and singer “Sheena”. With great pleasure we have witnessed him producing more often plus doing a few DJ performances virtually during the lockdown period. Enjoying his music for many years I am fortunate to interview the man himself exclusively for “MusicTalk15”! Many thanks for the honor Adam!


Question 1:

For those that may not be familiar with your origins in the scene, what was the defining moment for you when everything started becoming dead serious and your career began to take off?

It’s hard to put it down to one moment but I a real turning point for me in my career was working for "Inferno Records" as an A&R Consultant. I signed some big records such as "Dutchforce-Deadline", "Bad Habit Boys-Weekend", "Push-Strange World" and our biggest record which was "Flickman-House of Bamboo". It opened so many doors me both as a DJ and within the industry. It was my successful run at Inferno that got me head hunted to get involved in the Euphoria brand.

Question 2:

You have had the pleasure of working with a good number of artists in the past. Nowadays we see you focusing on solo work. If you would do a future collab who would you choose to work with and who was your favorite artist to work with in the past?

For me, making a record is all about the journey and the experience. Some people I’ve worked with I’ll never work with again, but I’ve made lifelong friends with some of the people I’ve collaborated with, "Andy Moor" being one of them. Working on your own in the studio has its limitations. It’s nice to bounce ideas off someone and I enjoy the collaborative process but it’s about finding the right balance and the right people to work with. I like finding new talent to work with too, I am currently working with a vocalist from the UK called "Quinn Bailey" and she is amazing. To pick a favorite is hard… but there is some exciting "Whiteroom" news on the horizon… so that would be a clue.

Question 3:

During lock down many fans have sought out a multitude of artists who had abandoned

the spotlight but continued to churn out releases every now and again. You are definitely one of those artists who have sorely been missed. How did it feel to reconnect with the fans and witness the love once more and will we perhaps see further “Adam White” performances or a number of fresh singles?

I think everyone needs a break and time to reset. I was recently made to feel like I wasn’t cutting it anymore in the studio, so I thought to myself ‘fuck you… I’ll show I’ve got some more records in me’. There is a lot more to come from me, not that I have a point to prove (well maybe a little) but there is still a lot I want to do now I am more settled in life.

Question 4:

The reactions during your live streams were phenomenal as were your DJ sets. Will this catapult you out into the clubs once again, giving us a select amount of live performances as clubland regains its health once more?

I wasn’t expecting that at all – I said to my wife one Saturday, I might do one of those live stream things for a laugh… it ended up having over 250k views which totally shocked me. It was fun to do a couple and the feedback from people saying I helped them regain some positivity was enough to encourage me to do a few more. I don’t think I’ll ever find myself on tour again but a couple of select shows could be on the cards. Being told you’re not allowed to play in a club is very different from making the decision yourself and lockdown has made me want to get back out and play a few more live shows.

Question 5:

We have seen some artists revive their aliases over the years. Are there any plans of bringing back “BLANKA” from its slumber? Perhaps a special E.P to re-introduce it properly?

"Blanka" was a moment in time. "Adam Dowling" was the other half of that project. Times have changed for us both now though we still speak occasionally. I’d never say never, he was great to work with as he really got stuck in.


Would you be willing to revive yet another “Perfecto Records” classic as you recently did with Konkrete’s Law Unto Myself” alongside “Susy Del Vecchio”, if the opportunity presented itself?

I don’t think so…. Law was a bit of a fluke really and Susy nailed the vocal but traditionally I am not a fan of going back over what has already been done.

Question 7:

You have certainly started off the new year in a big way. Glad to see you taking charge and reminding the world of the ingenuity behind the artist that is Adam White. What more can we expect to see this year?

"Stronger Together" is out now on "Perfecto" and the follow up is already under way. I have a couple of projects bubbling away in the background and 2021 will see a new "Whiteroom" record so there's a lot happening. 

Question 8:

Your recent collaboration with Nathan Martin dubbed “Stonger Together” out on “Perfecto Records” has made quite the impact in the scene, receiving a lot of praise and support already. Have you and Nathan been friends for years? What inspired this crafty collab?

I met Nathan through a mutual friend and was introduced to Nathan’s event called ‘Trance’ which is a daytime party in Kent here in the UK. I played a couple of shows for Nathan and we just clicked, like you do sometimes. We worked on a collaboration with Paul Johnson under the name "Fourmula" and release a single called ‘Life’ on "Woody Van Eyden’s" label. Off the back of that we decided to get together and hang out in the studio and get pissed and see what happened. Lockdown hit so we couldn’t do anything but when restrictions were lifted we got together and make the track – we actually produced and mixed Stronger Together on my laptop on my kitchen table as my studio had been ripped apart to make space for a home office!! Proof that the strongest piece of kit in any studio is imagination. 

Question 9:

You just released a killer trance remix for “Perfecto Records” of Dave Ralph’s wondrous “Chasing Stars”. Any plans for future remixes like that over the year and if so who’s in your agenda?

I’ve been working on a remix for "Susy Del Vecchio’s" album, which is pretty much done now, and I’ve remixes on the way for "Ian Green" and "Meduza".

Question 10:

In the not so distant past we saw you mixing the “Ultimate Rush” series as well as an edition of the prestigious “Perfecto presents...” DJ mix compilations. Do you have any plans on showcasing your mixing skills and wise track selection on a new compilation in the near future?

I think this is unlikely. The Rush albums we did in 2002/2003 and Perfecto was 2005. Times have really changed now with what people expect from a mix album.

Question 11:

When not engaging in your favorite music activities do you enjoy any other activities, hobbies or interests?

My little boy is 4 now and at such an exciting age so my time is devoted to him and my wife. I’ve missed so many people through lockdown and realized I need to make more effort with some of my friends that I’ve missed. I can’t wait to reconnect with people once this is all over, that’s what my time will be dedicated to.

Question 12:

What has been your most special moment throughout your whole musical career in the dance music industry and for what reason?

There really are so many. For 15 years, I got to do my dream job. Make music all week and fly around the world playing it to people… for me that is all special. 

Question 13:

What software is your “daw” of choice and do you have any special virtual instruments do you enjoy using in your productions?

I use Logic X – I’ve been a Logic boy since Notator when I got my first studio at 12 years old! I used to have so many fucking plugins it was stupid. 50 compressors, 100 reverbs, 200 synths which I couldn’t use, it was like a pissing contest when you opened your AU window… Now I use 3 synths and as much of the native Logic kit as I can… simple, effective and I know it like the back of my hand. It also keeps consistency in your production as you have you ‘go to’ FX and plugs.

Question 14:

Within lockdown we witnessed a number of artists presenting their debut artist album after year of releases (singles, E.P’s ). Have you considered creating your own artist album soon and if so can you please shed some light about it with us?

I have enough material for 4 albums but I think if it was something I really wanted to do, I’d have done it by now.




Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Andy Moor, Somna & Linney-More Than Love [AVA Recordings]



"AVA Recordings", the record label established by English DJ/Producer "Andy Moor", was created in order to house some of his own productions as well as releases by a plethora of artists that have a lot to say in the world of dance music, using their ability to craft purely addictive music, letting it be their voice in the world we all inhabit. Over the years we have heard a fair amount of gems. Many of them have resonated deep within us, attaining a piece of our soul even after all these years. 

 As the three hundredth and fiftieth release on the label was a distant mirage in the horizon it was only fitting that it had to be something truly special to celebrate this musical milestone. Andy got together with fellow co-owner of "AVA Recordings" and DJ/Producer "Somna" to collaborate on a very special track, one that would combine their musical tastes, influences and intricate sounds. Being a vocal tune they had in mind it made sense that they had to obtain the right person for the job and indeed they did in American Singer/Songwriter Caitlin Linney, known under her artist name "Linney". Being on the rise for quite some time with tracks such as "Yesterday" (with "Gareth Emery" and "NASH" or "Closer To You" (with "Maratone"), she was the perfect piece of the puzzle for supplying her vocals and songwriting skills to fit the emotional soundscapes they all wished to enter. The result was the marvelous "More Than Love" which is of course released on "AVA Recordings". 

 Peering in we encounter vocalized drums that shape the path ahead alongside dramatic effects and frantic fills, reverse vocal snippets and buzzing basslines. Majestic melodies follow dressed elegantly with the sheer emotional and downright hopeful vocals supplied by Linney herself. The combination of Linney's story telling skills and illustrious vocals alongside the dreamy, aspired melodies supplied by Andy and Somna is like something out of a fairy tale. A magical, almost unreal journey into a world where anything may occur. "Shatter the dark with a million stars", let hope and good will prevail even if the obstacles ahead may appear as high as mountains. The journey may be long and perilous but love will find its way throughout the darkness and shine radiant and bright like the mighty sun. 

 The trio have painted a musical masterpiece complete with emotional landscapes, breathtaking melodies and undeniable mental imagery. Much more than love was needed to create this one!


Label: AVA Recordings 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Federation-Just Like You [Feed The Moth Recordings]


A couple years back a dance music project unlike any other made its dramatic appearance leaving the dance music world in awe. "Federation" was the name and it certainly shook the waters, bringing a fresh perspective to the scene and how we all had perceived dance music up till then. Three creative minds were behind the project: Rich Mowatt, better known under his artist name "Solarstone", Ben Lost, one of dance music's most distinct male voices and Dave O' Sullivan. These three discovered the winning formula of incorporating a rock essence into the ever evolving world of electronica. Their straightforward thinking and unique ideas are what separated them from the masses and in turn gave birth to several hit singles that I am certain most of you have heard championed by some of the scene's finest such as "Paul Oakenfold" himself. "Synchronized", "Black Tide" and "Innocent Desire" went on to win the hearts of many due to their dark essence, aggressive rock attitude and hypnotic vocals supplied by Ben as always. At the height of their success they just vanished into thin air with only rumors circulating about a possible comeback. The project's absence was dearly noted and this year they decided it was time for a comeback. It is with great joy that we welcome back "Federation" and get to enjoy yet another enigmatic single from these talented folks. 

 Their new single is called "Just Like You" and is released on their home label "Feed The Moth Recordings". "Federation" enthusiasts may begin to rejoice as the team have not forgotten their winning formula for success. All the big sounds and effects you love from their previous work are here in full. Expertly executed guitar riffs, a dark intoxicating atmosphere, scattered effects in abundance and of course Ben's signature vocals that float in a ghost like fashion through a number of nefarious patterns, infectious basslines and abysmal melodies.

Brace yourselves for yet another voyage into Federation's dark, wild and wonderful world.

Released: 18/1/2021

Label: Feed The Moth Recordings 

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Dustin Husain pres. DH-The Adjudicator [Coldharbour Recordings]


American DJ/Producer "Dustin Husain" has been on a rise in the scene over the past years. His recent body of work on labels such as "Rielism", "Flashover" and "AVA Recordings" have been catapulting him directly to the forefront on the scene itself, turning heads while doing so. Attaining support from some of the biggest stars of the scene has been acquired while Dustin continues to thrive, letting his music speak for itself. His recent ventures have lead him to new territories such as "Markus Schulz's" esteemed "Coldharbour Recordings". For this particular outing he casts away his usual formula and sound we know him for by swapping it for a new one in which he clearly showcases his niche for the darker, moodier side of things. "DH" is his alter ego in which he proves that he can play in the field with the best of them. His brainchild dubbed "The Adjudicator" finds its rightful place on "Coldharbour Black", younger sibling of the label and home for all things dark and dreary.

 "The Adjudicator" is filled with a dark, sinister atmosphere inhabited by spooky male vocal snippets, buzzing synths, widely scattered effects, eerie, spine tingling melodies and an authoritative narrative. Throbbing basslines lay at the very core of the track while each aforementioned element makes its dramatic appearance in orderly fashion thus completing the pieces of the unfinished puzzle that lays out before us. This is a track wrought from darkness which will work wonders on future dance floors during those pesky 3AM sessions.

Released: 6/11/2020

Label: Coldharbour Black 

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Kamaya Painters-Wasteland (Nifra & Fisherman Remix) [Coldharbour Recordings]


How does one reinvent a classic? Many fans or artists even are often skeptical when seeing a beloved track of yesteryear given a second life through a rework by the original artist or perhaps a remix by someone new. The key is to find the artist suitable for the job at hand. Someone that will pay proper homage to the original while at the same moment enhance its winning qualities while instilling his own ideas within. The track in question is the timeless treasure "Wasteland" by none other than dance music project "Kamaya Painters", the fellowship by Dutchmen "Tiesto" and "Benno De Goeij" of "Rank1". It would make total sense that the task would be passed on to a fellow Dutchman to take the beloved anthem to new heights and so the honor was laid upon Isaac Vissers better known under his artist name "Fisherman". For the joyous labor at hand he enlisted fellow artist and soul mate Nikoleta Frajkorova, widely known to the dance music world as "Nifra". This mighty remix is out on "Markus Schulz's" acclaimed label "Coldharbour Recordings" and has been supported on many shows already.

 "Fisherman" and "Nifra's" latest labor of love is a track many will undoubtedly be mesmerized by. From early on we are thrust into a world wrought with furious leads which rush like a whirlwind through the core of the track, bringing a sort of high sprung intensity and extra amount of tension to it. The utterly recognized melody which blossomed within the original is here in all its glory, shining bright like a beacon beckoning us home through the dark and stormy night. Followed by supercharged leads supplied graciously by the duo, it is elevated further, bringing this beloved tune to the highest heights imaginable. 

 A brilliantly executed remix that will easily turn heads when played out at any festival, club or radio station alike. "Fisherman" and "Nifra" prove to be a powerful team on and off the stage!

Released: 13/11/2020

Label: Coldharbour Recordings  

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Illuminor-Anyone But You [Amon Vision]



There are plenty of DJ/Producer duos in the dance music scene as of late and I for one am glad to see artists working together as a team  with the results of their endeavors being nothing short of amazing, Prime examples of duos like this are most definitely "The Arkham Knights", "Yoshi & Razner", "Mind Of One", the list goes on. Another DJ/Producer duo you may want to keep an eye out for or ear for that matter is dance music outfit answering to the name "Illuminor". These guys from Perth, Australia have been flying high, have a nice assortment of releases to prove it plus amazing performances as well, the last one being alongside Dutch DJ/Producer sensation "Marlo".

Their newest release takes them to home turf Australia. "Anyone But You" is the name and released on "Amon Vision", a label with a bright amount of carefully selected releases. This one is no different as you will quickly witness further on. 

Playful claps sway in harmony as if romantically inclined to the deep, vibrant flavors of the chugging bassline. Wistful melodies appear to break through the clouds, spreading a sort of unearthly radiance and all in positive atmosphere illuminating the whole world around us step by step. "Kyau & Albert"-like male vocals appear in the middle bringing forth a large sentimental value as emotions arise like the tide among a sea of beautiful enriched, enchanting leads. Lush, emotional tuneage that would melt the iciest of hearts. If one version was not enough to wet your appetite then this added bonus should do just the trick. "Chris SX" from Germany is called to remix duties and it is a brilliant addition to the release. The "Chris SX Remix" shifts things to a higher gear, keeping the beloved elements of the original while implementing his own euphoric tendencies being of course a challenge within itself. "Anyone But You" gets a supercharged uplifting trance makeover, flooded with an air of tribal vocal chants taking us all to sunny far away lands by the sea while a fusion of breakbeat and uplifting grooves blossom like a rare flower within. 

Both versions will easily excite the fans to this excellent release.

Released: 13/11/2020

Label: Amon Vision 


Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Iona Coast-Tuvalu [Coldharbour Recordings]


2020 was a year of ups and downs for most of us while the dance music industry and in particular the arts and entertainment were hit harder than most. Always searching for the brighter side of things, we have been fortunate to witness the unearthing of many new emerging talented artists. One of them is most certainly American Ryan Kopka becoming steadily known through various aliases such as "Rydavik" and "Neon Discharge". On his latest outing he has joined forces with a name many of you would find familiar: Mike Targanski aka "Elevation". Together they are "Iona Coast". Their newest production was so well received, it was instantly snatched up and signed to "Markus Schulz's" record label "Coldharbour Recordings" and showcased on the newest installment of the iconic DJ mix compilation, "In Search Of Sunrise 16" on the CD mixed by none other than "Markus Schulz" himself. I am of course referring to the elegant, poignant and majestic "Tuvalu".

 Playful claps, steadfast basslines and intriguing melodies are there to shake up our senses from early on. Like an ocean wind fresh and vibrant unharmed by years of pollution and industrial life, it encircles us all, reviving our tired souls by the utter freshness of the cool, clear, majestic melodies that are expertly intertwined with an array of regal choir segments. Our bodies already begin to feel lighter, much like feathers floating on an invisible wind, carrying us all on an ever building wave of sound towards that magical destination carved out in one and all's mind: Tuvalu. A place where we can behold moments of leisure and infinite serenity.

Dynamic, rhythmical and adventurous aural landscapes crafted wonderfully by Mike and Ryan here who have already captivated our imagination with this one, leaving us longing for the next chapter of this grand tale.

Released: 9/10/2020

Label: Coldharbour Recordings