Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Hit The Bass & Taygeto-Daidalos [AVA Recordings]


One of the producers on the rise in the European dance music scene is an artist that goes by the explosive name "Hit The Bass". Dimitris from Greece has been pouring all of his heart and soul into the vast array of his very own productions and collaborations with fellow dance music artists such as "Danny Cullen", "Taygeto", "Gid Sedgwick" and many more. The populous and artists alike have definitely been responding positively to his talent of forging those eclectic trance beats. He can proudly boast on having releases on esteemed labels such as "Reaching Altitude", "AVA Recordings" and "Armada Music" among others. Aside from feverishly assembling his own creations in the studio he also coaches and trains the next generation of music producers in his very own school "Grey Studios". One of his newest creations finds him teaming up with Italian artist "Taygeto" once more as they make their way together towards familiar turf: "AVA Recordings". "Daidalos" is most definitely inspired by the well known Greek myth of "Icarus", the youth that tried to defy his mortal boundaries and fly as high as the sun. In said myth "Daidalos" was the inventor/engineer if you will of flight itself and "Icarus's" beloved father.

Grimy basslines paired up with ecstatic rhythms lead the way as intriguing melodies surface through the laid atmosphere at hand. Female chopped vox are included bringing forth an ethereal wind of change to the epic atmosphere that begins to unfold. An air of positivity, glorious adventure and infinite potential emerges while the listener is pleasantly flooded with feel good vibes, courtesy of the higher than air leads that take instant charge. A euphoric tune of epic proportions that perfectly encapsulates the beloved myth, clearly stating that the human spirit can work wonders when flooded with ingenuity in the hardest of times, much like our heroes in their adventurous flight from their captors. A thrilling dance music offering by these super talents that will surely remain in your playlists for months on end!

Released: 10/9/2021

Label: AVA Recordings 

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Anske-Suncatcher [Coldharbour Recordings]


One of Lithuania's leading dance music icons is without any doubt Andrej Anskinas, better known to the dance music populous as "Anske". This talented music producer and DJ has realized many of his dreams already by performing at some of the world's biggest events such as "Luminosity" in the Netherlands. A creator of catchy yet intricate tunes with lots of emotional depth "Anske", continues on in full force constantly on the move. If you are familiar with tunes such as "Space Howl", "Epika", "Xplorer" and "Blue Lagoon" you definitely know the vast potential of this artist. His latest tune brings him to "Coldharbour Recordings" shores once more with the incredible "Suncatcher". It was such a hit that "Markus Schulz" included it in the latest edition of the illustrious DJ mix compilation "In Search Of Sunrise", bestowing this grand honor on "Anske" for the third time!

 The listener is instantly captivated from the very first moments of play as they are surrounded by tough, edgy basslines, rhythmical high strung percussion and upbeat harmonies. When we reach the break in the track we are gradually overcome by a feeling of wonder, awe and splendor. Uncanny melodies emerge, casting an aura of positivity all around as visions of tropical landscapes, hidden waterfalls and lush vegetation capture the heart of our very imagination. When the leads kick in pairing up quite eloquently with the rest of the key elements, our hearts shore with joy much like the fiery red sun rising in the distance as the dawn of a promising new day approaches. 

Magical tuneage once more by "Anske", who lives up to his sheer potential and will definitely see loads of love from the fans and his peers alike for this one!

Released: 1/10.2021

Label: Coldharbour Recordings 


Saturday, November 27, 2021

Exclusive Interview with Rinaly!

One of the fastest emerging talents in the orient comes to us from the land of the rising sun. A Japanese female DJ/Producer known to her peers and the wide world of dance music as "Rinaly", has been making her very own ripples in the scene which have grown larger with the passing of time. Responsible for energizing the crowd with her dynamic yet euphoric DJ sets at some of Japan's finest venues as well as honing her skills on her unique flavored productions. Each track she has worked on has that fine blend of uplifting and pure melodic trance qualities which she has become known for. 

Slowly yet steadily she has gradually won over the hearts of many of the trance faithful around the globe! An artist who surely lives for her art, "Rinaly" has not missed an opportunity to entertain her long legion of fans on the "Twitch" platform during the pandemic and long after, giving the audience her pure dedication and wild assortment of gripping tunes. Definite highlights in her career include getting a mass amount of  support on "A State Of Trance" and world premiers by none other than Dutch maestro "Armin Van Buuren" himself as well being selected to mix the renowned DJ Mix compilation "Techno Club" alongside founder and DJ "Talla2xlc". 

It is with great pleasure that I get to welcome "Rinaly" aboard "MusicTalk15" for this exclusive interview! An honor and privilege and I in turn thank her most graciously for her time!


Question 1:

What was the deciding factor that got you into dance music? Were you interested in music and its production from a tender age?

A: I was hearing trance as ‘love-filled’ music, I've been besotted with its emotional depth and textured sound since I first discovered it aged 20 in a Japanese nightclub.

When I was a teenager, I played bass in a band, and I learned composition from the age of 14.

Question 2:

What would you say was your biggest break in the scene after being involved with dance music for a good amount of years?

A: "Ronski Speed & Rinaly - Horoscope", released in 2016, got "ASOT" support for the first time and I started to feel confident in the sound I made. After that, I started touring abroad and became busy.

Question 3:

Could you please share with us the story of how you became involved with “AVA Recordings” and in time became a part of the “AVA family” of artists?

A: My first release on AVA was "Rinaly - Wave of Affection" released in 2017, which got # 1 on the Beatport Trance Chart.

In 2018, I organized "AVA Night Tokyo" and deepened my ties with the AVA team. I’m honored to be part of them because they are very kind, warm and always supportive.

Question 4:

When working on dance music, what do you enjoy? Creating originals where you play the leading role in all ideas and creativity or do you perhaps prefer collaborations with fellow artists?

A: I enjoy expressing my emotions with sound. Also, I have some collaboration projects because I learn a lot from collaborations and it is inspiring.

Question 5:

As a producer what software lies in your studio? Which is your “daw” of choice and the virtual instruments that frequent your productions?

A: I use "Logic Pro X" as my main DAW, but occasionally I also use "Studio One". "Spire",

"SERUM" and "Sylenth1" are used a lot in my productions.

Question 6:

A recent highlight in your career is of course having the honor to mix the second disc of the prestigious “Techno Club” series by none other than “Talla 2XLC”. How did all that come to be and could you please share some insight into your ideas and music you decided to showcase within?

A: Talla and I are working hard on streaming on Twitch and it makes us get along.

Talla surprised us by announcing during the stream that he chose me for "Technoclub vol.62". I was so honored to lose my word!

Question 7:

Being from Japan you have certainly witnessed a whole different clubbing experience. What was your favorite club to play at there? What would you say the difference is between clubbing in Asia in accordance to Europe and their club culture?

A: In my experience, melodic and vocal tracks are preferred in Japan, and more danceable and driving tracks are preferred in Europe. But it really depends on the event and crowd.

Question 8:

Which artist or artists were your early influences or inspiration when you first began to produce your own music? Which artists inspire you today in 2021?

A: When I first started making Trance, I was influenced by "Andy Moor", "Omnia", "Ben Gold" and others. Today I'm experimenting with Tech Trance artists like "Alex Di Stefano" and "Paul Denton" etc. to create my own unique sounds.

Question 9:

What five songs are your favorites of the moment and you would love to play out when returning to your clubland and regular DJ performances?

A: Other than my own tracks:

#1 David Forbes, Paul Denton - Out Of Order

#2 Somna & Jennifer Rene - Stars Collide (XiJaro & Pitch Remix)

#3 Sean Tyas, Darren Porter - The Potion (Metta & Glyde Extended Remix)

#4 Steve Dekay, Emanuele Congeddu - Origami

#5 Everlight - Obelisk feat. Emma Chat


Question 10:

During lock down you have been a steady force of sanity and inspiration for the clubbers who lost their favorite pastime. You were there week in week out, entertaining us all and achieving new heights while doing so. Pure dedication and passion which will not go unnoticed! How did you enjoy your Twitch sets and did they in turn fuel you with well needed positive vibes to restart your life once all settles?

A: I've always focused on playing fresh and perfect sets, but perfectionism has plagued me so I decided not to overwork in the last few months and it's easier and much more enjoyable than before. I learned how to deal with myself during lockdown. I’m so proud to have built a warm community that always encourages me. 

Question 11:

Do you enjoy traveling and discovering new lands and cultures? If so what are your dream destinations and for what reason?

A: Yes I do. I have longed for Scandinavia for a long time. I decided to live in Sweden and I am mentally much better than before. I was inspired by different cultures and beautiful nature.

Question 12: What are your plans for the future? Any upcoming events you wish to share with us or perhaps other exciting music related news?

A: I have both Trance and Techno releases in the coming months.

The closest release is "Rinaly - In The Predawn Darkness" on "FSOE Clandestine" which was released on the 29th of October.

Question 13: Being an avid producer for quite a spell is there any chance we may see a “Rinaly” artist album in the near future?

A: I cannot say for sure but, I definitely want to make an album in the future ;)




Saturday, November 20, 2021

Ali Wilson-Tabula Rasa (Album Review)

Ali Wilson over the years has rapidly become a household name in the dance music world. He has built for himself a solid artillery of releases on labels such as "In Charge", "Freezing Point", "Nukleuz" and his very own label "Tekelec Recordings" among others. This musical visionary from the UK certainly has music coursing through his veins and has not sat still even for a minute. Dedicated to his craft, he has unleashed two phenomenal artist albums so far. His third artist album saw inception during a dark and difficult period of his very own life. The tragic loss of his beloved father was the main inspiration for his third album which is called "Tabula Rasa". It boasts seventeen glorious tunes created mostly by Ali and features friendly collaborations with artists such as "Andy Farley", "Matt Smallwood", "Phil Able" and "Martin Begley".

Uno: Latin, funky rhythms with a carnival essence and classic house influence running strong through this one.

Feel The City Breakin': Deep male vocal one liners, darker undergroundish grooves and an emphasis of old school raving are definitely the ticket here.

Piranha: Disco house influences, female vocal samples and proper house grooves find their place in 2021.

Alien: Deeper grooves, mysterious subterranean melodies and buzzing basslines are all here in full swing.

Cognate: A tribal feel, curious female chants and ecstatic rhythms are in full force here.

BOD: Futuristic nu-retro vibes complete with a male and female vocal complex and a golden house melody to tie it all in.

Rhythm: Aptly titled tune as one easily gets lost in the glorious labyrinth of grooves and overlord style vocals.

Thundergroove: Creepy melodies, semi distorted patterns and nature's elements at their finest.

Hands Up: Preacher-like vocal one liners perfectly decorate this enthralling tune, captivating us further.

Roborock: Male robotic vocal samples are thrown in amongst loony bird-like caws alongside an up and at 'em funky approach.

Rawkus: Distorted synths and chaotic rhythms are large and in charge while imagery of lost in traffic emerge here.

Tatami: Percussion heaven with a tribal essence and tribal vocal chants running wild throughout this one.

Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll: Deep, dirty grooves complete with a guitar riff, drums and female vocal shots.

Take Me Away: Classic disco house grooves and piano melodies are dominating this one alongside the male vocal shots.

Keep On Lovin' Me: Rhythmical and energetic as they come. Memories of old school clubbing are definitely here, rare grooves re-emerge alongside a female/male vocal duet of vocal exhales and one liners at synth heaven.

Big Beat: Tumbling drums and mind moving grooves are accentuated by monkey-like chants and a fusion of breakbeat and early disco rhythms.

Give It Up: House grooves complete with male vocal outbursts, anxiety driven beats and intriguing strings. A curious delight of a tune.

 Ali amazes once more with his "out of the box" attitude. Taking a trip down the golden years of raving and clubbing alike he has reinvented the sound, influences and ideas of the scene, breathing new life into an era and sound that has been more or less pushed aside in favor of the current trends. Unafraid to explore his identity as a producer and his large quantity of musical taste, this dance music hero dives in deep and succeeds in updating our current musical tastes track by track. "Tabula Rasa" will easily find a way into your hearts as you unravel the mysteries of each tune.

Label: Untidy

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Maria Healy-Kismet [Subculture]


One of Ireland's most prominent artists in the dance music field is without any doubt "Maria Healy". Maria has been known for her vigorous performances at esteemed venues and festivals such as "Luminosity", "Synergy" and "Planet Love" among many others. Her ever steady flow of releases on labels such as "Subculture", "Regenerate Records", "Blue Soho Recordings" and "Extrema Global Music" have brought to light some real gems. "Dreamer", "Clouds", "Desiderata" and "Mimosa" are only some of the pure hits this talented woman has offered to the dance music public. Inspiration never runs dry for this one and so she is back with a solid new single on fellow Irishman "John O' Callaghan's" label "Subculture". "Kismet" is the name and it is a riveting tune indeed!

 Pounding basslines, acid-like melodies, squelches and energized percussion serve as the appetizers before the main melody joins in. Bright, majestic and pure with a certain note of melancholy it turns it all around. Moments of reflection and deep thought arise within our soul. Questions seeking answers and choices made in haste are ever so evident in our mind. When the energy fueled leads arrive and seamlessly blend in with the main melody, a blissful matrimony of musical harmony arises and everything around us becomes as clear as daylight.

 Another aural pleasure from an artist who's story is ever so blossoming in the scene that we love. Uplifting, energetic, melodic goodness that will soothe and supercharge your life!

Released: 17/9/2021

Label: Subculture

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

NOMADsignal pres. Isotapes-Spellbound [Coldharbour Recordings]


One of  the artists to keep an eye on is most definitely a particular fellow that goes by the intriguing name "NOMADsignal". Nicholas Andrew Schwab has been on a definite roll this past year entertaining us all with his weekly radio shows over at "NOMADCity" on the "Twitch" platform and being mighty busy in the studio as well. The artist that has brought us some brilliant musical offerings such as "Exclusion Zone", "Pitchblende", "Somatic Effects" and so much more is back in action with a fresh tune under his "Isotapes" alias. His previous tune "Thorium-238" under that alias was a huge hit and was even featured on iconic DJ mix compilation "In Search of Sunrise 16"mixed by none other than Coldharbour's very own "Markus Schulz". His new tune "Spellbound" has already been snatched up and included on this year's edition of the iconic series by Markus once more. "Spellbound" is out now on "Coldharbour Recordings" and is quite the aural delight as you will soon discover.

 Pumping basslines and ecstatic hi-hats are there from the start gearing us up towards what lies ahead. Setting the pace accordingly we already begin to feel the groove that follows deep in our bones. Riveting melodies tumble in like falling leaves on a late autumn's afternoon, decorated all the while by melodic tinges like glimmers of the last fading light sparkling and enhancing the majestic atmosphere further. When the break arrives we are swirled within magical, lush, spellbinding melodies wrought of goodness, hope and undeniable cleansing properties. Emotions run wild as a sort of sundown moment escapes its captivity as the track builds and unleashes its untouched beauty upon the world! 

Exciting, thrilling and awe inspiring, this one invokes a million feelings within one's soul! The listener can't help but feel rejuvenated after witnessing first hand the healing properties of this rare tune. Another sure hit for "NOMADsignal", who has given us yet another reason to dream with eyes wide open!

Released: 17/9/2021

Label: Coldharbour Recordings 

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Memory Loss-Kaiju [AVA White]


When you think of Andy Moor's iconic label "AVA Recordings" you may be constantly reminded of the numerous quality releases by talented artists from far and wide. Many of these artists have worked their magic and landed a well deserved spot on the pantheon of the label and in the world of dance music itself. One of these artists hails from Canada and answers to the mysterious and unique artist name "Memory Loss". She has certainly had her fair share of success in the scene, seeing countless support from some of the major players in the scene and boasting releases on several labels including "AVA Recordings" and "In Trance We Trust". Being temporarily away from the producing side of things for a bit she still managed to capture our attention and keep us regularly entertained via her live DJ performances on the "Twitch" platform. 

 Her newest single landed on "AVA White", beloved uplifting sub label of "AVA Recordings" and goes by the name of "Kaiju". A monster of a tune as one may easily discover from the very first moments of play. Colossal soaring synths, turbulent, gargantuan basslines and brief melodic moments of serenity are expertly applied here in good measure by the artist. The intriguing complexity and ultimate duality of "Kaiju" lays on its antithesis. Dynamic and fierce yet simultaneously enchanting and dreamy. Much like a gentle giant from the fairy tales of old that can be fierce and lethal yet at peace and kind when need be. A monstrous tune that will have you easily gasping for air, as you lose yourself on the dance floor amongst the dazzling lights. This has the makings of a future classic. Another hit for "Memory Loss!"

Released: 6/8/2021

Label: AVA White 


Saturday, October 16, 2021

Norni & Eximinds & Alexandra Badoi-I Believe In You [Eximinds Airlines]


Always a sucker for artist collaborations here on MusicTalk15. In my last review I featured a massive collaboration between some talented artists that resulted into a phenomenal track and remix at that. Here is yet another review featuring three of clubland's rising figures. DJ/Producer "Norni" from Russia teamed up once again with fellow Russian DJ/Producer "Eximinds" and together they enlisted once more the vocal talents of Romanian singer/songwriter and DJ "Alexandra Badoi". Each artist has put in hours of work in perfecting their craft and fine tuning their sound. Norni's recent highlight was an amazing collaboration with singer/songwriter "Gid Sedgwick" dubbed "Ferris Wheel" which was very well received, while Eximinds has had a very steady flow of releases and countless support on radio shows around the world like "Andrew Rayel's" "Find Your Harmony". Alexandra Badoi has been on a quick ascend herself by working on loads of new material and displaying her DJ skills on her very own radio show "A Beautiful Cosmos". These three joining forces for "Believe In You" was a real blessing for us dance music fiends! Each artist has gone above and beyond to work his magic on here while Alexandra undoubtedly shines on vocal duties. Out now on "Eximinds Airlines", Eximinds's very own label, it promises to soar up there with the finest of vocal tunes.

 Sturdy percussion leads the way alongside female vocal exhales and in your face basslines. As the beat builds Alexandra's emotional tinged vocals arrive, enveloping us all with an enormous feeling of hope and endless positivity. Instilling faith in ourselves, making us believe that we can achieve anything we wish to find in our path. The combination of the upbeat lyrics and emotional depth they contain makes us reach a new high while some of the most breathtaking melodies make their appearance, pairing up like a kind of modern sorcery with her sublime vocals and the ascending leads that follow. Fully taking in the atmosphere we are transported, if only temporarily, to a land where we can be the star of our own story and realize the conception of all of our long forgotten dreams much like a fairy tale from long ago. 

 A big round of applause goes out to these three artists who certainly gave us the ability to dream once more after the crazy and curious times of the year that we left behind!

Released: 16/8/2021

Label: Eximinds Airlines 

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Exclusive Interview with Daley Young of GxD!

 Over the years there has been a rise of artist duos emerging from the woodwork into the dance music scene.Many of these duos have English origin and have risen to fame and ultimate success. This could not be more true for the case of GXD. GXD is a DJ/Producer duo hailing from the UK and consists of Daley Young and Matt Golledge. These two friends and all around music enthusiasts have been working closely together for a fair amount of years, forging incredible and memorable tunes in the studio. It was not long till their passion for quality dance music and its creation caught the attention of the people on AVA Recordings, one of dance music's leading music labels owned and curated by none other than fellow Englishman and artist Andy Moor and Canadian artist Somna. Their single "A Dream" alongside Elle Vee released on aforementioned label was a mere stepping stone for the amount of imminent success that followed for these two. 

The duo went on to produce many hit singles such as "Voices" and "Sail" with Elle Vee, "Hell & High Water" with Sarah De Warren, "Echoes", "Evolution" and many more. Receiving a mass amount of support on "A State Of Trance" among other stations, their track "Sail" went on to receive a placement in Armin Van Buuren's very own "A State Of Trance Yearmix 2020" DJ mix compilation. Aside from producing, this uncanny duo have performed at some of the finest clubs, venues and festivals such as the prestigious "Ministry Of Sound" in London, "Legendary Festival" in Zagreb and the "Anomaly Summer Of Love Festival" in the UK among others.

It is with great pleasure that I got to conduct this exclusive interview for "MusicTalk15" with one of GXD's very own, Daley Young! Read on to discover interesting tidbits about their past, present and future plans in the scene that we all love! Many thanks Daley for your time! 



Question 1:

How did you guys get sucked into the wild and wonderful world of dance music?

Well I’ve been involved in the scene since I was 17 back in 1998 going to my first Trance event at "Slinky" in Bournemouth followed by the first all nightery experience at the "BIC". Such a mental feeling for the first going in to a venue in the dark and coming out in daylight!! Tracks of the night back then were Sonique's live PA of  "It Feels So Good" and the awesome "Toca's Miracle" by Fragma. Will never forget it!!

Question 2:

Were you interested in dance music from a tender age?

Yes mate! As above really with some earlier days being the Happy Hardcore scene walking around with a Walkman as it was then, collecting 8 packs from Dreamscape and Helter Skelter, thinking I was MC Livelee!! Lol

Question 3:

How did you meet Matt Golledge and how did you decide to join forces in the studio and in performance duties as well?

We actually met at Creamfields in an EDM tent and got chatting about music, production and DJing in clubs and connected at that stage. I helped hook Matt up with a gig at the Ministry of Sound, we had similar tastes and then did some B2B shows there together and then decided to start writing a track together, which ended up being our debut ASOT Future Favorite winner "A Dream"!! So yes it was a Dream meeting really. 

Question 4:

Name some of your early influences that can be traced back to your current music and would you have liked to work together with any of them? Potential collaboration or remix work even?

Early influences for me were Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Armin of course, Judge Jules, Eddie Halliwell and even Dave Pearce’s dance anthems!!! Lol. They were the soundtrack to every weekend when Trance was the main genre of music in the UK.


Question 5:

I am sure many would agree that your big break was when you signed your first tune to “AVA Recordings”. How did that make you feel? It sure seems you have a special relationship with the label and its artists. If you launched your first artist album, would it be on “AVA”?

It was an amazing feeling signing "A Dream" with AVA. It was such a long process for us to reach that point so when it arrived we were blown away. We have had great support from them ever since and became AVA A Star Artists which was an amazing achievement that we are really proud of.

We can both recall where we were that night when "A Dream" won the future favorite vote. For a debut track to win that, it blew us away. Following that up with "Voices" winning one also and since having "Voices" and "Sail" get selected for Armin's Year Mix for 2020 are all huge things we are really proud of.

With regards to albums. We feel we need to keep on building the profile with regular strong single releases for a little while longer yet, before we can afford to hide away for the best part of a year working on an album. But for sure we would love to do one. Maybe in a couple of years, we shall see!!

Question 6:

It seems your forte lies in the emotional tinged vocal trance tunes. Every time you create one the world suddenly goes wild. Which has been your favorite to work on and which still resonates deep within your psyche?

Wow thanks for the kind words dude.

For me I think it was "Sail". It just flowed so well in the studio, it was probably the most fun we have had production wise. The melody rolled out and the power and emotion we created was just perfect for us and our style….we feel anyway lol. It also has one of my favorite lines lyric wise with “some books should stay closed believe me!!” Genius. However, there may be one coming soon that betters even this!!!!

Question 7:

The lockdown was hard on all of us on a global scale with the dance music scene being hit harder than most. Your steady DJ performances on Twitch gave hope and endless smiles to many listeners around the world. Did you enjoy it as much as we all did?

Again mate thank you so much. We put a lot of time in to those weekly streams. I know they have dried up in the last 6 months due to home renovations that seem to be going on forever, but we are nearly there and will be back with regular shows once again after the summer holidays!! 

Question 8:

When in production mode do you two work together in the studio swapping sounds and ideas as you go along or do each of you have a particular task to work on?

We tend to get together in Matt's studio (no kids to interrupt us lol) and maybe kick it off with having a melody session but this can sometimes then lead into fully smashing out a full arrangement if it's flowing and we’re buzzing. Sometimes we will dive in the studios alone and play around or do video sessions, but we seem to get the best results when we are together pushing each other. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to get together as much as we liked this year but are rectifying that as we speak, so next year's releases will still be bigger and better than this year's, we hope!! 

Question 9:

“Sail” for me was a definite essential and still remains a favorite to this day. I most certainly dub it the vocal trance tune of the year! It seems you two and singer/songwriter “Elle Vee” have total chemistry in the studio. How did “Sail” come to be and are there any plans for new collaborations with her in the near future?

Unreal feedback there mate we once again really appreciate that. It has been huge for us. Dropping on Nifra's album and having her debut it on ASOT followed with Armin and Ruben playing it the week after and having it drop on Armin's Year Mix album. It has also been our fastest streamed track in our catalogue nearing 700,000 streams as we write this which is still mind blowing to us.

The extra icing on the cake was ReOrder remixing it also. To have him do that was a dream we always set out to wanting to nail when we started and thankfully it happened and what a remix it was!

We do seemingly work really well with Elle. Arguably our 3 biggest tracks have all been with her and yes, don’t worry. There is one more coming this year for us, with some amazing lyrics that for us, reflects the crazy year that was 2020! So keep your ears peeled lol.

Question 10:

What does 2021 hold for GXD? Any special surprises that you may wish to share with us all?

Well one was above and I hope that you love it all the same when that time comes. We have had our debut 138 track “Give Me Life” released with the mighty DRYM and Linney, which was a really exciting project to be involved with and we’re really happy with that. Such a catchy vocal and huge power so we think you’ll be randomly humming that one for a while yet. We have more signings on ASOT, Coldharbour and AVA and we hope best of all, that the club scene stays open and we can announce our biggest gig to date soon. We shall see how that shapes up! 

Question 11:

Besides your obvious love for dance music do you have any other interests or things you are passionate about?

Well as you know, I am married with 2 young children so the family life keeps me busy, alongside running a recruitment business. I am a Scuba Diving Instructor also and did this as a job in a former life, but not much of that has been going on lately!! We believe in “To Live is to Travel” in this house so hopefully the holidays and adventures of the good old days pre Covid will kick back again now and we can get back to doing what we love again real soon! 

Question 12:

Would you be open to doing a DJ mix compilation presenting the sound of GXD in a seamless mix?

 Yes of course always! On a similar note, we hope you guys joined in alongside the rest of the Coldharbour family for Coldharbour Day and enjoyed our exclusive GXD video stream!! 

Question 13:

Name three classics you still love and would die to remix if you were given the chance.

"System F – Cry"

"Oceanlab – Satellite"

"Veracocha – Carte Blanche".





Saturday, October 2, 2021

GXD & Luke Anders feat. Sarah DeCourcy-Lost In You [MIYUKI Remix) [AVA White]


What happens when you bring forth a fellowship of all stars to work on a track together? Absolute magic to be sure. "Lost In You" out about a year ago on well known label "AVA Recordings", owned and operated by world famous artists "Andy Moor" and "Somna" was an instant hit. It boasted the talents of English duo "GXD", (consisting of Daley Young and Matt Golledge) alongside American "Luke Anders" no stranger to the label and featuring British singer/songwriter "Sarah DeCourcy", known for her work with artists such as "Armin Van Buuren" himself. An AVA all star lineup to be sure! 

The public wanted more and so we witness it going under severe remix treatment and released on AVA's more explosive and uplifting imprint "AVA White". Upcoming DJ/Producer sensation and good friend to the label "MIYUKI" was up for the task and in turn delivered a stunning take on the original.

 Pounding basslines, acids and fierce percussion get our heart racing from the very first moments of play. Snipped vox float through the void while Sarah's distinct voice brings a certain balance and harmony to it all. Bittersweet melodies emerge paired up with Sarah's stunning vocal performance while "MIYUKI" takes things further tumbling onward down a trembling, turbulent road. Extreme amounts of energy emerge, while the explosive leads take over, bringing the listener that extra dosage of euphoria they have been secretly craving. 

An amazing alternative to the beloved original that will surely turn heads on the dance floor while the crowd goes into a massive frenzy. Superb remix treatment by yet another talented artist the world needs to know about. Keep your eyes and ears out for "MIYUKI"!

Released: 25/6/2021

Label: AVA White

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Jolo & Paul Angel pres. Apollo feat. Hazel-We Are Stronger [TID Recordings]


There is always a rise of excitement when one finds news of potential team ups or collaborations between artists. Each artist has their own sound, ideas and influences, it is what ultimately drives and shapes their sound. A special kind of magic occurs when they join forces to create something out of the box, going beyond their comfort zone if you will. This is the case on this release as well. South African DJ/Producer and radio host Paul Van Heerden aka "Paul Angel" joins forces with Johan Loubser "Jolo" and together under their producer project "Apollo" recruit the vocal talents of fellow South African "Hazel Hynek". This triple collaboration is dubbed "We Are Stronger" and it is a mighty tune indeed. 

 Pumping basslines, complementary percussion and an air of mystery surrounds this one as ethereal, almost spirit-like female voices drift in and out of the mix. Elegant strings make their appearance like falling snow on a winter's day as Hazel's dreamy voice blends in perfectly with the intriguing atmosphere within. Emotional and turbulent leads escape their captivity while Hazel's entrancing voice guides the way. 

 Uplifting, majestic, beautiful, emotional and breathtaking tune that will surely move your mind and feet alike! Massive congratulations are certainly in order to these fine folks!

Label: TID Recordings

Released: 12/8/2021 


Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Basil O' Glue-Select [FSOE UV]


Haris Vasiloglou from Greece, is an artist who has made quite the impact in the dance music scene. Most of us may not be aware of  his real name but are certainly familiar with his artist name "Basil O' Glue". He has released a great number of tunes on labels such as "Coldharbour Recordings", "Joof Recordings", "Afterglow Records" and many more. He has also produced his debut artist album "Depth Of Field", which was so highly received that it spawned a second edition "Depth Of Field:The Remixes". He is also co-owner of his very own label "Saturate Audio" alongside fellow producer and DJ "Styller". Two DJ Mix compilations dubbed "Immersed I and II" also saw the light, showcasing the quality and variety of their releases on the label and were seamlessly mixed by none other than himself and partner in crime "Styller".

He has been in severe production mode this year with loads of new tracks on the way, finding their way onto well known labels. His latest production dubbed "Select" has landed on Egyptian super duo "Aly & Fila's" "Future Sound Of Egypt" sublabel "UV", curated by "Paul Thomas".

 A fine slice of dark, misty progressive goodness served up by Haris which showcases his characteristic traits and taste once again.  Dark ominous patterns overflow the empty silence as a bleak, hazy atmosphere unfolds, spruced up the odd sound effect here and there alongside the appropriate percussion and turbulent bassline. Mysterious pitched down male vocals appear from out of the fog, marking their appearance with an extra dosage of drama as they get perfectly matched with shadowy yet infectious melodies that just don't quit. A journey to the deepest depths of the underworld, demonstrated exquisitely into music.

 Deep, dark, techy and mysterious grooves perfectly created to star in those curious 4AM sessions in the club when things tend to get darker and deeper than usual!

Released: 30/7/2021

Label: FSOE UV

Monday, September 6, 2021 [Landscapes Music]


There is always a special feeling of excitement when one sees a forthcoming release on the horizon by "Landscapes Music". As mentioned in previous reviews the good folks at the label have a keen eye or ear for that matter, of scoping out the freshest new tunes that easily stand out amongst so many in the vast ocean of releases throughout the scene. The latest artist to join in the fun is a total mystery to us. He or she goes under the "" pseudonym. A marvelous E.P has been brought forth packed with two exceptional tracks that will undoubtedly send you back in time, making you savor those treasured dance music memories of yesteryear. Let's have a look within shall we?

 "2002": Imagine vibrant basslines, lush melodies and a complementary percussion highlighted by hypnotic leads and an atmosphere packed with epic tendencies. A special treat are an assortment of vocalized synths similar to those found in past productions by "Andy Moor" and "Above & Beyond". Mesmerizing, deep, driving tuneage that invokes visions of splendor and feelings of curiosity, awe and full on emotion all wrapped up in one magical package.

 "TRANCEDOTCom": This one takes things towards an alternate route. One that is a tad darker and edgier than its predecessor. A characteristic groove is set by an ominous melody that continues to build throughout the track while dark, dramatic leads, spooky effects and a driving bassline set the tone. Creepy creature-like vox can be heard in the mix emphasizing on the atmosphere and essence of the track itself. Powerful, magnificent and atmospheric all in one.

Each tune complements one another containing similarities but also differences much like opposite sides of the same coin. A dark versus light contrast if you will. This whole E.P is a fantastic attempt of reviving the pure essence of what trance means to us all. I for one applaud the mysterious artist for the insight into the genre and the hearts of the trance music faithful.

Released: 27/8/2021

Label: Landscapes Music 

Friday, August 27, 2021

KINETIKA pres. KINESIS-Altered States E.P [Psyology Records]


South Africa's Dean Athienides, better known under his artist name "KINETIKA", is an artist that seems to pour every fragment of his soul into the music he produces. Avid lover of those spacey, trippy and in general psy-trance sounds, he has made it a mission to deliver pure psy-trance bliss to those who are without a doubt addicted to it. His latest sound venture came to life during the lock down period and it is definitely a project he is very proud of. A labor of love, passion, constant thought, possible awakening and rediscovery. This is a five track E.P and it has been dubbed "KINESIS-ALTERED STATES" out on home label "Psyology Records".

We have before us an E.P consisting of five exceptional tracks. In a way they are all linked together as if part of a short story. Each track appears to be a chapter in the tale of the "Altered States" saga. From "Sensations Of The Mind" to "Open Your Mind", "Oneness", "Altered States" and "Connected" each one offers something to the aural story you have laid out before you. 

Diving deep within this magical box of delights, one is sure to encounter pure moods of euphoria, curious yet intriguing sound effects, cosmic melodies with futuristic tendencies, trippy moments, hypnotic grooves and narratives with a cinematic quality. Ultimately the listener may find a spiritual, emotional high conjured up by the rich textures within. 

This collection of tunes seem to launch us on a journey of self discovery as we traverse through the depths and complexity of our very own mind and soul. Potential awakening awaits the eager listener as these deep, hypnotic grooves found on these tunes will most definitely be devoured by the psy-trance enthusiasts! Marvelous work by "KINETIKA".

Label: Psyology Records 






Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Aly & Fila with Deirdre Mclaughlin-Gravity (Daxson Remix) [Future Sound Of Egypt]


Egyptian trance duo "Aly & Fila" joined forces with Irish songstress "Deirdre Mclaughlin" in 2019 and the result was the mesmerizing tune "Gravity" we all have come to know and love. It went on to become a firm favorite amongst the vocal trance enthusiasts with Deirdre's vocal talents stealing the show. It naturally was released on "Aly & Fila's" home label "Future Sound Of Egypt" and went on to receive a great position in the dance music charts and our hearts. 

After being supported by many of clubland's heroes it was only fitting to see remixes of this tune surface. The desire by the artists to remix this was imminent. First on board with a thrilling remix is an English DJ/Producer known for his wide selection of successful originals and remixes alike under his own name "Dan Dobson" or his usual alter ego "Daxson". 

 Dan gets straight to work by implementing his artistic influences within. Acid synths, choir-like segments and buzzing basslines are here from the start to shake things up. Deirdre's haunting vocals emerge into the open like a bright beacon on a starless night, making the track soar to new heights. Lush piano keys are here paired up amongst angelic, serene strings giving us moments of temporary reflection before the distinct leads rush in piercing our veins with pure adrenaline, elevating our very essence to the heavens above! 

 Uplifting vocal trance at its very finest! Would love to see a future collaboration in the works between Dan and Deirdre. Here's to many more tunes like this!

Released: 25/6/2021

Label: Future Sound Of Egypt 

Monday, July 26, 2021

Corrie Theron & Suzy Solar-Milestone [We Are Trance]


What does the word milestone mean to you? Usually it has to do with one's achievements over the years or even in a short period of time, depending on one's goals and good fortune. South African label "We Are Trance", owned and operated by South Africa's very own DJ/Producer with a dream, "Dirkie Coetzee", has been ascending the ranks of the genre over the years. Who would have thought that this month amongst all of the ordeals of the year there would be a cause for joy and celebration. Joyous as can be they have reached their hundredth release on the label. Now of course a milestone such as that had to be dealt with accordingly and so fellow South African artist and A&R of the label, "Corrie Theron" has teamed up with American artist and fellow A&R of the label "Suzy Solar", for an enticing new release. This happens to be the first collaboration between these two talented artists and is in fact Corrie's first vocal trance release as well so there's another milestone to celebrate the occasion also. Putting his production expertise to test while utilizing Suzy's uncanny vocal capabilities has brought us something truly divine. These two really conjured up something special indeed.

 From the very beginning the listener is thrown pleasantly aback by a swarm of uplifting moments, charging basslines, fairy-tale like melodies and pounding kicks alongside a sea of serene chopped female vocals. All of these elements are there to prepare us for our upcoming adventure in sound. Following close by we are pleasantly surprised by a medley of ethereal melodies comprised by violins, a collection of strings and the steady beat of the drums followed by Suzy's breathtaking vocal performance. Majestic, true, emotional and energetic as can be like the killer optimistic fueled leads that spring into the open much like a ferocious feline of the jungle itself. 

 Inspiring, big tune that perfectly encapsulates "We Are Trance's" moment of glory. A big round of applause goes out to Corrie and Suzy for their meticulous work on this incredible anthem! Here's to many more releases on the label!

Released: 23/7/2021

Label: We Are Trance 

Friday, July 16, 2021

Dan Thompson-Lost Soul [Coldharbour Recordings]


This trance mastermind is back with yet another euphoric super charger that will surely brighten up your summer nights. I am of course referring to English DJ/Producer "Dan Thompson", who has been on the ride of his life these past years. He has released a ton of superb originals, remixes and collaborations. For those of you who have followed his music quite closely you are certainly aware of his team up with fellow producer " Sam Brown" under their "Darkness Falls" project as well. All in all Dan has been steadily supplying us with killer tuneage and entertaining us regularly during the lockdown period with his marathon DJ sets on well known online platform "Twitch". Now he's back in the spotlight once more as he makes his imminent return to "Markus Schulz's" label "Coldharbour Recordings". 

 His new creation has been dubbed "Lost Soul" and will utterly blow your mind! As the track begins it quickly wastes no time to smell the flowers, charging ahead in full force like a prize horse competing in the race of its life. A plethora of effects are casually spread out amongst sturdy basslines, a swarm of ethereal female choir-like vocals and a surge of mesmerizing melodies. The break comes at the opportune moment, letting us have a breather, mentally recharging our batteries while clearing our mind from all the troubles of the past. The lush melodies and chopped female vox ultimately work a kind of magic upon us, soothing one's soul. The marvelous buildup that follows appears as if to signify a supercharged revival of one's self, ready to be hurled out in the world once more. Dan unleashes some unbelievably powerful leads and inspiring melodies which are brilliantly paired up with the phrenetic bassline and percussion that follows along turbulently. 

A high end tune that will work wonders in any surrounding you may find yourselves. It could be the club, home sound system or even energize you further as you enjoy your afternoon run! Another anthem from an artist that continues to amaze with every release and performance.

Released: 21/5/2021

Label: Coldharbour Recordings  

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Kris O' Neil-Canvas White [KONtour]


Danish DJ/Producer "Kris O' Neil" and head of prolific label "Avanti" is an artist who always manages to bring his A game to his productions. Many of his past releases have found a home on well known labels such as the mighty "Perfecto Records",infinite support from his peers and many of the scene's leading artists. He always seeks out and showcases some of the finest, eclectic tunes on "Avanti" as an A&R, therefore the quality of the label never fades. After a brief absence he is back with another fresh tune and it is in fact a rare breath of fresh air. "Canvas White" is the name and he literally has pulled out all the stops on this one, re imagining his sound on an empty palette of sound. 

 Soothing grooves flow through the air while the subtle percussion paves the way for moody basslines and upbeat male vocal snippets. The fresh inspiring melodies that break through the fog are soaked with hope, brightness and carry endless possibilities. The genius pair up that follows onward amongst the gloomy undertones and optimistically inclined melodies makes for a great contrast between modes and sounds. A sort of Ying Yang phenomenon if you will, a perfect balance among sound barriers that utterly excites the mind and soothes the soul! 

 Another fine slice of progressive goodness for the fans that will literally eat this one up!

Released: 25/6/2021

Label: KONtour 

Monday, June 21, 2021

Kyau & Albert-Outside 21 [Euphonic]



There have been several iconic DJ/Producer duos over the years in the scene. Some have shared in the success and eventually moved on, parting ways in search of other ventures while others have remained firmly together continuing their joined road to success. One of these legendary dance music outfits is most definitely German artists "Kyau & Albert", who have many a time delighted our ears over the years via their eclectic productions or by their exciting performances around the globe. Steven Moebius Albert and Ralph Kyau, show no sign of slowing down as they have been busy throughout our somewhat darker days during the pandemic, forging new material or reviving past gems in their music laboratory. Their latest offering can be found on home label "Euphonic" and it is called "Outside 21". A marvelous revision of their original "Outside" from many years ago.

 Echo infused percussion leads the way towards ethereal melodies, groovy basslines, sunset encapsulated moments and hazy, dreamy soundscapes. Fragments of speech are thrown in quite fittingly amongst the grooves, till the ever distinct voice found in most of their productions that of Steven himself, works its way into the mix. Chills form once the vocals intertwine with the majestic, sunset filled melodies while regal strings add to the lush beauty of this one, guiding us all along emotional, summer drenched paths, inspired by the rare goodness within. 

 Grab yourselves a glass of chilled sangria and enjoy the sun go down, filling the sky with numerous colors, while listening to this tune on one of the many beautiful beaches your summer getaway has to offer. Pure bliss courtesy of the uncanny duo!

Released: 23/4/2021

Label: Euphonic 

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Horizons-Pokhara @ Dawn [Landscapes Music]


If you have been frequently following my reviews then you are certainly aware of the respect I hold for smaller labels and artists who are trying to achieve their well deserved attention. One of the labels that has been making waves of its very own in the dance music scene is "Landscapes Music". I have covered quite a few of their releases as they always find the way to amaze with the sheer quality of their work and artists they showcase. 

 This time I set my sights and ears for that matter on the brand new single by the "Landscapes Music" owner himself, Shyamol Maracci. He frequently demonstrates his production skills under his artist name "Horizons". His new single is called "Pokhara@Dawn" and what a stunner it is!

 The kicks and bassline quickly set the pace of what lies ahead while the rest of the key elements fall into place. An assortment of finely chosen effects add to the heightening of the senses as a unique fusion of mystical, epic yet motivational melodies slide make their appearance. 'Tis without a doubt an aural journey into some of the places less traveled in our miraculous, mystifying world we all inhabit. 

 Visions of hiking through broken down trails come to mind, as we eagerly make our way towards the mountain top. Birds begin their morning songs hidden in their own world, tucked away beyond the dark trees, giving us a serenade of their very own while we inhale the crisp mountain air. Once we reach the summit, the view we witness is incredible. We are quickly filled with a proud sense of accomplishment as we gaze upon the world below. The sun begins to make its appearance shyly in this forgotten corner of the world and an instant flooding of serenity encircles us. 

 This is an artist that has often taken us on a musical journey to places unknown and does so once more, giving us a glimpse into a world very few of us have had the opportunity to lay eyes upon!

Released: 4/6/2021

Label: Landscapes Music 

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

D72-Without You [Coldharbour Recordings]


Markus Schulz's record label "Coldharbour Recordings", often takes pride in the search and discovery of new talent, ready to emerge like a soaring eagle into the dance music scene. One of these talented individuals is German producer Dirk Wershofen, that goes by the artist name of "D72". You may have heard some of his past productions such as "Together" along with "Dan Iwan" or his very own "Magika". This time he set his sights on the harbour of all things dark and groovy and offers us the magnificent "Without You". No wonder this was quickly snatched up as you will realize further along.

 From the very first moment we are swept away into a world wrought of darkness and gloom. It is ever present only allowing tiny slivers of light within. A moody bassline with a distant echo dominates the whole space before us while the rest of the elements begin to gradually settle in. The steady booming allows the mischievous percussion in to play, while out of the darkness and gloom a kind of dark horn makes its dramatic appearance as if to call upon lost souls. A broken down choir takes its part as emotions of absence are firmly planted within. Rhythmical synths and proggy grooves play their part accordingly, enhancing the already emotional charged atmosphere as male vocals find their way ever inward. These vocals are expertly paired up amongst shimmering crystal-like effects and sheer melodies that continue the emotional ride ever forward. Feelings of longing and sadness are slowly but steadily becoming replaced with perseverance, hope and utter determination. 

 An expertly crafted tune packed with the exact stuff to keep us satisfied while at the same time making us crave for more!

Released: 19/3/2021

Label: Coldharbour Recordings 


Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Blizzard-Torden/Feather [AVA Recordings]


The dynamic duo from Norway who have given us so many divine tunes over the years are back with a fresh two track release on "Andy Moor's" renowned label "AVA Recordings". Of course the artists in question are Tore Vatle Jensen and Lars Nyheim, otherwise known to the dance music cosmos as "The Blizzard". Their unique ideas and aural soundscapes have brought them far in this life and they continue to astound their peers and fans alike with their vivid ingenuity in the studio. Their new release consists of two very special tracks: "Torden" and "Feather".

 "Torden": Melodic bliss is unleashed into the void from the very first moments of play. Lush melodies dance playfully amidst the rumbling thunder while reverse female stutter effects and energized rhythms all play their part in creating a harmonious yet emotional wrought soundscape. It is filled with positive reinforced vibes that seem to float carefree on the very air itself. Images of rare beauty unfold within our mind, swiftly transporting us to lands beyond our very imagination.

 "Feather": BTesque effects are expertly thrown in here in good measure alongside ethereal female vocal effects and bright, joyous synths that do the track's title absolute justice. Dreamy, floating melodies and pumping basslines do the trick in elevating our mind and senses to an ideal world where only beauty and happiness are its inhabitants. Sorrow and anguish do not exist here and we are free to pursue our dreams full of hope and inner strength.

 Magical tunes by these two musical geniuses. Their craftiness and ideal musical landscapes have us already dreaming of their next release!

Released: 26/3/2021

Label: AVA Recordings 

Monday, April 26, 2021

Meanda-Far Away E.P [Landscapes Music]


"Landscapes Music" is a label that purely focuses on releasing a selective amount of musical material, never going for a truckload of releases at a time. Each release is carefully selected to fit the label's perspective and view in the elaborate world of electronic dance music. The label's A&R happens to be Austrian producer "Meanda" and when not shifting through demos he of course works on his own original music, which has a distinct character and sound to it. His brand new E.P lands on home turf and is quite the spectacle as you will quickly realize. His new E.P contains the original and an alternate version of his track "Far Away" which you will undoubtedly devour in one take.

 Eerie melodies are expertly paired up among fire forged subterranean basslines, water-like droplets,curious effects and moody grooves with a minimalist junglesque percussion lurking in the background like a wretched fiend out to strike when no one is aware. A marvelous fusion of dark, monochrome grooves which originate in the progressive territory, alongside stripped back rhythms that appear in the futuristic palettes of techno which instill chills and thrills throughout the deepest depths of the listener's soul. 

 The alternate edition of this tune is dubbed "Find Yourself version". It contains several similarities to the original, building on the foundations of its originator while emphasizing on extra amounts of drama via its lead synths, its sleek progression and its reinvented hypnotic basslines.

 An adventure like no other unfolds as we make our way into the darkest depths and underbelly of our world. An exploration within lost caverns long abandoned where darkness lies, crystals form like long lost jewels and stalactites hang from the ceiling as if representing the fancy crystal chandeliers of old. The echo of water trickling down the crevices can be heard in the distance as we move on armed with courage, a flaming torch, curiosity and a rising feeling of adventure that begins rippling through our skin.

 Another striking E.P by "Meanda" and the "Landscapes" crew. Perfectly suited for those 3AM sessions that we all love to get lost in!

Released: 30/4/2021

Label: Landscapes Music 

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Rezwan Khan-Apollyon [Perfecto Fluoro]


New York resident "Rezwan Khan", has rapidly becoming one of the scene's most riveting artists. His approach towards the genre and his craftiness of constructing a beat that easily stands out among all others is most certainly his forte. One of his recent releases the genre defying "Underground Anthem" under his "VaNISH" alias, gained him a return to one of dance music's most prolific labels: the mighty "Perfecto Records", brainchild of British dance music legend "Paul Oakenfold".

 His new creation brings him to Perfecto soil once more. This time he showcases his production skills on Perfecto's sublabel, the glorious and mesmerizing "Perfecto Fluoro". "Apollyon" is the name and in a way it is a continuation of the saga of its predecessor. Rezwan's affinity for those intriguing, mystifying dark beats has lead him down a familiar path once more.

 Dark, abysmal patterns lay out before us while eerie, hazy melodies like phantoms parade in mid air  amidst blood curdling effects that creep out from every dark corner startling one and all. Just as we begin to calm down, wild and wicked leads emerge from the shadows spreading fear and chaos in their path, ready to dominate our mind and crush our soul with their might. Darkness and decay are here in full force while hope seems to have long been abandoned. This one packs a mighty punch giving us a glimpse into a world wrought by darkness, despair and utter deconstruction. What was once fair and pure has now become foul and broken. The end may be nigh but humanity has and will continue to persevere making its final stand when the fate of all things has come to wither and die. 

A tune that will not easily be forgotten as "Apollyon" is here to stay! Another sure hit for "Rezwan Khan".

Released: 12/3/2021

Label: Perfecto Fluoro