Thursday, September 30, 2021

Jolo & Paul Angel pres. Apollo feat. Hazel-We Are Stronger [TID Recordings]


There is always a rise of excitement when one finds news of potential team ups or collaborations between artists. Each artist has their own sound, ideas and influences, it is what ultimately drives and shapes their sound. A special kind of magic occurs when they join forces to create something out of the box, going beyond their comfort zone if you will. This is the case on this release as well. South African DJ/Producer and radio host Paul Van Heerden aka "Paul Angel" joins forces with Johan Loubser "Jolo" and together under their producer project "Apollo" recruit the vocal talents of fellow South African "Hazel Hynek". This triple collaboration is dubbed "We Are Stronger" and it is a mighty tune indeed. 

 Pumping basslines, complementary percussion and an air of mystery surrounds this one as ethereal, almost spirit-like female voices drift in and out of the mix. Elegant strings make their appearance like falling snow on a winter's day as Hazel's dreamy voice blends in perfectly with the intriguing atmosphere within. Emotional and turbulent leads escape their captivity while Hazel's entrancing voice guides the way. 

 Uplifting, majestic, beautiful, emotional and breathtaking tune that will surely move your mind and feet alike! Massive congratulations are certainly in order to these fine folks!

Label: TID Recordings

Released: 12/8/2021 


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