Friday, February 18, 2022

Siskin-Never Alone [Black Hole Recordings]


Over the years we have seen many artist duos making their appearance in the dance music scene. From established brand names such as "Cosmic Gate" and "Gabriel & Dresden" to relative newcomers such as "GxD" or the "Arkham Knights". On the other hand there has been a kind of shortage of female power on the front with artist duos such as "NERVO" taking the lead. 

Along to right some wrongs and in turn inspire more to do the same are female dance music duo "Siskin". This dance music outfit consists of singer/songwriter "Sue McLaren", (known for her explosive collaborations with artists such as "Aly & Fila", "Andy Moor" and "Paul Van Dyk") and producer "Suzanne Chesterton", who has had her very own fair hand of success over the years with enough singles to prove it. This relative new formed alliance has gone from strength to strength as these talented ladies have been shaking up the scene while undoubtedly leaving their proverbial footprint on the soil of dance music's core itself. "Beautiful Lie", "Villaneve" and "Electric Love" are all tunes that have been receiving a tremendous amount of love from the audience as well as some of the biggest names in clubland. Another recent highlight was their epic debut performing as "Siskin" on an all star lineup at London's iconic venue "Ministry Of Sound". The duo are on fire as of late and they are back with a tremendous new single on "Black Hole Recordings" dubbed "Never Alone".

 Ethereal melodies grab hold of the listener early on while the riveting bassline chimes in accordingly. Hypnotic female vocal segments dance freely like a welcoming breeze, all the while complementing the electrifying yet tantalizing atmosphere that begins to unfold, much like the slow gathering and formation of storm clouds on a previously clear night. Adventurous grooves with a progressive-like backdrop carry us further on through the deepest depths of our soul. An array of sad, almost melancholic melodies join us in the orchestral-like background amongst the bittersweet, ever clear vocals, beautifully laid out by Sue herself. The groove that follows after the break, substitutes the previous melodrama quite eloquently with a sheer feeling of  hope and therefore determination through an assortment of tough beats and glorious leads. 

A marvelous change of mood, emotion and feelings throughout this brilliant tune. "Siskin" have once again proven their worth, separating themselves from the flock. Unique, upfront dance music that gets your mind tingling while your feet get busy on the dance floor below!

Released: 14/1/2022

Label: Black Hole Recordings 

Monday, February 7, 2022

Exclusive Interview with The WLT!

 The forever vast field of dance music is more often than most blossoming with new and diverse talent, sprouting out of the soil like the most rare and exquisite flowers. One of these emerging and exciting talents is an artist known under the riddlesque name "The WLT". Dana is a female artist from Romania, on a mission to spread the love she has for trance music with her fans through her vigorous live DJ performances at uncanny events such as Romania's leading dance music event "Untold" or via her very own string of aural delights. You may in fact already be familiar with her sound if you have heard the excellent remix she provided for none other than dance music heavyweight "Markus Schulz" and "Christina Novelli's" collaboration "Not Afraid To Fall", turning the beloved tune into an instant supercharger. Constantly striving to ascend that ever winding staircase of success she frequently finds herself at the forefront of all things dance music. Receiving infinite support by some of the industry's finest and in constant creation mode, this passionate artist has loads more tricks and surprises up her sleeves! 

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome her on to "MusicTalk15" for an exclusive in depth interview, having the opportunity to share her story with the world!


Question 1:


When did you first discover trance music and what was the key factor that got you hooked?

I discovered trance music in 2008 because of Tiesto’s music back then. It was out of this world! 


Question 2:


You have done an exquisite job on putting your touch on Markus Schulz’s” collaboration with Christina Novelli- Not Afraid To Fall”. How did that come about and would you love to put your touch on yet another track of his and if so which one would it be if you could choose?

Thank you! Well, I took a guess that Markus will want to release “Not Afraid To Fall” as a single (out of  the “Escape” album) and I thought Coldharbour might be interested and open for the idea of an uplifting remix so I asked the ques­tion if it’s possible to give it a try and so it came to life. 

Well, if I would have to choose an other song from Markus to remix, that would be his collab with "Ana Diaz - Nothing Without Me".


Question 3:


There is often confusion about your artist name and who is behind it. Could you share with us all the story behind the choice of your artist name?

Well, my artist name is "The WLT" and my real name is Dana Bordeianu, I’m from Romania. WLT (pronounced in the same way like ATB) stands for "We Love Trance" and the story of choosing this name is not complicated. I just wanted to find a name that can speak for all trance lovers, because in the end it isn’t just about myself, it’s about me and all the people out there crazy about trance music.


Question 4:


You recently hosted a contest where you had the courtesy of handing out some custom WLTcaps. Is this the start to a new WLTmerchandise brand and if so how did you come up with that cool idea?

Last year I also had two contests to give away a few WLT t-shirts and then after, the WLT caps contest happened. I am always trying to stay close to my followers, replying to every sin­gle message, story, comment and this was a special way to thank them with such giveaways, engaging them to just drop a comment or answer to a very simple question to win one of "The WLT" limited edition merch items. Just to see them proudly wearing one of the WLT t-shirts/caps and feel their love and support for my music, it means so much to me!

Question 5:


Out of all your productions so far which holds a special place in your heart amongst all others and for what reason?

At this moment, my latest new single “Waiting Here For You”, that was just released on "Find Your Harmony", is a special one to me, because it marks my first release of 2022 and the second time working with Andrew Rayel’s record label. 


Question 6: 

One of your recent highlights is definitely performing for Romanias leading dance music event Un­told. How did the crowd respond to your performance and did this in turn bring forth many new fans for you?

Untold festival is amazing! I wasn’t expecting such a big crowd during my set and great live feedback counting the fact that I was closing the Untold Fortune stage! I’m stoked to have gained a lot of new fans and friends at Untold and the funny thing about this, was that many of them didn’t know I am from Romania and that the The WLT is actually a woman.



Question 7:

What software do you use when in the studio and which are your essential vsts” that you frequently use in your productions?

Well, I started with Ableton and never changed that. Spire and Serum are my favorite vsts.


Question 8:


You recently had a guest mix on Trance Energy Radiowhich is based in Romania. Would you be in­terested in obtaining your very own radio show and if so what would the general concept be like?

Yes, I am one of their guests once in a few months. Of course I would love to host my very own radio show and probably the concept will be based on the same idea as I did till now with all those radio guest mixes I recorded so far. A pilot episode test run is already uploaded and available to watch on my YouTube Chanel named simply "We Love Trance 1st Edition". Oh, by the way, the second episode will follow soon.


Question 9:

Besides your obvious love for dance music what other interests or hobbies do you perhaps have?

I love to read, travel and I love to spend time in nature.


Question 10:

Producers from time to time have collaborated with fellow artists which in turn led to some marvelous tunes. Who would you like to work with if you had the chance?

There are way too many artist names on my collab wish list and I don’t know where to start from, so let’s ask the trance fans that get to read my interview here to let me know. (You can send me a private message to my FB page or my IG profile) with which trance artist(s) they would like to see me collaborate with. I promise that I’ll try to make the most realistic ones happen! 


Question 11:

Could you please name five tunes from past to present that are a constant must in your DJ sets?

Besides constantly showcasing some of my own music, so the exception to the rule, I don’t really use older tracks much in my sets nor do I use a certain song more than twice, because there is so much good music re­leased every month that I want to test, enjoy and play in my DJ sets.


Question 12:

It is great to see a plethora of artists recognizing your potential and thus featuring your tunes quite often on their radio shows. Andrew Rayelhas done so time and time again on his Find Your Harmonyradio show. How would you like to assume guest mix duties on his show?

Absolutely!! If Andrew would ask me to do it, I would be crazy happy about such an invitation!


Question 13:

Speaking of which you just had your first release on Andrew Rayel’s” label inHarmony Music. The majestic Waiting Here For You. How has the response by the fans been so far and what other projects do you have in the works?

Yeah, like I’ve already mentioned about, “Waiting Here For You” is a special one at the moment and the feedback from the listeners was, and still is, amazing! “Waiting Here For You” is already one of the most loved, played and supported tracks of mine. Thank you all!

I’ve got a lot of new music, most of them are already signed and about to be released soon!