Wednesday, May 26, 2021

D72-Without You [Coldharbour Recordings]


Markus Schulz's record label "Coldharbour Recordings", often takes pride in the search and discovery of new talent, ready to emerge like a soaring eagle into the dance music scene. One of these talented individuals is German producer Dirk Wershofen, that goes by the artist name of "D72". You may have heard some of his past productions such as "Together" along with "Dan Iwan" or his very own "Magika". This time he set his sights on the harbour of all things dark and groovy and offers us the magnificent "Without You". No wonder this was quickly snatched up as you will realize further along.

 From the very first moment we are swept away into a world wrought of darkness and gloom. It is ever present only allowing tiny slivers of light within. A moody bassline with a distant echo dominates the whole space before us while the rest of the elements begin to gradually settle in. The steady booming allows the mischievous percussion in to play, while out of the darkness and gloom a kind of dark horn makes its dramatic appearance as if to call upon lost souls. A broken down choir takes its part as emotions of absence are firmly planted within. Rhythmical synths and proggy grooves play their part accordingly, enhancing the already emotional charged atmosphere as male vocals find their way ever inward. These vocals are expertly paired up amongst shimmering crystal-like effects and sheer melodies that continue the emotional ride ever forward. Feelings of longing and sadness are slowly but steadily becoming replaced with perseverance, hope and utter determination. 

 An expertly crafted tune packed with the exact stuff to keep us satisfied while at the same time making us crave for more!

Released: 19/3/2021

Label: Coldharbour Recordings 


Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Blizzard-Torden/Feather [AVA Recordings]


The dynamic duo from Norway who have given us so many divine tunes over the years are back with a fresh two track release on "Andy Moor's" renowned label "AVA Recordings". Of course the artists in question are Tore Vatle Jensen and Lars Nyheim, otherwise known to the dance music cosmos as "The Blizzard". Their unique ideas and aural soundscapes have brought them far in this life and they continue to astound their peers and fans alike with their vivid ingenuity in the studio. Their new release consists of two very special tracks: "Torden" and "Feather".

 "Torden": Melodic bliss is unleashed into the void from the very first moments of play. Lush melodies dance playfully amidst the rumbling thunder while reverse female stutter effects and energized rhythms all play their part in creating a harmonious yet emotional wrought soundscape. It is filled with positive reinforced vibes that seem to float carefree on the very air itself. Images of rare beauty unfold within our mind, swiftly transporting us to lands beyond our very imagination.

 "Feather": BTesque effects are expertly thrown in here in good measure alongside ethereal female vocal effects and bright, joyous synths that do the track's title absolute justice. Dreamy, floating melodies and pumping basslines do the trick in elevating our mind and senses to an ideal world where only beauty and happiness are its inhabitants. Sorrow and anguish do not exist here and we are free to pursue our dreams full of hope and inner strength.

 Magical tunes by these two musical geniuses. Their craftiness and ideal musical landscapes have us already dreaming of their next release!

Released: 26/3/2021

Label: AVA Recordings