Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Max Freegrant & Donna Marie (NZ)-Turn [Freegrant Music]


Another fruitful collaboration sees the light of day in the magical world of clubland. This time two unlikely dance music heroes team up for the first time to create something truly promising. One is Ukraine's "Max Freegrant" is known for a vast number of releases on labels such as "Mandarine Music", "Movement Recordings" and of course his own label "Freegrant Music". The other is New Zealand's "Donna Marie" who has been making several waves of her very own and even boasts a number of releases on labels as big as "Paul Oakenfold's" legendary "Perfecto Records". Their joint venture "Turn" is out now on "Freegrant Music", Max's home label itself.

 Tribal elements, percussion, strange audio textures and elaborate patterns quickly unfold as the pace elevates within. Exotic terrains materialize before our very eyes as we are called hither by jungle creatures, the tinkering of bells and descending water droplets. Between the aural landscapes formulated quite rapidly by the progressive vibes instilled within, we are lured further inwards by the elegant, deep, full, mesmerizing female vocals that jump out at us gracefully. This one progresses quite beautifully as leads kick in amongst the magical melodies and vocals alike. Rhythmical, majestic, exciting and adventurous all wrapped tight in one snug package! Tremendous collaboration by these two uber talents. Each artist utterly shines in his or her element. More like this please!

Released: 15/7/2022

Label: Freegrant Music