Monday, December 28, 2020

VaNISH-Underground Anthem [Perfecto Records]


One of the artists on the rise in the dance music scene is without a doubt Rezwan Khan, more commonly known under his artist name "VaNISH". Having released a string of hit releases on labels such as "State Control Records", "Redux Recordings", "Appointed Recordings" and "Heaven's Gate" among others he is riding the freight train on his road to success. His latest release brings him to legendary record label "Perfecto Records", owned and curated by none other than dance music superstar and renowned artist "Paul Oakenfold" himself. It is appropriately dubbed "Underground Anthem" and upon only a few seconds of play the we easily discover why. This tracks screams "underground" as it is solely embedded into the very essence of the track itself.

 We are swiftly transported into a dark and murky atmosphere which unfolds gradually with every step we take. As we tread upon the black soil looking up towards the ominous, bleak sky we feel lost and oblivious to all. Eerie voices attempt to frighten us while we search for a path throughout the thick dewy grass and gray mists that surround our every move. Fearless we carry on when lesser mortals would easily have turned back, head bowed in shame. Ravens caw from afar piercing the deep silence, while an ever increasing wind makes its dramatic appearance as if on a vicious pursuit of the gray ominous clouds that have gathered high above. With the shrill howl of the wind in our ears we push on, determined to continue on our quest, seeking what we have come to obtain in this harsh terrain and this desolate, ruined and unwelcome land. We shall emerge victorious!

Painting eloquent imagery such as the one above appears to be Rezwan's forte. Solid basslines balanced amongst dark, ominous grooves wrought with mist and decay play the protagonist role in this tune while mysterious, spooky voices spice things up as daunting synths prepare us for the nefarious leads and clever breakbeat approach which completes this enticingly good scarefest anthem. Perfect for those slots towards the morning hours that call for a soundtrack much like this. 

Mass congrats to Rezwan for this underground masterpiece that blends the best of more than one genres such as techno and progressive. May he continue to prosper and bless us with his musical diversity and not simply vanish into the good night.

Released: 23/10/2020

Label: Perfecto Records

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Monoverse-Everything You Are E.P [FSOE Parallels]


After a brief absence from the spotlight for personal reasons, Santos Torres is back in the action. I am of course referring to DJ/Producer "Monoverse" as most of the dance music populous may know him. Running his own label under the "Future Sound Of Egypt" imprint has been one of the highlights in his ever blossoming career. He continues to offer us some of the most exquisite offerings on the one and only "Parallels". It was only fitting that he would make his imminent return to the label with a fresh E.P giving us a double aural pleasure before this difficult year ends. His new E.P contains two enigmatic tracks, different from what one may be used to by "Monoverse" but fresh and inspiring with a hint of his signature sound embedded deep within. Let us dig deep and uncover those aural gems shall we?

"Everything You Are": Spacious grooves unfold as an ever growing intensity stirs from within the very core of the track itself. A minimalistic approach on the percussion is just what was needed for the subtle progression of this one. Melancholic melodies and deep house oriented pitched down vocal snippets attempt to brighten the mood while building on the emotional atmosphere of this one.Beautiful harmonies spread their wings and glide like the most colorful butterflies amongst intriguing stabs and rolling basslines. Deep, emotional tuneage wrought straight from the depths of the artist's soul itself.

"We Are": Steering away from the course of its elder sibling, this next one has a deeper, curious side to it. Enriched melodies and accentuated dark grooves move forward amongst a sea of female vocal snippets. The break holds an array of beautiful, serene, almost nostalgic melodies as if plucked from a music box, long lost in time. Faster paced, smooth and intriguing this one ticks ticks all the right boxes as its progression is what tells the story, keeping the listener at constant attention.

A slight turn of direction for "Monoverse" as he leans towards the progressive side of things but totally wins the audience over with his story telling through his enriched grooves and fine blend of meticulous melodies. Welcome back! Here's to many more releases in the near future!

Released: 23/10/2020

Label: FSOE Parallels 

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Exclusive Interview with Nat Monday!


If you have been following "Pefecto Records", the label owned and operated by none other than legendary "Paul Oakenfold", you are certainly aware of the artists that have been invited to showcase their sound on the label throughout the years. One of its most defining artists that has remained firmly in the label family throughout the years is the talented UK DJ/Producer "Nat Monday". Nat started his journey into the dance music world early on and has certainly loads of mental souvenirs and accolades to prove it. As a DJ this globe trotter's passion for dance music has zipped him literally all over the world. Boasting world tours under such brands as "Ministry Of Sound", "Gatecrasher", "GodsKitchen" and "Perfecto Records" he has certainly spread his sound and love of dance music, educating the populous throughout his unique DJ sets. 

As a producer he has churned out a trunk load of releases which were instantly snatched up by the who's who of clubland and spun to their heart's content. Many of his creations have gone on to be dubbed ultra classics and have continued on carrying the title to this day. "Waiting" is a prime example. Living life in the fast lane lead him to greatness and instant recognition by his peers and fans alike. 

A few years later he slowed things down easing the pace and sought out other ventures.The years may have passed blissfully but music was never absent from his mind and soul. The craving to produce stirred deep within his being and it was only a matter of time till he took up his craft once more. People blessed with the gift of music, such as Nat, know very well that there is no escaping the need to express themselves via music thus unleashing the melodies confound in the depths of their soul onto the world. His recent productions "Inside/ Outside", "Slider" and "Lights On" has brought Nat back into the public eye, his hardcore fans rejoicing to see him back in the game. 

It was an honor to have had the opportunity to conduct this exclusive interview with Nat for "MusicTalk15" where we discuss his origins, tales from the past and his exciting plans for the future!


Question 1:

What was the key factor that ushered you to fall headfirst into the wondrous world of dance music?

One of the key factors I remember was hearing “The Last Rhythm-Vocal Battle Mix” at University while studying Optometry. It was at a student night and this was the first time I had heard music like it. I kept asking for it to be replayed. One of my good friends, Ian McClay was into dance music and taught me how to mix after taking me to the infamous "Hacienda" in Manchester for a night out.


Question 2:

Every artist draws on inspiration from artists before him which ultimately guide him into finding his own sound in the world. How did you come up with that unique sound that defines your productionsand which artists have inspired you along the way?

Growing up I loved listening to pop like "The Pet Shop Boys" and "Blondie". I remember my sister Celeste playing me the Oakenfold mix of "Deacon Blue- Your Town" and thinking this is amazing!

Later I was inspired hearing an "Essential mix" by "Snap" on "Radio 1" and also "The Goa mix" by "Oakenfold" which were truly groundbreaking at the time. My sound has organically evolved over the years from making music I want to hear, not necessarily by following the sound of the moment. At the start of the scene when I first started producing there was limited sounds and equipment, you had to make it up out of your imagination 


Question 3:

It’s no secret that one of the first artists to discover you and believe in your potential was the one and only dance music legend himself, Paul Oakenfold. Could you please share the story behind being discovered by him and becoming a part of the Perfecto Records family?

I ran a label called "Flammable Records" together with previous "Perfecto" artists, "Angeles". We used to send "Paul Oakenfold" all our vinyl tracks exclusively in the post before anyone else. He always supported our sound and often played more than one track in his mixes on Radio 1 and out at club nights. He has always been gracious with his support over the years and has been a mentor helping me develop as an artist. Becoming part of the Perfecto family started in a big part the night I met Paul’s tour manager, Tariq Ahmed and Paul in person at "GodsKitchen" in Birmingham 15 years ago. We had gone down to see Paul play and I met Tariq at the edge of the DJ box. We chatted most of Paul’s set and became good friends from there. Regularly talking on the phone and sharing music.


Question 4:

It is a solid fact that you have been widely recognized in the scene for your expert remix work, becoming the “go to” artist when needing a fresh and unique perspective on a track. Which remix out of the many you have worked on was your favorite to create and still resonates within you?

Faster Kill Pussycat” was my first big remix that I was really proud of. This was the start of many remixes to come. 

Question 5:

You had gone silent for quite some time. Many Perfecto fans had noted your absence and have been eagerly awaiting your return to the scene and Perfecto family in general. 2020 is what it is but we are all thrilled to see you back in action production wise. Will we see many more productions from you and do you have any special surprises in store for us?

Yes, I took a long break from music, almost retiring, I thought my music career had come to an end. Somehow, I just couldn’t seem to let music go and out of the blue Paul asked me to remix “Junk Project" and "Waterfall". Finally I felt everything was falling into place with timing and my sound and production. I have several big surprises in store for you all next year. I cannot talk about them yet, but I love them and hope you all will too! 


Question 6:

The first lockdown was devastating for the scene in more ways than one. One thing that really has helped artists push their sound and skills while connecting with their fans was performing live on Facebook, Youtube or Twitch. Many of us were overjoyed to see you perform again after all these years and I daresay your sets were flawless and packed with hidden gems. Any plans to make this a regular thing and perhaps we might get to see you performing at events again once all clears up, wowing the crowd as usual?

Thank you, I did a few Facebook live steams and Radio through Lockdown. I played mostly my own productions and enjoyed it. I would like to do more when I have the time and would consider DJing again if the time is right. I would also like to do more producer sets.


Question 7:

Many may not know this but you have a back catalog of unreleased material. Originals, remixes, bootlegs. Seeing as we have witnessed a number of forgotten tracks revived and released at last, is there any hope for any of those gems seeing the light of day?

I hope so, but many of my back catalogue is out of my control. I would like to see my mix of “Waterfall” released as I am asked about it all the time. Only "Oakenfold" and "Armin Van Burren" have a copy of it. I have been thinking about updating and also releasing some of my unheard original music on my new website


Question 8:

Years ago you launched your very own label “Flammable Records”. Are there any plans on reopening those doors once more?

No, "Flammable Records" will not be reopened as I sold that Label years ago. It was a great chapter in my life and lead to where I am now. I even met my wife on one of the Flammable Records “Built to Burn Tour” of America. For now I want to concentrate on the Nat Monday productions and website. 

Question 9:

Aside from music do you have any other interests or hobbies that you are passionate about?

We recently got a Tennis Table for keeping fit in Lockdown. When I was younger, I was ranked number one, in the under twenty-ones age group for Northern Ireland and spent many months in China and Spain training before I got into dance music. 


Question 10:

What software do you use when forging your eclectic tunes and which are your favorite vsts

at the moment?

Currently my main DAW is "Bitwig Studio", but in the past I’ve used "Acid", "Cubase", and "Ableton" to name a few. As regards to VSTs, there are too many to mention but some of my favorites are: "FabFilter Saturn", "FabFilter Pro-Q3", "ValhallaRoom reverb", "Waves plugins", "Spire synth", "Sylenth", and "Xfer plugins".

Question 11:

On many of your vocal productions you play the part of the vocalist as well as the producer. Do you also write your own lyrics and if so are any of them based on real life experiences? Timeless favorite for me is of course “Waiting”.

Thanks, unfortunately I am not a singer. I wish I could take credit for the singing and song writing skills on "Waiting" but they belong to my Flammable partner "Jay Welsh". He wrote and sang the lyrics. "Waiting" started out as the "B" side to my track "Nucleus" with a female vocal before we got Jay to re-sing it. We then released it through "Distinctive Records". Jay wrote all the Flammable lyrics and has a real God given talent for song writing. He is a true poet at heart. 


Question 12:

What would you say was your most special moment throughout your music career and for what reason?

The first time I heard Paul play one of my tracks on his "Radio 1" "Essential Mix World Tour" is a great memory. It was always a dream of mine to be signed to Perfecto. When this finally happened, it was a real-life dream come true. Being asked to remix 6 tracks on Oakenfolds "Lively Mind Album" was amazing. 


Question 13: Do you enjoy traveling and if so which are some of your favorite destinations and where would you like to visit once the world resumes normality?

Yes, I enjoy traveling. I have traveled all over the world with DJing and for pleasure. Luckily right before Lockdown my wife and I snuck in a week in the warm sun of Lanzarote and had a fantastic time visiting volcano, cactus gardens and caves. The world has a lot to offer and I hope to see more of it. 








Wednesday, December 2, 2020

GXD & Elle Vee-Sail [AVA Recordings]


English dance music outfit duo "GXD" are one of the fastest rising stars in the scene today and for good reason. Daley Young and Matt Golledge are the masterminds behind the project and have worked tirelessly over the years with 2020 being one of their most productive and fruitful by far. Having given us a multitude of top notch productions such as "Voices", "Evolution", "Echoes" and "Without You", the duo continue their production frenzy by gaining support left and right along the way. Their newest labor of love is one of the most memorable vocal trance tunes that you will hear this year. Teaming up once more with American singer/songwriter "Elle Vee" they proudly present "Sail", out now on "AVA Recordings". Let your mind take in all that you will witness by pressing the play button on your device of choice. 

 From the very first moment we are thrust into a world populated by grungy basslines and buzzing powered up synths, traversing through a troubled sea while sonic waves wrought with emotion carry us further away from home. In the midst of it all we find ourselves encircled by a surge of cosmic female voices, awakening a certain awe within us all. The voyage is full of peril but wonder as well much like life itself. Like a modern day siren Elle arrives in the break delivering a truly divine performance. Tormented by her inner demons, weaknesses and inabilities she lets her soul bare for all to see while sadness and despair creep over her as things did not work out the way she had quite wished they would. Having being dealt a lousy game of cards at life she recollects her past errors and wishes to obtain her very own place in the sun, living to the fullest, embracing life as a gift. All of this has been portrayed exquisitely through Elle's dark and bitter performance. A beacon of light emanates from within the gloom, beckoning us all to land and faraway from the dark, troubled waters we have been sailing over the years. Redemption and solace can be found for us as we step foot back on dry land.

 Undoubtedly track of the year for "GXD" and "Elle Vee". A magnificent tune that will not depart your mind for months on end.

Released: 23/10/2020

Label: AVA Recordings 

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Adam White & Suzie Del Vecchio-Law Unto Myself [Perfecto Records]


If you were sucked into the world of dance music in the late 90s, slowly beginning your voyage into that realm, discovering those sought out tunes played out by some of the biggest names in the scene, you must have come across one of those legendary tracks that were championed by none other than "Paul Oakenfold". One particular track that was hammered away time and time again and has withstood the test of time is undoubtedly the magnanimous "Law Unto Myself" by "Konkrete", naturally released on "Perfecto Records". Critically acclaimed and a firm favorite amongst many it has been regarded as a priceless jewel of yesteryear. English DJ/Producer "Adam White" known for his versatile work on "Perfecto Records" and beyond was more than eager to step up to the task of renovating this classic, supplying his own rendition. To do it absolute justice he sat down and completely reinvented the track from the very foundation up, giving us a glimpse of this tune through his own eyes. Enlisting fellow "Perfecto" colleague singer/songwriter from Mexico "Suzie Del Vecchio" was a must and together they sought out to bring this track to new heights. The hype for this new version has been undeniable and the public has been awaiting it ever since rumors of its inception spread like wildfire. The result is a bombastic version, one that Adam and Suzie can be mighty proud of and of course is out on "Perfecto Records".

 One familiar with Adam's work can easily pick out the signature sound he has become known for throughout the track. Big pounding basslines, spine tingling synths and a cheeky use of Suzie's "Law Unto Myself" one liner morph forever inwards much like a chameleon adapting to its surroundings, over the ascension of the melody and rhythm within serving as a tasty aural appetizer before the main course. A pesky buildup gets the endorphins rushing while Suzie gives it her all, singing her heart out. Emotions run freely here as anger, anguish, disappointment and ultimately determination are evident throughout her performance. As she utters her final words, leads of fury escape their captivity within the soul as mayhem is unleashed upon the world. Reverse vocal effects move graciously through the mix emphasizing on the dynamics of the track itself. Powerful, just and adamant, the sentence has been carried out so prepare to witness the crowd go wild when this one is played out at all the big events.

 Adam and Suzie please take a bow and welcome back to Perfecto! You have been missed!

Released: 9/10/2020

Label: Perfecto Records 

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Mind Of One-Kairos/Hypernova [FSOE Parallels]


Another successful DJ/Producer duo has sprung out into the open. Taking careful and selective steps while honing their skills along the way, these guys have certainly chosen the right path towards recognition in the dance music scene. Quite often siblings show different tastes in music, interests and so forth. Rarely do they share a common goal, a dream or aspiration. In this case these two could not be better synced. Brothers Chris and Angelos Ekonomakis residing in Canada have come together to form the uncanny duo "Mind Of One". Being twins the name could not be more appropriate. The bros. already have had a steady stream of releases on some of the coolest record labels and gained support by some of the industry giants such as "Ferry Corsten", "Aly & Fila", "Cosmic Gate" and many more. Driven by their passion and united by their creativity these two are back with a fresh E.P on "FSOE Parallels", a "Future Sound Of Egypt" sublabel curated and owned by none other than Santos Torres aka "Monoverse". The E.P consists of two tracks each with their own essence and attitude as you will quickly discover.


The brothers' background is evident here as the title is synonymous with "weather" or even "time" in the Greek language, words constantly used in the brothers' distant homeland, Greece. Brilliant title choice as this one is fine tempered yet unpredictable much like the weather itself. It starts off at a somewhat peaceful state, the percussion and bassline holding us at ease. Just when one thinks they know what may come around the bend clouds form over its tranquil state, casting long shadows and revealing an aggressive nature that remained hidden until now. As the track unfolds we are accompanied by moody, mind bending synths and otherworldly melodies. An energy long submerged quickly arises within and unleashes its fury, sending chills down every listener's spine. A fine slice of progressive for us fortunate souls.


Thoughts of infinite space may have had something to do with the inspiration of this track as it is dark, ominous and mysterious much like the final frontier. It has a certain wondrous quality about it, drawing us further inwards, curious to see what may come next. Majestic melodies and solid progressive grooves lay at the foundation of this one while our mind travels through wormholes of space and time via curious synths, alluring female vocal chants and mind boggling leads, allowing a plethora of questions to arise within the depths of our ever curious psyche. Another marvelous track to add to your collection.

 I may go out on a limb here and state that this is one of the guys' finest E.P's. Looking forward to many more thoughtful progressive numbers such as this one in the near future!

Released: 2/10/2020

Label: FSOE Parallels 

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

NOMADsignal pres. Isotapes-Thorium-238 [Coldharbour Recordings]



Fresh face on the wild and crazy circuit of dance music is American Nicholas Andrew Schwab, known under his artist name "NOMADsignal". An artist with a unique approach and mindset towards dance music, he often combines elements from various genres in his productions thus making the end product nothing sort of spectacular. Techno and trance are his usual "go to" themes production wise, as one can easily discover his passion flowing throughout his body of work. Aside from producing he has a talent for djing as well and holds his very own show on "Twitch" platform dubbed "NOMADCity". He there delivers his personal take on techno, trance and everything in between via his own creative way and fresh perspective. Personal highlights include getting signed on "Coldharbour Recordings", "Markus Schulz's" very own label. "Thorium-238" is the name of his fresh single on the label and it was immediately snatched up and placed on the brand new edition of the prestigious "In Search Of Sunrise 16" DJ mix compilation on the disc mixed by none other than Markus himself. 

 "Thorium-238" finds "NOMADsignal" donning a new alias in which he can perfectly present the sound he was going for. "Isotapes" is the alter ego of the artist if you will, the antidote to the techiness and frenzy we all know him for. It begins as one may imagine one of his productions may, a techy infused monster containing the precise amount of elements to amuse and gain one's attention from the very first beat. The percussion and bass are spot on doing all the dirty work up until the glorious melodies arrive full on, clad in hope, radiance and incorruptible light, stealing the show, piercing the fog as it were. Blissful female vocal one liners follow suit, protruding through the mists of melodies as if snatched from the heavens, leaving one at a state of inner peace, one with the world yet at the same time making us feel small and insignificant in the vast cosmos that surrounds us all. The leads that zip in and out like bright rays of sun descended from the mountain tops send shivers down our spine, adding the finishing touches to enhancing the already electrifying atmosphere found within.

A track of rare beauty. Hats off to Nicholas for this one! I salute you!

Released: 2/10/2020

Label: Coldharbour Recordings 

Thursday, November 5, 2020

EL3CTRXX feat. Roxanne Emery-Technicolor [AVA Recordings]


American DJ/Producer "EL3CTRXX" has been on a search for the perfect beat for over fifteen years. In that time he has honed his skills as a DJ and producer, seeing his rise to fame. Creating beats with a catchy rhythm is his forte and he has done so once again on his newest creation. Enlisting the vocal talents of English singer/songwriter "Roxanne Emery" it was bound to be a success out on "AVA Recordings", "Technicolor" will bring light into your life. 

 From the very first moment of play our ears are flooded with sheer brightness and joy. Steadfast basslines and a minimalist approach on the percussion complement the joyous vibes which engulf us all. Roxanne shines like an evening star with the clear tones of her radiant voice illuminating the gray and withered world around us. Most of us are used to seeing the world in shades of black and white like an idle, old beaten up chess board but every so often glimmers of hope arise and our whole world can change as our outlook changes and we are surrounded by a palette of colors, as if supplied by the finest painter. A celebration of wonder and positivity, a rejoice of life supplied by the joyous, bright melodies and general hyped up attitude paired up brilliantly with Roxanne's wonderful vocals. A respray of emotions and glee that is much needed in the world of today! 

Released: 25/9/2020

Label: AVA Recordings 

Monday, November 2, 2020

Paul Sawyer & Jan Johnston-Circle [Krafted Underground]


The leaves may begin to change color and fall while the sky turns gray as the memory of summer fades away but don't despair just yet because a brand new release is on its way. DJ/Producer "Paul Sawyer" known for his work on labels such as "Perfecto Records", "Toolroom", "Armada", "Pure Progressive" and many more has joined creative forces with the illustrious singer/songwriter "Jan Johnston", one of the most recognized voices in the world of dance music and beyond. This will undoubtedly be received with loads of enthusiasm and countless cheer by the vocal dance community and as it seems they will be absolutely right to rejoice. Paul and Jan have synced their minds as one and the result is called "Circle". It will be out on Paul's own label "Krafted Underground". 

 Peering within we encounter pounding drums and intriguing yet serene melodies while Jan's luscious vocals float in mid air, surrounding us as if drawn in by a sudden gust of wind. Proggy vibes follow with an evident emphasis on the dramatic strings that unfold alongside the hypnotic groove that emanates from within. Jan herself plays the role of the educator, teaching us all about one of the most powerful forces in our world, the somewhat elusive yet healing power of love. Sought out by many but obtainable by the lucky ones it is without a doubt one of the most precious gifts to humanity. The original mix keeps things at a steady pace, grounded and true with an emotional backdrop and a kind of reminiscence to those golden years of trance and tracks of yesteryear.

 The "4am Mix" on the other hand builds on the winning formula of the original adding an extra dosage of percussion and extending the boundaries while broadening the mix with a somewhat, darker proggier outlook that undoubtedly hypnotizes us all. Jan follows suit doing what she does best, delivering a performance that is both touching and haunting at the same time. Extra effects and vocal samples are also thrown in for good measure keeping the "4am Mix" true to its nature.

 A brilliant collaboration and ode to the cosmic power of love, courtesy of Paul and Jan. Each mix is precious and will resonate within your psyche for months to come!

Released: 9/11/2020

Label: Krafted Underground 


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Exclusive Interview with Blufeld!

 An artist of unique caliber is without a doubt David Hearn, known to the dance music populous as "Blufeld". Responsible for brightening up the scene with his ever so crafty ingenuity and special approach towards dance music and its construction he has single handedly produced a vast number of hit singles and a plethora of artist albums at that. Each album he has worked on has been a revelation to us music lovers. It holds a tale that gradually unfolds throughout its duration. Never one to shy away from a challenge, progression and the harnessing of new ideas David has listened to his inner being and produced yet another artist album. This one is by far his most acclaimed project as he goes above and beyond to create something truly memorable that will test the sands of time. It was with great pleasure that I got to conduct this exclusive interview for "MusicTalk15" with David. We discuss a number of subjects including his latest labor of love, his artist album "Radical". Many thanks for your time man!


Question 1:

What was it that first drew you into the wondrous world of dance music?

Well this is something that has spanned the length of my life from my youth, when I used to place vinyls for my mother on the 7" stacker of her record deck in the 80's. My mother had a very vast record collection as she was a DJ in Germany back in her youth!

I basically grew up with "Spandau Ballet", "Gary Numan", "Visage", "Kraftwerk", "Alphaville" to mention just a few..... so the rest was a progression moving forwards from there. This sound must have locked into my subconscious as I grew up into my teens.

What actually motivated me to want to become a producer spawned from a moment I vividly remember back in 1999 listening in my room getting ready for a night out to "Judge Jules - Essential Selection" on Radio One, when he played the white label of "System F - Out Of The Blue" and this totally blew me away!!

It was from this moment I suddenly realized and felt inside that I had found the sound and style of music - "Trance" that I knew I wanted to become deeply involved in, as it touched me so powerfully. 

Question 2:

You are an artist with a unique name. Could you please share with us the origin behind the name “Blufeld”?

Yes this is simple really tbh, my mother is German, and when I was little we used to have a live near a field that every spring would be full of Bluebells, and I remember being completely fascinated with them as a little boy. And the word "Feld" is German for the meaning "Field". So, I guess you can now correlate things from there. It was a way for me to seemingly continue and carry forward my mother’s legacy musically also through the connection to her heritage, so the project "Blufeld" was born.

Question 3:

You have certainly had quite a ride with several selected artist albums released. Each one with a special essence and different concept about it. Could you please share some information regarding each album and the reasons behind its inception?

Well rather than separate each one, I would rather convey that each time I undertake the thought to create a new album, I like to have a sense of purpose for it and a thematic direction. I'm trying to convey a set of emotions, almost like a snapshot of my life's timeline. Every track title is carefully thought out with a story or reason behind its origin.

I try very hard to bring the power of people’s minds to a place where they can feel a sense of self liberation in a world that seems to dictate to you how to act, how to feel, what you must do, and in what particular time frames.

These albums are solely designed to allow the listener to immerse themselves, and to stimulate their own imaginative potential thus inducing a positive mental state to the forefront of their minds.

I feel strongly about re-connecting people to the power of the imagination that exists inside of all us, that many lose sight of or connection to in this crazy fast paced life, I want to be the bridge to reignite this quality.

Question 4:

Speaking of artist albums, your brand-new artist album is dubbed “Radical” and it is a bold move in today’s scene. What was your inspiration for the album and direction? Could you perhaps share the story behind it all?

The album was born of a desire to bring something completely "Radical" from me in terms of change, sound and style to an album, it is definitively a way for me to bring to the world a fresh and ultimately long term change in production style & direction. I really want to bring a strong signature sound going forwards in my music, that includes full use of my own vocals, but with a fusing of the best that technology has to offer such as the vocoder.

I also wanted the album title to reflect not only the content, but the fact that this was a very commonly used slang word in the 80's, so that it created the extra link & meaning behind the project.

Question 5:

Not many may know this but on the new album you played a grand role by doing everything on your own. It is not that often to witness the artist in question being the producer, singer and songwriter all in one. How refreshing and rewarding was it for your soul to be the sole force behind the entire album?

Yes, it was in fact a massive undertaking I must be honest, but it was never something that I felt I wouldn't do....

I have always created very selfishly and wanted firstly to please my own creative desires first and foremost. Never one to worry about trends, and fads and popularity. I want to be ME and create what makes ME feel completely satisfied and at peace with the result.

I knew that I wanted to move forwards and rise to the challenge of bringing things in a fresh direction. And it really is so nice to know that you can bring all the thoughts you have exactly in the way you need them to feel to reality and fruition.

I'm so fussy with vocals, and for me doing this myself was the only way that I knew I would get the result that I needed and wanted to achieve.

This will always be the way with me as I need to bring the truest reflection of my art to people possible, unhindered and fluid.

An album for me is a beautiful thing to, it's giving, it's heartfelt, it's exhausting, but most of all it's the parting of all you have to give from inside of you in that period of time that you write it, it is in fact your very personal creative gift to your listener, and the big wide world.



Question 6:

As one who adored the album and the whole concept in general, I am curious, were the various synths and effects created on vintage analog synthesizers?

I used 2 main physical analog synths to create a lot of the arps, bass and leads including the vocoded vocals also.

They were the "MicroKorg Vocoder Analog Synth", and the "Roland Boutique JU-06A".

Some other arps and basses were also made using the "ES01" From "Ekksperimental Sounds", and the "Korg Polysix", both within the DAW, amongst other instruments and FX. They all had a major hand in shaping the feeling of this album!

Having recently acquired the "Korg Minilogue XD", I have added to the future of my direction and cannot wait to bring more to the table.

Question 7:

I know it may be a tad early to tell but what are the fellow producers and public’s thoughts on the new album?

Yes really I'm bowled over by the reactions, already seemingly future support from "Roger Shah".......but I have also received great support with the pre-orders of the limited edition CD Digipak signed copies of the album, which are available to purchase from my main website or "Bandcamp".

I'm so lucky to have an array of support from fans and listeners showing the love in whatever I seem to do, people just get behind my sound and feel the direction I’m trying to go into which is simply amazing. So, a massive thanks to all of you - you know who you are :)

Question 8:

"Radical" as in a radical move or approach in the ever-changing rhythms of the dance music scene? What was the inspiration behind the album title?

It’s a statement correct. It's a way for me to announce a huge change in what to expect from my future musical productions..........."Radical" as I said earlier in my answers was a popular 80's slang word, and was a perfect way to announce this statement to the world.

This is now the beginning of the story moving forwards for me. This new style and LP will form the building blocks of my sounds, and what can be expected of me going onwards. I will develop this into an evolving sound, but I want to retain at its core the analog and retro approach, but fuse this direction with all the potential and possibilities of today's studio technology, and use these tools and production techniques to bring unique sculpting and layering’s of sound to the next generation of listener.


Question 9:

When not engaging in musical activities do you have any other hobbies or interests you wish to share with us?

Yes, I’m a keen cyclist, I live near the sea and the forest, and I like to get out on trails regularly and be at peace and connected with the natural world and my surroundings! As this is something I have enjoyed since I was a teenager, as I used my bike as my constant and main mode of transport for everywhere, I went, including my work! It’s a deep-rooted part of my existence, and It allows me to feel at peace and at the same time brings the feel-good endorphins to my mind and body.

Question 10:

Aside from your producer life you also take up the art of djing as well by holding your very own radio show “Stimulus Sessions”. Where can your fans tune in and what styles of music do you usually showcase?

My show "Stimulus Sessions" is broadcast on "DI.FM" every 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month between 10pm - 11pm GMT.

Up until now I have played a variety of progressive sounds, but I’m in the process of moving my show to a different direction that I feel will reflect my route forward to reflect a style that really excites me, and also connects to the way that I see my music moving forwards ......Watch this space!

Question 11:

Where do you draw your inspiration from for your music and fruitful ideas? One can easily see the distinct amount of attention and precision that goes into your work.

I guess this answer may start as like a lot of producers in the fact I will tend to naturally be inclined to take some basic points of reference from the music I enjoy listening to.

I have always felt to be complimentary to myself perhaps, that I have been blessed with a huge creative and imaginative mind, and let’s face it that always helps!

But most of the time when I set about creating any music I try to adhere to a key rule, and that is to FIRST and foremost SWITCH OFF the world around, and that includes anything that anyone else is doing (particularly other musicians and producers!) I find this really works for me and helps me to bring out the truest reflection and the most creative approach, as I lose myself in complete experimentations to find the most inspiring textures and unique ideas possible.

This in turn will really bring to the forefront the catchphrase that I like to use - '......Soundscapes for the Imagination' 

Question 12:

I know it is a difficult question to answer but which track out of all the gems on your new album do you identify with the most and expresses you as an individual?

All of the tracks have a special place on there for me as they each play a part of telling the full story I needed to tell, and each track has its own unique meaning behind it, which I hold dear inside.

"8 Bit Boy In A Retro World" was the first track that was completed for "Radical" LP, and it was the first track that really made me sit back and get those amazing goosebumps on my arms and body that producers are sometimes lucky to experience from time to time. Producing this track brought me a massive feeling of nostalgia that crept over me and took me right back to be a young kid again in the 80's, with my mother playing her various 7" synthpop tracks from the generous collection and crates of vinyl she had!

Question 13:

What does the future hold for "Blufeld"? Any new projects in the works? Perhaps secret remixes or even a DJ mix compilation?

Well it’s been a tough year for me along with so many people in the world, so I have no major plans....

There is one collaboration ongoing at the moment that I’m very excited about, as it’s a pairing that I think a lot of people will enjoy a lot, although I cannot share much about this at the moment, but rest assured it will be worth the wait when it comes to fruition!!

However, I can say that there will be a lot less remixes from me going forwards, with more of a concentration on my own original works and developing my new sound and direction.

There will be a remix album of "Radical" coming I think planned for the end of this year, with some very talented producers being tasked to bring their fantastic styles to the table, which I'm so humbled and looking forward to personally.

As I said earlier in the interview, I’m looking to revamp my radio show. And, next year will see the launch of my first Producer sample pack, which is close to nearing completion!

Just wanted to say a huge thanks to you Kostas for giving me this opportunity for this interview and allowing me the chance to able to share with your readers my thoughts and feelings about my audible world! It really means a lot to me....

And thanks to all who continue to stick close and support my work in all the directions and roads I take......It never goes unappreciated in my heart & mind.




Saturday, October 10, 2020

Ben Ashley & Natalie Dime-U [Abora Recordings]


With so many releases being hurled out into the open every month a large amount of music may go unnoticed sadly, ultimately getting lost in the cracks. Fortunately for us all every so often a single comes along that instantly stands out in our mind from the very first moment. The beat is on instant repeat, guiding us along on our daily routine. "U" is one of those tracks. "Ben Ashley" from the UK has teamed up once more with the eloquent singer/songwriter "Natalie Dime" and created one of vocal trance's most sought out tracks this year. This was so well received by the audience that it even climbed to the 15th place on the "Beatport" charts and in turn gained quite a bit of airplay by a vast number of artists including "Andrew Rayel". Out on "Abora Recordings", "U" has quickly become a firm favorite amongst the dance music populous.

 We are instantly ambushed by a blast of pure euphoria as chopped vocals snippets and a hyped up dosage of uplifting energy is sprinkled with an air of lush, meticulous and serene melodies. This in turn prepares the ground for an outstanding emotionally charged atmosphere as Natalie shines while delivering a performance of vocal delight. A whirlwind of emotions are conjured up while visions of bright blue skies loom over us all. The healing rays of the sun play their part in warming the ever so stirring soul, healing the anguish within us all. 

Beautiful imagery crafted here by Ben and Natalie who deliver a track that will haunt your minds for months on end.

Released: 10/8/2020

Label: Abora Recordings 

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Yoshi & Razner feat. Kate Miles-Don't Let Me Fall [Suanda True]


If you have been on the lookout for some of the freshest names in the scene then you are certainly familiar with the Spanish twin brother force that answers to the name "Yoshi & Razner". Producing for only a handful of years and djing for many more these guys have swiftly been ascending the ladder of success. Miguel and Jose's talents and understanding of dance music has brought them this far. 

 Their latest release brings them to "Suanda" territory, on the "Suanda True" imprint to be precise. The twins find themselves joining forces with Norwegian singer/songwriter "Kate Miles". Kate is easily known for her distinct vocal performances on tracks such as "Safe and Sound" alongside "Dave Neven", "Behind The Silence" with "Joint Operations Centre", "If You Stay" with "Aurosonic" and many more. Quite the pleasure for us all to see the trio collaborating, connecting their creative minds as one. The result is the tremendously good vocal trance delight you have before you called "Don't Let Me Fall".

 A turbulent amount of power emanates from the core of the track while vocal chants teasingly beckon us further inwards. Fallen under a hypnotic state, we are mesmerized by swooshes and an aural vortex of sound, which in turn bring forth an impressive array of ethereal melodies that are so rich, touching and heartfelt their origin must not be of this world. Through the mists of magical melodies Kate's angelic vocals drift inwards like a warm, soothing breeze, always piercing the fog that has gradually encircled us all. 

 Emotional drenched vocal trance at its finest courtesy of these three ambitious artists. A track so delicate yet powerful it will easily snatch up a piece of your heart!

Released: 31/8/2020

Label: Suanda True

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Lab4-Concept Of Love (Retro Futurism Remix)


Hard dance act "Lab4", consisting of Adam Newman and Les Elston have had their fair share of the spotlight throughout the years. The UK act was formed in 1994 and since then they have gone on to produce a plethora of singles and a few artist albums at that. One of their biggest hits was without a doubt "Concept Of Love" which fared mighty well in the land of the far East and was even championed by hard dance icon "Yoji Biomehanica, who loved it so much that he even provided a remix of his very own back then. Looking back at it all the duo believed the time had come for a revival of this classic, reworking it to their heart's content and bringing up to speed for the year 2020. These guys certainly knew what the public desired and gave us a brand new "Concept Of Love 2020 (Retro Futurism Remix)".

 This new remix contains the true feel of the original, keeping the spirit alive while expanding the notion at hand. Female and male one liners are thrown within in good measure while the raw energy roars on, as the insatiable leads trample upon anything and anyone that lies in their path. Expect an extra dosage of upbeat drama and theatrics which build and build making it nearly impossible for anyone on the dance floor to remain still.

 Hard dance at its finest, completely revived and revamped for our era. These guys have done it again. "Lab4" continues to be a force to be reckoned with within the scene as they take on the role of educators, teaching us about the elaborate and elusive concept of love.

Released: 31/8/2020






Thursday, September 17, 2020

Johan Gielen-Balearic Reflection [Coldharbour Recordings]

Trance maestro "Johan Gielen", known for his incredible performances over the years at some of the finest events and steady stream of sublime releases under his own name as well as his known partnership with fellow DJ/Producer "Svenson" under the "Svenson & Gielen" outfit has become something of a living legend in the scene. 

 Our heart skips a beat when news of a fresh "Johan Gielen" release is underway. It has arrived at last and is out now on fellow artist "Markus Schulz's" label, "Coldharbour Recordings". This is the second outing for Johan on the label, his first being his incredulous take on classic "Perception" by Markus featuring the illustrious vocals of singer/songwriter "Justine Suissa". This new release is called "Balearic Reflection" and it could not be more appropriately named as we all shall discover for ourselves. 

Lush dreamy melodies, soft Latin percussion and a curious serenade of male and female chants which appear to be competing for their own space, ultimately come together quite rhythmically. The sound of chirping sea birds flood the air amongst moving basslines further enhancing the atmosphere within. Magical moments unfold as the sun's daily journey comes to an end, setting over the tranquil, undisturbed waters where one and all have come to marvel at the undeniable beauty of the extraordinary palette of colors on the ever expanding horizon. A feeling of inner peace, satisfaction and release stirs within us all as we unplug from the toxic habits and fast paced tones of society. 

An experience that will awaken your inner self courtesy of Johan who has brought us all along to the magical island of Ibiza, one of the gems of the country of Spain. This "Balearic Reflection" will live on and resonate with us all for quite a spell.

Released: 21/8/2020

Label: Coldharbour Recordings 

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Blufeld-Radical (Album Review)



One of the UK's most innovative producers is without a doubt David Hearn, an artist that goes by the name "Blufeld". A true lover of the electronic sound, he has spent countless days, months and ultimately years perfecting his sound. Highly distinguished for his take on modern dance music, he certainly brings a breath of fresh air into the scene. Like a fine craftsman of old he spares no expense in forging and harnessing each beat, all the while adding that extra bit of flair that will separate him from the pack. His surgical precision of sound sculpting has undoubtedly taken him thus far. From debut artist album "All I Ever Knew" to "A World Less Ordinary" he has guided us along musical escapades traveling through unknown lands. 

It is with great pleasure that I may now sit down and unravel his fresh artist album "Radical" exclusively for "MusicTalk" and for all of you my dear readers. Sit back, relax and let's dive deep into this glorious new album.


The title track of the album is what one may come to expect. It serves as a luscious intro to what lies ahead. Imagine crystal like sounds, retro basslines and robotic vocals intertwined between a fusion of 80's disco percussion re-imagined for 2020.

"8 Bit Boy In A Retro World":

Carrying on from the previous number, this 8 Bit Boy ups the pace sending us straight to a freshly illuminated dance floor where disco balls gleam and the world comes together in unison. Joyous melodies, retro grooves and a nod to "New Order" courtesy of David's vocal talent. Brilliant.


Squelchy sounds, hypnotic melodies and sturdy basslines send us to a time when things were a tad simpler and the world was much brighter. As the title itself demonstrates this is a trip down memory lane for the artist and a whole generation. Captivating and mystifying tune that draws you ever inwards to the core of its essence.

"Our Kinda Style":

Quirky, frisky beats and playful percussion moves our ever curious minds while those groovy vocals enhance the celebratory atmosphere furthermore. A joyous escape from the problems of everyday life as we all embrace, dancing under the inviting open sky.

"Supersonic Highway":

A clever use of a video game sounding synth, which invokes the feeling of speed paired up with frenetic leads, steady basslines and a too fast for you approach from the vocalist literally sends us soaring along a virtual supersonic highway. Retro meets the future, leaving us with an adrenaline overdose.

"This Is How We Dance":

Slapback bass and feisty percussion get things brewing while enigmatic sounds and effects pop out like groundhogs through the fresh soil while sheer, ethereal melodies break out into the open alongside happy go lucky vocals. This will totally yank you out of those days of feeling blue.

"Von Kling Bis Klang":

German by name, darker by nature. This one has a load of rich tones lined up amongst darker, shady undertones. Vocoded effects gradually glide upon a buildup of emotional tinged layers while a sense of melancholy looms throughout the track. Something to ponder about when getting lost within those deep beats.

"AI For Your Imagination":

An amalgam of retro grooves with a futuristic approach. Mysterious, slightly bleak yet simultaneously hopeful. The vocals add to the emotional puzzle one has laid out before him or her. Is the future bright and wondrous or would we rather go back in time?

"For One Good Reason":

Darker grooves lay the foundation for blossoming melodies, as the percussion adds a feeling of one walking along a dark pathway while the silvery moon rays shine down upon the sidewalk, drawing peculiar shapes. A number of synths add the wow factor to this as they appear to try to communicate with us while the vocalist follows suit. Addictive and memorable.

"Back In Time":

Sound effects from classic video games sprinkle an extra bit of flavor to this one while magical melodies flood the airwaves. A guitar riff segment emerges sealing the deal in bringing forth that 80s trademark sound of yesteryear while David wails on sending us literally back in time. The longing for an era long gone is evident.

"Night Mode":

Totally captures the title from the very first moment. The listener can already imagine themselves walking down empty streets, marveling at the many lights of the city, while looking up the galactic brightness of the twinkling stars. Mystifying, cosmic sounds with a retro twist unfold. Luminous yet dark and wonderful. As David clearly states "We are in night mode!"


Lush sounds bounce into lively emotional soundscapes full of feeling, longing and majestic, rich textures of sound. A perfect closing piece for this magical journey that "Blufeld" has taken us on.

A bold move from an artist that risks it all going the distance and will ultimately determinate his fate in our scene. I for one applaud his effort and believe that this kind of ingenuity, creativity and straight forward thinking is what the scene needs. Welcome to the radical new world courtesy of "Blufeld". You are all in for a grand surprise!

Release Date: 19/10/2020

Label: Soluna Music


Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Arti5an feat. Anki-Thank You (Vince Blakk Remix) [In Sessions Recordings]


Irish prodigy Danny Cullen has constantly been at the forefront of the dance music scene since his "Tucandeo" days. Gathering a loyal following and countless support from the who's who of the scene he continued on his own solo career a couple years later. The "Arti5an" alias was born and he launched his own label "In Sessions Recordings" as well. His first collaboration with singer/songwriter "Anki" was so well received that several more followed. "Thank You" was their second mind child which went on to being included on Danny's DJ mix compilation "Artisan presents: In Sessions Volume 1" as well. 

The time had certainly come for a fresh perspective on the vocal favorite and who better to contribute to the cause than label favorite "Vince Blakk". Vince delivers a totally unique approach blending beautiful harmonies contained within the original alongside buzzing basslines, a clever use of nature's soundscape and a grittier, proggy vibe implemented throughout the track alongside playful melody snippets and Anki's more than emotional vocal performance. 

Another sure hit for all three artists and a definite hole in one for Vince. This will certainly be making the rounds on the airwaves on a global scale. Utterly refreshing!

Released: 27/7/2020

Label: In Sessions Recordings 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Exclusive Interview with Danny Cullen!


It must be something in the water, as many talented folk have emerged from that emerald green isle of Ireland. One of those people is DJ/Producer “Danny Cullen“. A name synonymous with pure quality dance music infused with an emotional substance. Danny has been paving his own way to stardom from early on. He lit the way under his joint project “Tucandeo“, alongside fellow Irishman and friend “Kevin Murphy“. The sound they joyfully forged in the studio went on to influence numerous artists and music enthusiasts around the world, gaining them both a clear advantage, ushering them like a strong current to the forefront of the dance music scene. Their music was heavily supported by some of the industry’s high flyers including a personal interest by none other than “Markus Schulz” himself. In addition to all that, a lifelong dream was realized, the launch of “In Sessions“, a label focused on the search for the next best thing that embodies the sound they love. All good things must come to an end and so the power duo of artists parted ways. Danny continued on a solo career, donning a new name and releasing lots of new spellbinding material as “Artisan“. Many new and exciting adventures lie ahead for Danny and I am fortunate to present you with an exclusive interview I did with the man himself for!


Question 1:

Could you please share with us all the tale of how a young Irish guy became an active member of the dance music scene?

It was around the early 2000s when I first got involved in the music scene. I had a friend who worked in the music industry and I just said to him one day…how do you do that? Luckily for me, he was happy to show me the ropes! From this point I started to carve out my own pathway onto the dance floor.

Question 2:

Alongside Kevin Murphy as the legendary producer duo dubbed “Tucandeo” you introduced us to your own distinct and characteristic sound that was unlike no other, infusing the dance music community with said sound and gathering your own loyal followers as well as the full attention of well known and established artists. What would you consider as your big break and when did you realize this is what you most desired in life?

The "Tucandeo" days will always hold a special place in my heart…our first major support was from "Paul Van Dyk" for a remix competition in 2010. The Tucandeo sound was created and support followed from artists like "Tiesto", "Armin Van Buuren", "Paul Oakenfold" and, in particular, "Markus Schulz". What really made it for me was seeing how much of an impact our music had on people and seeing how happy it made them. That’s what it’s about. One really special moment for me was playing at "Luminosity Beach Festival" in 2011. Watching people’s reaction to the music was insane!

Question 3:

After years of vast success under the previously mentioned “Tucandeo” project the two of you went your separate ways and just when we were all wondering what will happen next out of nowhere “Artisan” was born. What was your inspiration behind this alias and what has it meant to you?

Artisan was created to share a more progressive big room sound, ideal for clubs. I’ve always loved emotional melodies especially soundtrack music. I wanted to experiment and combine this with a more progressive dance sound that would captivate an audience. 

Question 4:

There are rumors that you will be reviving your sound under your own name. Is this a fact and what inspired this change?

The rumors are true! I’m really excited to release under my own name this year. I’m going to combine all of the styles of my previous aliases to create a fresh, unique sound. It’ll be a massive year for music! 

Question 5:

What big plans are in store for next year and could you please share some information about that?

The year has already kicked off with a bang with the release of “Miri” under "Aly & Fila’s" "Future Sound of Egypt"! Expect more great tracks to be released under "Armada Music", "Universal" and others. I’m thrilled about upcoming collaborations with the likes of "Marlo", "Christina Novelli", "Hit The Bass" to name a few…

Question 6:

Which artists were your biggest inspiration when entering the scene years back and who are some of the artists that inspire you today?

I’ve always been a huge fan of music with touching melodies… I was inspired by artists like "ATB", "Moby", "Tiesto", "Ferry Corsten" and "Markus Schulz". These days I draw inspiration from so many sources, from everyday experiences to music produced from artists across all genres. "Hans Zimmer" would be high up on the list. His film scores are incredible!

Question 7:

You have been rather quiet on the music front as of late but rumor has it that lots of new music is ready to surface? Care to share some information regarding that?

Absolutely, I’ve been cooking up quite a storm in the studio. There will be lots going on in the forthcoming months. I have a collaboration with "Drew Ryn" and "Hit The Bass" out this month on "Armada" which Armin has already shown huge support for on his radio show. As for new releases… watch this space

Question 8:

Running your own label “In Sessions Recordings” is no small feat and you always seem to discover some really unique and creative artists out there. What is the process behind it all?

It’s been great to have the opportunity to promote some really talented, upcoming producers. We have a great team for scouting these artists and helping them develop their sound. I think it’s really important to give honest, positive feedback to an artist. This allows them to find their own sound and add at the richness of the scene. 

Question 9:

A while back you released a mix compilation entitled “Artisan presents In Sessions Volume 1”. A fantastic two disc journey, packed with some exclusive music by yourself and some of the label’s finest. Any plans for a second installment and if so when can we expect it? 

It took quite some time to piece together a two disc package to create "In Sessions Volume 1". Luckily, we had many talented artists who wanted to contribute. With regards to another installment, it’s definitely a possibility further down the line…

Question 10:

Which artists would you like to collaborate with if you had the chance and who were some of your favorites you worked with in the past?

It’s funny that you’re asking me this question now! I’m currently working with one of my favorite singers in the scene, "Christina Novelli". The collaboration also includes another artist who is massive in the scene but I can’t share the info yet! I’m also working on some exciting music with my buddy Dimitris, better known as "Hit The Bass". I really enjoy working with others artists as I feel it’s more than just business. I’ve been lucky to make many friends along the way, artists like "Anki", "Dennis Sheperd" and "Nifra" to name a few and hopefully many more to come

Question 11:

Many know you from your releases on “Markus Schulz’s” “Coldharbour Recordings”. Any plans for a return to the harbour or even participating in one of their themed “Coldharbour Nights”?

I’ve always worked closely with "Coldharbour Recordings" under various aliases. "Markus Schulz" has always been very supportive to me. I would certainly like to work more with the label down the line and would even be happy to get involved in the nights.

Question 12:

What inspires you to begin your creative process when working on music and is your music ever based on your own personal experiences?

Inspiration can flow from absolutely anywhere or anything! I’m always aware throughout the day… simple things like a walk in nature, a film, a chat with a loved one, travelling, playing in front of a crowd of fans can really boost my will to create music. Everything I’ve created to date relates to my personal experiences, good and bad. Emotions always come out in my music no matter what they are.

Question 13:

When not busy in the studio creating ecstatic beats what else do you enjoy doing to pass the time? Are you one who enjoys traveling or do you have any other hobbies?

I like to spend a lot of time keeping healthy and fit at the gym, escaping the city with walks and socializing with friends. I also find time to get lost in a good book or relax to a nice movie.

Question 14:

Some artists choose a place to unwind from the craziness and fast pace of the scene to relax and regenerate themselves. Do you practice this as well and what is your safe haven so to speak?

I often find myself out in nature when I need to take time away from the studio. I really find it peaceful and it often puts me into a meditative state.

Question 15:

What are your five all time favorite tracks from the dance music scene and which out of your own creations holds a special meaning to you?

Here are five of my favorites "Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes", "Rank 1 – Airwave", "Robert Miles – Children", "Reflekt - Need To Feel Loved" and "ATB – Ecstasy".

It’s amazing how a track can transport you back in time… My collaboration, ‘Awake’ with "Molly Bancroft" under "Tucandeo" is certainly a timeless track for me that holds a special place in my heart. I’ve taken it to many shows and it always receives a great response. It brings back so many great memories for me, in particular from playing at events like "Luminosity Beach" and "Trance Nation".

A massive thank you for your time and amazing interview Danny! 

(This interview was conducted and written for in March 2019)