Saturday, November 21, 2020

Mind Of One-Kairos/Hypernova [FSOE Parallels]


Another successful DJ/Producer duo has sprung out into the open. Taking careful and selective steps while honing their skills along the way, these guys have certainly chosen the right path towards recognition in the dance music scene. Quite often siblings show different tastes in music, interests and so forth. Rarely do they share a common goal, a dream or aspiration. In this case these two could not be better synced. Brothers Chris and Angelos Ekonomakis residing in Canada have come together to form the uncanny duo "Mind Of One". Being twins the name could not be more appropriate. The bros. already have had a steady stream of releases on some of the coolest record labels and gained support by some of the industry giants such as "Ferry Corsten", "Aly & Fila", "Cosmic Gate" and many more. Driven by their passion and united by their creativity these two are back with a fresh E.P on "FSOE Parallels", a "Future Sound Of Egypt" sublabel curated and owned by none other than Santos Torres aka "Monoverse". The E.P consists of two tracks each with their own essence and attitude as you will quickly discover.


The brothers' background is evident here as the title is synonymous with "weather" or even "time" in the Greek language, words constantly used in the brothers' distant homeland, Greece. Brilliant title choice as this one is fine tempered yet unpredictable much like the weather itself. It starts off at a somewhat peaceful state, the percussion and bassline holding us at ease. Just when one thinks they know what may come around the bend clouds form over its tranquil state, casting long shadows and revealing an aggressive nature that remained hidden until now. As the track unfolds we are accompanied by moody, mind bending synths and otherworldly melodies. An energy long submerged quickly arises within and unleashes its fury, sending chills down every listener's spine. A fine slice of progressive for us fortunate souls.


Thoughts of infinite space may have had something to do with the inspiration of this track as it is dark, ominous and mysterious much like the final frontier. It has a certain wondrous quality about it, drawing us further inwards, curious to see what may come next. Majestic melodies and solid progressive grooves lay at the foundation of this one while our mind travels through wormholes of space and time via curious synths, alluring female vocal chants and mind boggling leads, allowing a plethora of questions to arise within the depths of our ever curious psyche. Another marvelous track to add to your collection.

 I may go out on a limb here and state that this is one of the guys' finest E.P's. Looking forward to many more thoughtful progressive numbers such as this one in the near future!

Released: 2/10/2020

Label: FSOE Parallels 


  1. By the outstanding review who could resist?! Well done ❤️

    1. Ah thanks so much for that! :) Much appreciated!