Monday, November 2, 2020

Paul Sawyer & Jan Johnston-Circle [Krafted Underground]


The leaves may begin to change color and fall while the sky turns gray as the memory of summer fades away but don't despair just yet because a brand new release is on its way. DJ/Producer "Paul Sawyer" known for his work on labels such as "Perfecto Records", "Toolroom", "Armada", "Pure Progressive" and many more has joined creative forces with the illustrious singer/songwriter "Jan Johnston", one of the most recognized voices in the world of dance music and beyond. This will undoubtedly be received with loads of enthusiasm and countless cheer by the vocal dance community and as it seems they will be absolutely right to rejoice. Paul and Jan have synced their minds as one and the result is called "Circle". It will be out on Paul's own label "Krafted Underground". 

 Peering within we encounter pounding drums and intriguing yet serene melodies while Jan's luscious vocals float in mid air, surrounding us as if drawn in by a sudden gust of wind. Proggy vibes follow with an evident emphasis on the dramatic strings that unfold alongside the hypnotic groove that emanates from within. Jan herself plays the role of the educator, teaching us all about one of the most powerful forces in our world, the somewhat elusive yet healing power of love. Sought out by many but obtainable by the lucky ones it is without a doubt one of the most precious gifts to humanity. The original mix keeps things at a steady pace, grounded and true with an emotional backdrop and a kind of reminiscence to those golden years of trance and tracks of yesteryear.

 The "4am Mix" on the other hand builds on the winning formula of the original adding an extra dosage of percussion and extending the boundaries while broadening the mix with a somewhat, darker proggier outlook that undoubtedly hypnotizes us all. Jan follows suit doing what she does best, delivering a performance that is both touching and haunting at the same time. Extra effects and vocal samples are also thrown in for good measure keeping the "4am Mix" true to its nature.

 A brilliant collaboration and ode to the cosmic power of love, courtesy of Paul and Jan. Each mix is precious and will resonate within your psyche for months to come!

Released: 9/11/2020

Label: Krafted Underground 


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