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Exclusive Interview with Blufeld!

 An artist of unique caliber is without a doubt David Hearn, known to the dance music populous as "Blufeld". Responsible for brightening up the scene with his ever so crafty ingenuity and special approach towards dance music and its construction he has single handedly produced a vast number of hit singles and a plethora of artist albums at that. Each album he has worked on has been a revelation to us music lovers. It holds a tale that gradually unfolds throughout its duration. Never one to shy away from a challenge, progression and the harnessing of new ideas David has listened to his inner being and produced yet another artist album. This one is by far his most acclaimed project as he goes above and beyond to create something truly memorable that will test the sands of time. It was with great pleasure that I got to conduct this exclusive interview for "MusicTalk15" with David. We discuss a number of subjects including his latest labor of love, his artist album "Radical". Many thanks for your time man!


Question 1:

What was it that first drew you into the wondrous world of dance music?

Well this is something that has spanned the length of my life from my youth, when I used to place vinyls for my mother on the 7" stacker of her record deck in the 80's. My mother had a very vast record collection as she was a DJ in Germany back in her youth!

I basically grew up with "Spandau Ballet", "Gary Numan", "Visage", "Kraftwerk", "Alphaville" to mention just a few..... so the rest was a progression moving forwards from there. This sound must have locked into my subconscious as I grew up into my teens.

What actually motivated me to want to become a producer spawned from a moment I vividly remember back in 1999 listening in my room getting ready for a night out to "Judge Jules - Essential Selection" on Radio One, when he played the white label of "System F - Out Of The Blue" and this totally blew me away!!

It was from this moment I suddenly realized and felt inside that I had found the sound and style of music - "Trance" that I knew I wanted to become deeply involved in, as it touched me so powerfully. 

Question 2:

You are an artist with a unique name. Could you please share with us the origin behind the name “Blufeld”?

Yes this is simple really tbh, my mother is German, and when I was little we used to have a live near a field that every spring would be full of Bluebells, and I remember being completely fascinated with them as a little boy. And the word "Feld" is German for the meaning "Field". So, I guess you can now correlate things from there. It was a way for me to seemingly continue and carry forward my mother’s legacy musically also through the connection to her heritage, so the project "Blufeld" was born.

Question 3:

You have certainly had quite a ride with several selected artist albums released. Each one with a special essence and different concept about it. Could you please share some information regarding each album and the reasons behind its inception?

Well rather than separate each one, I would rather convey that each time I undertake the thought to create a new album, I like to have a sense of purpose for it and a thematic direction. I'm trying to convey a set of emotions, almost like a snapshot of my life's timeline. Every track title is carefully thought out with a story or reason behind its origin.

I try very hard to bring the power of people’s minds to a place where they can feel a sense of self liberation in a world that seems to dictate to you how to act, how to feel, what you must do, and in what particular time frames.

These albums are solely designed to allow the listener to immerse themselves, and to stimulate their own imaginative potential thus inducing a positive mental state to the forefront of their minds.

I feel strongly about re-connecting people to the power of the imagination that exists inside of all us, that many lose sight of or connection to in this crazy fast paced life, I want to be the bridge to reignite this quality.

Question 4:

Speaking of artist albums, your brand-new artist album is dubbed “Radical” and it is a bold move in today’s scene. What was your inspiration for the album and direction? Could you perhaps share the story behind it all?

The album was born of a desire to bring something completely "Radical" from me in terms of change, sound and style to an album, it is definitively a way for me to bring to the world a fresh and ultimately long term change in production style & direction. I really want to bring a strong signature sound going forwards in my music, that includes full use of my own vocals, but with a fusing of the best that technology has to offer such as the vocoder.

I also wanted the album title to reflect not only the content, but the fact that this was a very commonly used slang word in the 80's, so that it created the extra link & meaning behind the project.

Question 5:

Not many may know this but on the new album you played a grand role by doing everything on your own. It is not that often to witness the artist in question being the producer, singer and songwriter all in one. How refreshing and rewarding was it for your soul to be the sole force behind the entire album?

Yes, it was in fact a massive undertaking I must be honest, but it was never something that I felt I wouldn't do....

I have always created very selfishly and wanted firstly to please my own creative desires first and foremost. Never one to worry about trends, and fads and popularity. I want to be ME and create what makes ME feel completely satisfied and at peace with the result.

I knew that I wanted to move forwards and rise to the challenge of bringing things in a fresh direction. And it really is so nice to know that you can bring all the thoughts you have exactly in the way you need them to feel to reality and fruition.

I'm so fussy with vocals, and for me doing this myself was the only way that I knew I would get the result that I needed and wanted to achieve.

This will always be the way with me as I need to bring the truest reflection of my art to people possible, unhindered and fluid.

An album for me is a beautiful thing to, it's giving, it's heartfelt, it's exhausting, but most of all it's the parting of all you have to give from inside of you in that period of time that you write it, it is in fact your very personal creative gift to your listener, and the big wide world.



Question 6:

As one who adored the album and the whole concept in general, I am curious, were the various synths and effects created on vintage analog synthesizers?

I used 2 main physical analog synths to create a lot of the arps, bass and leads including the vocoded vocals also.

They were the "MicroKorg Vocoder Analog Synth", and the "Roland Boutique JU-06A".

Some other arps and basses were also made using the "ES01" From "Ekksperimental Sounds", and the "Korg Polysix", both within the DAW, amongst other instruments and FX. They all had a major hand in shaping the feeling of this album!

Having recently acquired the "Korg Minilogue XD", I have added to the future of my direction and cannot wait to bring more to the table.

Question 7:

I know it may be a tad early to tell but what are the fellow producers and public’s thoughts on the new album?

Yes really I'm bowled over by the reactions, already seemingly future support from "Roger Shah".......but I have also received great support with the pre-orders of the limited edition CD Digipak signed copies of the album, which are available to purchase from my main website or "Bandcamp".

I'm so lucky to have an array of support from fans and listeners showing the love in whatever I seem to do, people just get behind my sound and feel the direction I’m trying to go into which is simply amazing. So, a massive thanks to all of you - you know who you are :)

Question 8:

"Radical" as in a radical move or approach in the ever-changing rhythms of the dance music scene? What was the inspiration behind the album title?

It’s a statement correct. It's a way for me to announce a huge change in what to expect from my future musical productions..........."Radical" as I said earlier in my answers was a popular 80's slang word, and was a perfect way to announce this statement to the world.

This is now the beginning of the story moving forwards for me. This new style and LP will form the building blocks of my sounds, and what can be expected of me going onwards. I will develop this into an evolving sound, but I want to retain at its core the analog and retro approach, but fuse this direction with all the potential and possibilities of today's studio technology, and use these tools and production techniques to bring unique sculpting and layering’s of sound to the next generation of listener.


Question 9:

When not engaging in musical activities do you have any other hobbies or interests you wish to share with us?

Yes, I’m a keen cyclist, I live near the sea and the forest, and I like to get out on trails regularly and be at peace and connected with the natural world and my surroundings! As this is something I have enjoyed since I was a teenager, as I used my bike as my constant and main mode of transport for everywhere, I went, including my work! It’s a deep-rooted part of my existence, and It allows me to feel at peace and at the same time brings the feel-good endorphins to my mind and body.

Question 10:

Aside from your producer life you also take up the art of djing as well by holding your very own radio show “Stimulus Sessions”. Where can your fans tune in and what styles of music do you usually showcase?

My show "Stimulus Sessions" is broadcast on "DI.FM" every 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month between 10pm - 11pm GMT.

Up until now I have played a variety of progressive sounds, but I’m in the process of moving my show to a different direction that I feel will reflect my route forward to reflect a style that really excites me, and also connects to the way that I see my music moving forwards ......Watch this space!

Question 11:

Where do you draw your inspiration from for your music and fruitful ideas? One can easily see the distinct amount of attention and precision that goes into your work.

I guess this answer may start as like a lot of producers in the fact I will tend to naturally be inclined to take some basic points of reference from the music I enjoy listening to.

I have always felt to be complimentary to myself perhaps, that I have been blessed with a huge creative and imaginative mind, and let’s face it that always helps!

But most of the time when I set about creating any music I try to adhere to a key rule, and that is to FIRST and foremost SWITCH OFF the world around, and that includes anything that anyone else is doing (particularly other musicians and producers!) I find this really works for me and helps me to bring out the truest reflection and the most creative approach, as I lose myself in complete experimentations to find the most inspiring textures and unique ideas possible.

This in turn will really bring to the forefront the catchphrase that I like to use - '......Soundscapes for the Imagination' 

Question 12:

I know it is a difficult question to answer but which track out of all the gems on your new album do you identify with the most and expresses you as an individual?

All of the tracks have a special place on there for me as they each play a part of telling the full story I needed to tell, and each track has its own unique meaning behind it, which I hold dear inside.

"8 Bit Boy In A Retro World" was the first track that was completed for "Radical" LP, and it was the first track that really made me sit back and get those amazing goosebumps on my arms and body that producers are sometimes lucky to experience from time to time. Producing this track brought me a massive feeling of nostalgia that crept over me and took me right back to be a young kid again in the 80's, with my mother playing her various 7" synthpop tracks from the generous collection and crates of vinyl she had!

Question 13:

What does the future hold for "Blufeld"? Any new projects in the works? Perhaps secret remixes or even a DJ mix compilation?

Well it’s been a tough year for me along with so many people in the world, so I have no major plans....

There is one collaboration ongoing at the moment that I’m very excited about, as it’s a pairing that I think a lot of people will enjoy a lot, although I cannot share much about this at the moment, but rest assured it will be worth the wait when it comes to fruition!!

However, I can say that there will be a lot less remixes from me going forwards, with more of a concentration on my own original works and developing my new sound and direction.

There will be a remix album of "Radical" coming I think planned for the end of this year, with some very talented producers being tasked to bring their fantastic styles to the table, which I'm so humbled and looking forward to personally.

As I said earlier in the interview, I’m looking to revamp my radio show. And, next year will see the launch of my first Producer sample pack, which is close to nearing completion!

Just wanted to say a huge thanks to you Kostas for giving me this opportunity for this interview and allowing me the chance to able to share with your readers my thoughts and feelings about my audible world! It really means a lot to me....

And thanks to all who continue to stick close and support my work in all the directions and roads I take......It never goes unappreciated in my heart & mind.




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