Thursday, July 14, 2022

Miss Rodriguez-Apollo [FSOE Parallels]


It is always great to see new talent with a unique approach to the genre emerge into the dance music scene. Relative newcomer "Miss Rodriguez" from Mexico, is without a doubt one of those talented individuals. Mesmerizing her audience with her previous phenomenal tune "Your Eyes" on "FSOE Parallels", the rising star is back once more with her new creation "Apollo". Out now on "FSOE Parallels", owned and operated by none other than Santos Torres, the artist known as "Monoverse".

 "Apollo" grabs your attention from the very first moment as a vibrant bassline paves the way ahead alongside an intriguing melody and a plethora of effects, including plenty of reverse fx and playful echoes. The progression of this one is undeniably surprising as the haunting, distinct female vocal gets tumbled around quite nicely, adding an extra flair to it all, while a dark, somewhat distorted wasp synth realizes its full potential, spreading several amounts of euphoria, building the hype amongst the bittersweet melodies and trance oriented leads that follow. 

Much like the Greek God of music itself "Apollo" is an aural creation plucked from the heavens! Another hit for "Miss Rodriguez"!

Released: 3/6/2022

Label: FSOE Parallels 

Monday, July 4, 2022

Solaris-Waiting For You (Thomas Datt's Heart Activation Remix) [FSOE Recordings]


Polish dance music producer and DJ "Thomas Datt", was a definite force in the scene that we all love. Given us two brilliant artist albums plus a vast number of singles and remixes he certainly helped shape the trance genre with his energetic fusion of sound. One day he vanished into thin air, making his departure much like a certain character found in the beloved tale by none other than J.R.R. Tolkien. The years passed and the scene changed and evolved, as it always does, much like a serpent shedding its skin and adorning a new one. 

Lo and behold Thomas made his triumphant reappearance with a new concept, remixing "Dark Matter-Dragon's Tear" which soared like a bird of prey in the dance music charts. His next audio venture led him to another remix opportunity. This one has been dubbed the "Heart Activation Remix" for "Solaris-Waiting For You". What a grand one it is and it is out now on "Future Sound Of Egypt".

 Thomas pulls out all the stops here adding his own elements to this unique tune. A delicate well balanced fusion of magnanimous melodies, chopped vox and female vocal enchanting wails as if plucked from a dream, thus forming images of lush, paradisial lands, untouched and unchanged by human hands, pure and free, blissful as can be. Female vocals appear in the midst of it all, much like an enchantress of old, luring us all along for the melodic outburst and definite ride of a lifetime. Joyous vibes encircle us as our hearts beat louder in sync to each beat. Lush, serene, magical, majestic patterns of sound emerge sucking us further inwards into a world where hate, fear and anguish have no home!

 Another masterpiece of a remix that perfectly demonstrates the qualities of its given name!

Released: 1/6/2022

Label: FSOE Recordings