Thursday, September 30, 2021

Jolo & Paul Angel pres. Apollo feat. Hazel-We Are Stronger [TID Recordings]


There is always a rise of excitement when one finds news of potential team ups or collaborations between artists. Each artist has their own sound, ideas and influences, it is what ultimately drives and shapes their sound. A special kind of magic occurs when they join forces to create something out of the box, going beyond their comfort zone if you will. This is the case on this release as well. South African DJ/Producer and radio host Paul Van Heerden aka "Paul Angel" joins forces with Johan Loubser "Jolo" and together under their producer project "Apollo" recruit the vocal talents of fellow South African "Hazel Hynek". This triple collaboration is dubbed "We Are Stronger" and it is a mighty tune indeed. 

 Pumping basslines, complementary percussion and an air of mystery surrounds this one as ethereal, almost spirit-like female voices drift in and out of the mix. Elegant strings make their appearance like falling snow on a winter's day as Hazel's dreamy voice blends in perfectly with the intriguing atmosphere within. Emotional and turbulent leads escape their captivity while Hazel's entrancing voice guides the way. 

 Uplifting, majestic, beautiful, emotional and breathtaking tune that will surely move your mind and feet alike! Massive congratulations are certainly in order to these fine folks!

Label: TID Recordings

Released: 12/8/2021 


Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Basil O' Glue-Select [FSOE UV]


Haris Vasiloglou from Greece, is an artist who has made quite the impact in the dance music scene. Most of us may not be aware of  his real name but are certainly familiar with his artist name "Basil O' Glue". He has released a great number of tunes on labels such as "Coldharbour Recordings", "Joof Recordings", "Afterglow Records" and many more. He has also produced his debut artist album "Depth Of Field", which was so highly received that it spawned a second edition "Depth Of Field:The Remixes". He is also co-owner of his very own label "Saturate Audio" alongside fellow producer and DJ "Styller". Two DJ Mix compilations dubbed "Immersed I and II" also saw the light, showcasing the quality and variety of their releases on the label and were seamlessly mixed by none other than himself and partner in crime "Styller".

He has been in severe production mode this year with loads of new tracks on the way, finding their way onto well known labels. His latest production dubbed "Select" has landed on Egyptian super duo "Aly & Fila's" "Future Sound Of Egypt" sublabel "UV", curated by "Paul Thomas".

 A fine slice of dark, misty progressive goodness served up by Haris which showcases his characteristic traits and taste once again.  Dark ominous patterns overflow the empty silence as a bleak, hazy atmosphere unfolds, spruced up the odd sound effect here and there alongside the appropriate percussion and turbulent bassline. Mysterious pitched down male vocals appear from out of the fog, marking their appearance with an extra dosage of drama as they get perfectly matched with shadowy yet infectious melodies that just don't quit. A journey to the deepest depths of the underworld, demonstrated exquisitely into music.

 Deep, dark, techy and mysterious grooves perfectly created to star in those curious 4AM sessions in the club when things tend to get darker and deeper than usual!

Released: 30/7/2021

Label: FSOE UV

Monday, September 6, 2021 [Landscapes Music]


There is always a special feeling of excitement when one sees a forthcoming release on the horizon by "Landscapes Music". As mentioned in previous reviews the good folks at the label have a keen eye or ear for that matter, of scoping out the freshest new tunes that easily stand out amongst so many in the vast ocean of releases throughout the scene. The latest artist to join in the fun is a total mystery to us. He or she goes under the "" pseudonym. A marvelous E.P has been brought forth packed with two exceptional tracks that will undoubtedly send you back in time, making you savor those treasured dance music memories of yesteryear. Let's have a look within shall we?

 "2002": Imagine vibrant basslines, lush melodies and a complementary percussion highlighted by hypnotic leads and an atmosphere packed with epic tendencies. A special treat are an assortment of vocalized synths similar to those found in past productions by "Andy Moor" and "Above & Beyond". Mesmerizing, deep, driving tuneage that invokes visions of splendor and feelings of curiosity, awe and full on emotion all wrapped up in one magical package.

 "TRANCEDOTCom": This one takes things towards an alternate route. One that is a tad darker and edgier than its predecessor. A characteristic groove is set by an ominous melody that continues to build throughout the track while dark, dramatic leads, spooky effects and a driving bassline set the tone. Creepy creature-like vox can be heard in the mix emphasizing on the atmosphere and essence of the track itself. Powerful, magnificent and atmospheric all in one.

Each tune complements one another containing similarities but also differences much like opposite sides of the same coin. A dark versus light contrast if you will. This whole E.P is a fantastic attempt of reviving the pure essence of what trance means to us all. I for one applaud the mysterious artist for the insight into the genre and the hearts of the trance music faithful.

Released: 27/8/2021

Label: Landscapes Music