Friday, October 28, 2016

Anske-Starlight/Thunder E.P Review (Coldharbour Recordings)

After a fine few months seizing grand opportunities left and right and witnessing some of his dreams becoming reality Andrej Anskinas (Anske) is back with another mass E.P on his favorite label: "Coldharbour Recordings". An artist that is driven by his undying passion and determination for fine music dives deep into the depths of Coldharbour with this new E.P. The two tracks included within are the result of his efforts and I must admit he has sure poured his soul into this as he always does.


This one is dark, vibrant and inspiring. Packing hypnotizing leads capable of grasping your attention from the moment you press the play button. One listen to this will get your adrenaline rushing, containing the signature sound he is becoming known for.

Entering our vehicle of choice, we close the door behind us. The night is young as we turn the ignition key  and hear our engine proudly roaring for us as if to push us forward. With a sly smile we slip in our CD in the unit's player and at once hypnotizing beats flood the interior. Quiet, empty streets lay before us with a clear starlit sky above us. Indulging our inner desire we charge ahead, tires squealing as we zoom past lit up skyscrapers and offices of business. All the while feeling the refreshing night air while racing, feeling completely free with no care in the world. Truly feelings of pure bliss overpowers us as we continue our journey into the night content with our life.


Taking things deeper and spiritual, "Starlight" is keen on becoming an instant fave. Mesmerizing melodies lead us to a state of inner harmony and pure determination in one's everyday life.

What we have waited for all through the harsher months of the year is finally upon us. A perfect summer evening is forming as the sun disappears into the sea, casting its final rays of red and yellow upon the landscape that surrounds us. Seagulls call to us from above, the moon and stars anxious to make their appearance as they hide like the second act, awaiting to make their grand appearance and steal the show.
Feeling a gust of sea breeze in the air we begin our evening walk upon the golden like sand of the beach, while scattered seashells of all shapes and sizes adorn the land we tread on like long forgotten jewels cast away by the kingdom of the deep sea that lies before us. Pure enjoyment indeed as we take in all we see and feel, cleansing our mind and soul. Half way through our promenade the sky grows gradually darker and we find ourselves flooded by starlight, all the while marveling at the wonders of our world just as the moon begins its glorious ascend into the night sky. A fine night to be alive.

Mass congrats to Anske for delivering us such a treasure that shall remain in our hearts for years to come.     


Monday, September 19, 2016

Markus Schulz feat.Mia Koo-Summer Dream (Anske Remix) (Review)

After the mass success of Markus Schulz's latest artist album "Watch The World" he decided the time had come to welcome fellow artists from "Coldharbour Recordings" and beyond to each be assigned a track from the album and rework it in their own style, to their heart's content.

Andrej Anskinas known to all under his artist name "Anske" has surely cemented himself on Coldharbour Recordings since his wild success of his "Epika E.P". It is no wonder that he was selected for remix duties on "Summer Dream", the feel good summer track featuring the vocals of Mia Koo.

Anske locks himself in the studio and delivers us a magical remix that shall remain intact in our hearts.
Complimenting the original tones and vocal heights of the original while at the same time powers it up and enhances the road trip experience it was set out to capture by its creators.

Using his own special skills and under his own vision Andrej brings a sense of adventure to the dreamlike aspect of the track. Vibes of pure sun drenched bliss decorated with Mia's feel good vocals, receive sheer club treatment as he in fact takes this remix into uncharted territories full of excitement and splendour.

Anske is skyrocketing us to the heavens with this one. It is no surprise that Markus himself loves playing it in his sets in clubs all over the world and featuring it on his radio show "Global DJ Broadcast".

Excellent work by one of the rising stars in the scene!   

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Jan Johnston-When Everything Was Possible (Album Review)

Anyone that has followed the evolution of dance music from it's early beginning up to it's current state, is certainly familiar with one of the leading ladies of the scene. Singer/Songwriter Jan Johnston has accomplished so much in her career and inspired many artists and fans alike with her story telling lyrics and enchanting voice, making every track she has worked on a track that will endure the sands of time and remain intact in one's memory.

Like precious gems unearthed, rescued from a fate of darkness, now gleam in the sun spreading light and hope to the joyous listener who has the good fortune to purchase her album entitled "When Everything Was Possible". It is a rare collection indeed, created along with Jamie Myerson in 1999 and still does the trick after all these years.

Tales of love, anguish and two souls that remain apart, heartbreak, longing and thoughts of a significant other are few of the examples of emotional and mystifying tales included within this album.
A fine blend of down tempo, chill out while adding a pinch of drum & bass infused slightly with trancy elements and there you have it, a recipe for success.
Lots of depth and emotions are encapsulated within as Jan takes the leading role, hypnotizing us all with her soothing, uncanny vocals, like a modern day siren of the sea.
The choice of picking a favorite amongst all these emotional tales proves to be quite a difficult task. Every single track tells a different story, drenched in emotion, lush melodies and gripping soul grasping vocals.

If you are wishing to unwind after a hectic work filled week, then indulge yourself to a rare treat and intoxicate yourself from the troubles of everyday life by diving head first into the depths of this pool of serenity.

Buy it here:

Friday, July 15, 2016

Exclusive Interview with Monoverse!

Santos Torres widely known under his DJ/Producer alias “Monoverse” has certainly been dominating the airwaves with his array of productions, all featuring his distinct sound which has propelled him to stardom. 

Boasting releases left and right on esteemed labels such as “Enhanced Recordings”,
Lange Recordings”, “Infrasonic Recordings” and most recently “Coldharbour Recordings” he continues to gain further recognition from some of the biggest names in the scene.
His own productions have been supported in clubs worldwide by artists such as Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Paul Van Dyk, Gareth Emery, Max Graham, M.I.K.E., and Sean Tyas which has been another factor to put an even bigger smile on this talented artist’s face.

Beyond keeping busy in the studio, keeping his creative juices flowing, Monoverse hosts his own radio show entitled “Monoverse Radio” on the world acclaimed Afterhours Fm showcasing his essential selection of tracks alongside his own productions and remixes.
If that wasn’t enough he also has had the privilege of opening for Markus Schulz on his “Watch The World Tour” and played along artists such as Boom Jinx, Nitrous Oxide, DJ Eco, Ferry Tayle and much more.

Never standing still and always moving ahead, Monoverse is an artist with an extreme passion for Dance Music which is by all means evident in his productions and DJ performances.
Keep that name handy we are sure to expect great things from him.

It was truly an honor to take this written interview with you. Many thanks for the opportunity!

Question 1:
What was the force that pushed you headfirst into the wondrous world of dance music?

I started collecting live sets to listen to while working out when I was much younger, and eventually started to actively follow trance music releases.

Question 2:
How did you come up with your own distinctive sound that is evident in your productions?

I’m glad to hear the question phrased in this manner because for me, it is still a work in progress. My sound is constantly changing, and I never try to make the same thing twice. So, I am always a little concerned that I might not have a ‘sound’. I suppose it has carried over through time and experience in making music, and of course your own personal taste plays a heavy role in developing your sound even across different styles and genres.

Question 3:
You recently released the massive "Powerplay"on the well acclaimed label "Coldharbour Recordings" which stormed the dance floors worldwide and has been supported by many of the heavyweights in the scene. 
How does it feel to have had such an impact and are there any future plans  on releasing a follow up on the aforementioned label?

It’s always an amazing feeling to see your track played to clubs and festivals across the world, especially in the sets of one of the artists you’ve looked up to since you started out. I can’t really describe it otherwise! I love working with the Coldharbour crew, so I am sure there will be more to come in the future.

Question 4:
This next one must be a question you get often.What is the origin of your artist name "Monoverse"?

I’m always asked this, and I’m always glad to answer. I stumbled across the term when reading up on quantum physics. I’m by no means an expert, but the term was used to describe a singular universe with a linear timeline - a start point and an end point. This is an easy concept to grasp by comparison to theories about multiverses, so I thought it made an appropriate alias for me to release music under - especially with the wordplay for audiophiles (mono vs. stereo signal).

Question 5:
You happen to be a DJ as well as a producer. Which holds the biggest place in your heart? Djing or producing and why?

This is a really difficult question for me to answer because, after all, I did start out as a ‘DJ’. I never had any background in music, and after some time making sets for my own personal use and DJing for friends/small events, I felt I had a lot more to contribute to the scene than just playing other people’s music. The learning curve for production is much more steep, even for those with a musical background, so I would say overall that music production for me holds the biggest place in my heart. That said, there’s no better feeling when the two are combined and you come to the point where you can confidently play one of your own tracks to a crowd and see the response in real time.

Question 6:
I understand you had the honor to support Markus Schulz at one of his Watch The World tour dates? How did that feel to have such an experience?

Opening the night at Cielo in New York for Markus’ ‘Watch The World’ album release party was truly one of the most memorable nights I’ve ever been a part of. There was a pre-show listening party, where Markus sat and spoke about his album while it played through, and then after a short break I started the club night off. As a snobby New York area music-lover, and knowing opening for Markus on a night like this had to be proper, I started at no faster than 115 BPM and worked my way gradually to 125 or so, even getting to road test a new track I’ve done under a new alias for deeper sounds. I wholeheartedly feel it was one of the best sets I’ve ever played, and that was only the start to an amazing night!

(listen here:

Question 7:
Where do you draw inspiration from as a producer and are your tracks inspired by real events or personal experiences?

I’m always the first to admit that most of my tracks aren’t directly inspired by real events or personal experience, although some of my most creative periods have been in times when I’ve used music as an outlet to cope with personal struggles, stress and what not. That said, I have an old track called ‘Moonlight Division’ that resonated with many people even though it flew quite under the radar earlier on in my release catalog.

I made that track feeling deeply nostalgic about a time in my life when I was surrounded by my best friends, before any of us had gone our separate ways and before we had real responsibilities. I have a vivid memory of what then seemed like a normal summer day killing time and galavanting around New Jersey at night. Those times will always be dear to me.

Question 8:
Which artists from the scene do you hold in high esteem and who would you love to have the experience to perform with?

Any chance to perform is one I would love to have, so there’s nobody in particular that I would want to play with because that answer would be everyone! That said, I do think highly of many artists in the scene and although there’s no possible way I could list them all in this answer I can cover a few. For instance, Eco, Thomas Datt, Mike Saint-Jules, and Breakfast/BRKFST/Keyworth are all native east coast trance producers who have been massive inspirations for me having seen them all perform, grow as artists, and carve their own paths into the trance music scene.

I also have a great admiration for guys who are running their own independent labels and truly pushing amazing music forward: Lange (Create Music & Lange Recordings), Kenneth Thomas (IAMPhoenix), and the guys from Black Sunset Music (Jeremy Vancaulart & Assaf) for example.

Beyond all that, there’s a handful of upcoming producers along the same path as I am: Tomac, Dave Neven, Emerge, and Pablo Artigas, to name just a few, that I truly believe are the future of the progressive trance sound.

Question 9:
The dance community has sometimes been divided between the instrumental and vocal tracks. Everyone with their own preferences and ideas.
What are you thoughts on the matter?

I’m honestly a sucker for a well done vocal track, and usually one of the first to start singing along to even some of the cheesier ones. I’m not ashamed to admit it! Of course, they should be properly done and in my opinion a lot of vocal tracks have become too simple - I much prefer a fully developed song with multiple verses, a memorable chorus, strong harmonies and adlibs to those that ‘cheat the vocal’ by simply putting a chorus or one liner in a breakdown.

Even if vocal tracks aren’t your thing (and I can’t really wrap my head around exactly why that might be, because good music is good music, but anyway), you should be understanding that a vocal adds a human element to a track that might otherwise not have much in the way of organic sounds. It also makes it far more accessible to people outside of the electronic music scene who might not be used to hearing instrumentals, and that’s also important!

Question 10:
What is your favorite "daw" to use when creating music and do you prefer creating your own originals or doing remix work for fellow artists?

I’m an Ableton guy although I’ve used both Logic and Cubase extensively. Still, you can’t beat Ableton’s workflow. I much prefer to do originals most of the time but I always love the opportunity to remix a good vocal track if it comes across my plate! Writing originals, though, is far more rewarding for me personally.

Question 11:
Which tracks do you regard as all time classics and why?

"Energy 52-Cafe Del Mar", "Chicane-Saltwater", "Push-The Legacy", "Bedrock-Heaven Scent", "Darren Tate vs. Jono Grant-Let The Light Shine In", "The Thrillseekers-Synaesthesia" & "Hydra-Affinity" are just some of the tracks that come to mind for this question. There’s so many out there that for me are definitive classics, those what are synonymous with trance.

Question 12:
Which track would you like to rework/remix from the whole music spectrum if you had the chance to give it your own unique touch?

Once again too many to truly list, although I always think it’s cool to see dance music fused with other genres and properly executed. A great example is "Eco’s" remix of "Explosions In The Sky - The Birth and Death of the Day". It would be awesome to do something similar to that on official remix/rework duties!

Question 13:
Besides your obvious love for dance music what other activities do you enjoy doing when not in the studio?

I’ve recently started working out again in an effort to take better care of myself, since that used to be one of my biggest passions that I really fell off with over the last couple years. Other than that if I’m not working on music I’m reading (reading through the Kingkiller Chronicle currently). I’m also trying to do more outdoors-y stuff like hiking when I can!

Question 14:
Do you enjoy traveling? If so what is your dream destination and which city has remained carved in your mind?

I do enjoy traveling although I haven’t had the opportunity to do all that much yet! I remember watching a short documentary called Ibiza’s Children when I first got into trance, so naturally Ibiza is at the top of the list still for me. Other than that, I’d really like to visit Greece - for vacation, not particularly ‘work’ related!

Question 15:
Would you like to share with us something few people know about you?
A funny story or unique experience you may have witnessed perhaps?

Since we started the interview with how I got into electronic music, I suppose I can shed some more light here: I actually found electronic music because I used to play Counter-Strike competitively. I stumbled across a Paul van Dyk live set in a “frag movie” and there was no turning back!

Thank you so much for having me.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Artisan feat.Anki-Love Is Divine

Danny Cullen former part of the DJ/Producer duo known as Tucandeo, has
embarked upon a solo career going under the artist name "Artisan".

Quite a few magical tracks have been crafted under his new alias and as
it may seem this Irish craftsman is something of a mastermind when it
comes to dance music.
Coldharbour favorite for quite some time it was only logical that he would
tread down that road once more as a solo artist this time.

His newest creation is a vocal delight.Recruiting singer/songwriter Anki,
he treads down melancholic,melodic pathways creating a unique and
spellbinding atmosphere,where everything seems dark and murky like life
with the absence of love in one's life.
Humanity was not designed this way and as nature takes its course
everyone seeks out their special someone to light up their life.

Out of nowhere Anki's vocals fall down like rain,clad with inspiring lyrics,
professing her feelings of love.
Instantly the sky clears,the hazy fog is vanquished and the sun emerges.
That is the power of love indeed.

A pure vocal masterpiece inspiring the listener to go out searching for
their significant other witnessing for themselves the clear message of this
track: Love Is Divine!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Daniel Lesden-Surreal E.P

Daniel has been on a mission to infect each and everyone of our minds with his unique blend of sounds and ethereal soundscapes.

In his latest endeavor (on JOOF Recordings) he has presented us with the magnificent Surreal E.P.
Torn between a torrent of ideas and vast inspiration he decided that one track to showcase all this was simply not enough.The answer was wide and clear and so he has presented us two different sides of the same coin.

Part 1 is spacey, trippy and full of forgotten sounds reimbursed for the 21st Century.
A journey through the deepest depths and chasms of unknown planets beyond our solar system.
In search of the unknown, like modern day crusaders we press on entranced by all we see and hear.

Part 2 retains most of the elements of the previous track, including extra progression to heighten our senses as we delve deeper into the essence and core of the track itself.

Surreal in every measure, this is truly an E.P that every dance music fanatic should have in his collection.

Waste no time and grab your copy now!   

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Falling-Andrew Riqueza feat.Yoyta Review

Falling-Andrew Riqueza feat.Yoyta

Another chilled masterpiece finds it's place in our hearts, (this time by Andrew Riqueza  teaming up with singer Yoyta) with it's lush melodies,silky vocals and nostalgic feel good vibe.

Dreams of waves crashing gently along a sandy beach,I for one am certainly falling for this package filled with melodic bliss.

Two more artists are invited to show off their renditions of this.

Flaer Smin takes a more balearic approach where the mediterranean vibe is certainly evident while Etenall's Siren's Call For A Drowning puts us all in a dreamlike state.

Grab this one everyone!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Underwater City-Etasonic Vs. Andre H

Underwater City-Etasonic Vs. Andre H


What lies beneath the surface of the water?

Diving down to the deepest depths of the ocean we discover a city mysterious and grand inhabited by it's aqua people.
This journey is indeed extraordinary and thrilling.
Engulfing and ecstatic with a dose of nostalgia this is track like no other.

If the original is not enough and you find yourself craving more, then take a second dive and experience it in a different way.This time our guide is Andre H the alter ego of our previous host.
Proggy vibes and lush piano melodies infect our mind as we find ourselves wanting to never leave this underwater kingdom.
A solid package to drive anyone wild.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Exclusive Interview with Khaz by Kostas W.Voulgaris (DJ DragoN)

Exclusive Interview with Khaz by Kostas W.Voulgaris (DJ DragoN)

  (This interview was taken on March of 2014 for Generate Project)

Carey Stansfield, otherwise known as Khaz, is certainly an artist for whom music is a constant necessity and means of expression. He has often stated that for him music is a continuous vent of emotion and that if he didn’t happen to have a piece of musical equipment around him he would most likely be scratching feelings on walls with knives as his tools of expression.

 Khaz is an American writer, producer and vocalist. He is certainly not an artist that sticks to one certain genre and hit formula as he has crafted music that combines rock, house and progressive as well as pop. One thing that can be said about his music is that no matter the genre, each and every track is emotionally driven.

His need to create and put his feelings into music began when he was 12 years old, playing out tunes on his portable Yamaha keyboard.
This was a sure path to musical creation and expression as he has written hundreds of songs over the years.

In the era of the 90’s he produced three albums under his one man band (called
Purple Fuzzy Love Machine) that were released and stirred a lot of attention, gathering a good amount of fans.

There came a dark period later on that literally drained him of ideas and the drive to create. He states the five year dry spell occurred due to a variety of reasons, some being
bad decisions, bad circumstances in life and a lack of creative juices.
When all seemed lost he took up djing as a means to get inspired and explore new realms of sound which certainly did the trick. This kick started his career in the fullest as it gained him a DJ residency at a grand L A. club with a number of large venues and prestigious gigs to follow.

These past years Khaz has been on an all time production high as he has been producing loads of new material as well as collaborating with well known artists of the dance scene such as Markus Schulz and Boris M.D amongst others.
The sound can be described as progressive house and trance infused with haunting vocals, packed with a somewhat dark yet emotionally driven sound scape.

I am honored to have the rare opportunity of interviewing such a diverse and talented artist.

Question 1: What would you describe as your earliest memory associated with music or a defining incident that drew you towards music? 

Musical creation has been a part of me for as far back as I can remember, but I think my earliest memory was when I was around 6 years old.   I was given a small Casio keyboard as a gift, and I remember just going around wherever and coming up with cool melodies to go with the generic little beats it had on board.  As far as a defining incident, my father was a musician   and my mother was very musical as well.   Having access to some great records/music on my mom's side, and various music gear including sequencing keyboards on my father's side really helped speed up my development and interest in making music.

Question 2: You have stated that as an artist you are emotionally driven and often pour your feelings and experiences into your music.  Is there any track in particular you'd like to mention that is testament to this fact and if so in what way?

I would say one of the most intense songs would be "Cause You Know.”  I wrote that song a long time ago when going through a real rough patch with my girlfriend (now wife).  I sat down in the dark one night, crazy depressed, three bottles of wine and one day later it was done, production and all.  A few years later when I met Markus, he seemed to totally feel the emotion I put into it, so that ended up being the first song I wrote that we ended up collaborating on with his 2nd artist album.

Question 3: We've seen you appear on several collaborations teaming up with esteemed artists.  Which has been the most fun to work with and who would you certainly like to work with again? 

People may not know this because a lot of the work has been just writer credits on my end, but I work with Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden (Gabriel & Dresden) a bunch.  We always have a good time together and get along well in the studio.   When they come into town they often swing by for a few days to jam with the vintage analog modular synth.   Josh is a mad wizard with that thing, and it’s always such a blast to see what ends up!

Question 4: After working on music for years there came a dark period where your inspiration ran dry and you became absent from the scene for quite some time.  What was the spark that ignited the loads of amazing music to follow and which was the track that turned it all around? 

Without a doubt, the spark was when I started DJing.  I started buying up a ton of vinyl singles, then went out and hit the local clubs.  Eventually I had some decent higher profile gigs, and that just made me want to get back into writing/producing my own music again with a vengeance.  Around that point making music with computers was just starting to be a reality for the everyday person.  I ended up getting really into Propellerhead's Reason right when it came out.  Growing up with just hardware and outboard gear I fell in love with that software right away.
The very first track that I wrote using Reason was the track that officially stopped my dry spell.  It was called "Sequential Drop," a fun progressive track with an epic (rat-a-tat snare) drop.   That track still makes me smile, I can go right back to when I felt it was done, and the feeling that I was in for a fun ride with the years to come. 

Question 5: It is true that all your tracks are very special and each one has a certain air about it! Dark Heart Waiting (with Markus Schulz) is a big fave of mine.  So haunting and gripping!  Could you share the story behind the track?

First off, thanks!  It’s always nice to hear that something you created is appreciated by someone else.
The story behind Dark Heart Waiting is a "dark" one for sure…  In a nutshell, my father lived a very shady life (which was pretty traumatic for me).  I grew up with my mother most of my younger years so I never felt like I was anything like him.  As I grew older and started feeling more like a true adult, I started to fear that somehow inside me there were traces of him.  And the song was sort of a confession to myself, telling me that I could be a good person regardless of where, or who, I came from.   My original version that I wrote a long time back was much darker, slower and pretty heavy.  Years later, I had this trance track I was working on, and for some reason I thought it might be cool to see what those vocals would sound like in that new space.  I felt it worked, and then I sent that to Markus. He totally dug it, so we then worked on it together and the result is what you know.
I still have deep feelings for that original version, and I might end up putting the original up on my soundcloud page in the future.

Question 6: 2013 is behind us and 2014 is certainly looking like a bright one for the scene so far!  What did the past year hold for you? 

Let's see, I co-produced a track with Gabriel & Dresden that's scheduled for release soon, and had a few tracks with TyDi in progress as well.  The main TyDi track is a vocal one, and the G&D track "Rise Up," is a banging instrumental track that was mainly created using the analog modular synth in my studio.  However, most of my music production time was spent working on my first solo album.  But to be honest, 2013 was a busy year for me outside of the music realm, I’m a recent dad!   

Question 7: It has come to my attention that you are putting together a very promising artist album in the studio! I certainly am waiting to hear what you have in store for our listening pleasure! What can we expect to hear and find within?  

Well mainly, I've really been trying to get back to my roots and feeling like a pure musician again not a featuring vocalist, DJ, or dance producer.  I’ve got about 4 tracks lined up so far that are pretty solid I think.  They range from super chill electronica to EDM, but nothing straight up trance or house.  I personally haven't been so stoked with the dance music scene lately, I feel like so much soul and emotion has been stripped away since I came on board over 15 years ago.  So, my album is going to reflect that most likely.   Very emotional, creative, not following any set guidelines or pattern to make a "DJ friendly" track.  If tracks end up getting remixed and club playable that’s fine with me, but I’m not setting out to start with that version.

Question 8: Which gig would you say has stood out as your favorite since the start of your career and for what reason?

I was resident DJ at this super underground club in Hollywood for some time, and that was really fun.  CDJs were just coming into the scene, but I was mainly still playing vinyl, and by then my record collection was pretty decent.  There were nights where I was seamlessly going back and fourth between progressive trance, progressive house, and breaks, all genres I absolutely love.  Sometimes ending up after 4-6 hours or so with a very banging set around 6am to close it out.   The vibe was always awesome because all the people that were there were crazy dance music fans!  It was so pure and truly magical at times. The main room would be packed with 1000+ people all sharing the same moment.    

Question 9: Which country would you like to visit and uplift the public's senses with your performance?

Good question, I’m not really into the gigging scene anymore.  Almost, all my life is studio based now, but I think it would be cool to do some crazy event somewhere exotic, like a jungle rave in the Rivera Maya in Mexico, or some permanent daylight party in Iceland.

Question 10: What does 2014 hold for you and what are your plans so far?

I started this little mini project (or more of an idea) this year to help keep the inspiration and creativity flowing while I’m working on the album.  Basically, I’ve got like 800 tracks I’ve written just sitting around. Some are really far along and some are just clean demos.  I don't feel like they represent what Im doing now, but I really like listening to them as do others close to me.  So, the idea was to post 1 unreleased track every week on my soundcloud account (  It’s basically a way for me to move on with some older ideas to let in newer ones.  “The Way Up,” the first week track, was actually one that I’m planning on having on the album. That way, people could get a taste of what direction I’m going in at this phase of my life.  Some are super chill and others are really dancy, but I know down the road, there will be some real gems for people that are into my more trancy stuff.

Question 11: Every artist has his influences and this is often shown in their work. Which artists or musicians do you hold in high esteem? 

Well, my deep rooted influences would include, Depeche Mode, The Police, U2, Nine Inch Nails and even Abba, lol.  I grew up in the 80s-90s, so I’m really partial to that era.  More modern day influences are Apparat, Mode Selektor and their super group Moderat (all of them together).  I just love the emotion, technological know how, and overall vibe that their stuff shines through, everything is super tight and seems to flow very organically at the same time.  It’s beautiful.

Question 12: If you could choose to work with any artist in the whole music spectrum, who would it be and why?

I would love to sit in with Trent Reznor.  His music has always been a part of my life.  Would be amazing to just be involved in his workflow and creative methods.  Not to mention that his new album is pretty solid.

Question 13: What would you say is your favorite genre to create music for and which would prove an interesting challenge for you?

I'm truly all over the place with that one. I enjoy making banging club tracks as much as I enjoy making an ambient chill out piece.  I think that because I’m a little burnt out on the dance scene right now, making just clean and grooving electoronica is where I’m at production wise.  A challenge would be to do some crazy dub step track.  I like some dub step, usually, the more melody based tracks. I think it would be a new adventure to try and knock out something in the lines of that.

Question 14: I know this may be a question you get a lot but "Khaz" is quite an original artist name.  How did you come by it?  Does it hold any special significance?

I’ve been going by Khaz for so long now, just about everyone I know at this point calls me that.
When I started DJing I had thought of going by CAS (Carey Alan Stansfield), shortly after finding out there was a Cass (of Cass and Slide).  At one of my earliest gigs I was asked by the M.C. what my name was (he was doing the shout outs when DJs came on).  I wasn't ready for it and blurted out "CAZ" (to not sound like Cass)!  He then started shouting on the mic, "give it up for DJ Taz!!," the whole time I’m yelling "No, CAZ!" (he couldn't hear shit, cause it was too loud, lol).  Everyone ended up calling me Taz the rest of the night, so I went home and looked up DJ Taz on the internet.  Turned out was a ton of DJ Taz's out there!   I started to experiment with how else to say CAZ, and it ended up evolving to Khaz.  
So, Khaz = CAS = Carey Alan Stansfield = Me!

Question 15: What is the one thing you would not be able to live without?

I was pretty nomadic in my early life, moving around all over the country and loosing "important" things during moves and what not.  In the process, I’ve learned that you can in fact live without anything you once cherished.
That being said, now that I have a 1 year old daughter, I couldn't imagine my life with out her.
(and I would be really sad if the iPhone was never invented)   ; )

Monday, February 29, 2016

Exclusive Interview with Iris Dee Jay by Kostas W.Voulgaris (DJ DragoN)

Exclusive Interview with Iris Dee Jay by Kostas W. Voulgaris 
(DJ DragoN)

Raquel Rodriguez Conde was born in Spain in 1981. Under her artist name “Iris Dee Jay” she began creating her own music in 1999. Her first tracks were focused towards the eurodance genre.
She began working for a team called D-Air which was for the label of well known and established English DJ/Producer Solarstone. After that she began her journey as a DJ and producer, gaining gigs around Spain while gathering her own loyal crowd due to her unique style and selections in her sets.
She later had the honor of appearing on TV in Spain as well as being on the cover of various newspapers within the country.
She later began collaborating with female and male singers, guitarists, trumpet players and even classical musicians.
2010 was a year to remember as she collaborated with Maria Opale (a Finnish vocalist) and together they created “Leave A Sign”. That track was such a success it was instantly snatched up by the Magic Island label of the well known “Mr.Sunlounger” himself German DJ/Producer Roger Shah. He liked it so much that it was even featured on his “Magic Island: Music For Balearic People Volume 3” DJ mix compilation.
Currently she us working with American DJ/Producer Robert Holland (host of Global Dance Mission) and singer/songwriter Erin Lewis from America as well.
Together they have released singles on various labels. 

Below are some of the tracks they released together:
Lightmaker”-Iris Dee Jay & Robert Holland feat. Erin
Satellite Girl”-Iris Dee Jay & Robert Holland feat. Erin
Remember Us”-Iris Dee Jay & Robert Holland feat. Erin
Mystic”-Iris Dee Jay & Robert Holland feat. Erin
Light Spark”- Iris Dee Jay & Robert Holland feat. Erin
Another Planet”-Iris Dee Jay & Robert Holland feat. Maria Opale

Question 1:
What was the first thing that drew you towards the world of Dance Music?
Definitely, Eurodance music! I fell in love with this style when my mates at school started sharing compilations. I loved those catchy vocals and melodies.

Question 2:
You are a producer as well as a DJ. You have worked with analog synthesizers as well as the new age Vsts. As a producer what is your take on analog vs. digital?
I think the best option is the combination. Analog has many good things and digital too. If you combine an old Roland JP-8000 with the vsti Sylenth1 (for example), the result will be incredible!

Question 3:
What is your program of choice when you are in the studio working on new music?
My favorite program is FLStudio but, because of my job as a teacher, I have worked as well with Cubase and Ableton. I can’t say one sequencer is better than another. Sequencers are like people; there’s a perfect one for each person.

Question 4:
You are a multi talented artist as you combine djing, producing and teaching the public how to create music from scratch. Where do these music production classes take place and what programs are taught?
Could you please share some information about that?
I teach about the programs I know most (Cubase, FLStudio and Ableton Live). Lessons are given online (specially for people who can speak English or Spanish from whatever place in the world) and face to face (people who live close to Ourense, my town). Lessons are always for only one person. This guarantees their quality. I’m always sure that the student is learning and enjoying the course.

Question 5:
Producing Vs. DJing.
Which happens to hold a larger space in your heart?
If I have to be honest (I guess so, lol) I prefer producing. In fact, I didn’t start as a DJ like many artists around. My first step was becoming a producer. Then, my friends started talking about my career as a DJ. I didn’t want to go on that way but, finally, they won, lol. I bought my first DJ gear and began to play with cdjs. Then I moved to turntables! It was really curious. I was like a crab going always back, lol

Question 6:
You have been part of the scene for quite some time. What is your view on the “then” and “now.”
Well… it’s complicated… I think the scene has been going worse. There are more and more producers every day. This means music quality is not on its best moment and that’s noticeable in the charts. Music is more a business than a way of living. It seems that big producers are here to satisfy the wishes of a majority with no feelings for music itself. They don’t express themselves composing; they just make business.

Question 7:
What moment or experience stands out in your mind throughout your career?
The first moments are always the best. I’ll never forget the first track I made. It sounded horrible, lol, but I remember to stand on my feet for a whole night repeating the same melody for hours and saying: “Oh, my God, I’m God!” - lol

Question 8:
Out of your own tracks which holds a special place for you and why?
One of my favorite tracks is “Super8 and P.O.S” present “Aalto – 5. It was released in 2006 by Anjunabeats. This is not exactly my favorite label but, that time, it knocked on my door! It’s a simple and complicated track at the same time. I listened to it for a thousand of times and it still catches me!

Question 9:
You have worked with a variety of DJ’s and singers. Who was the most fun to work with and who would you like to work with if you could choose anyone from the scene?
The experience has been superb with them all. One of my favorite singers is Maria Opale. I’ve been working with her for many years and we know perfectly what to expect from each other.
Working with Josh Ronah was very fun. He’s a young boy and put much effort and creativity in our track “Lose Myself”.
If I had the chance to work with a famous singer or producer, I’d choose Arnej. His vocals in “We Are One” by Paul Van Dyk were superb!

Question 10:
What do you enjoy doing when not indulging in your passion for Dance Music?
I love walking and working in design with computers. I use Adobe Photoshop for relaxing. I just load tons of pics and change things from them!

Question 11:
What track out of the whole dance music spectrum would you call an all time classic and why?
There are many: “The Bee Gees–Staying Alive” or “Bread–Guitarman”. I love Europe, Rob Zombie…. I like all music styles.

Question 12:
What is it like being a female artist in a mostly male dominated scene?
Now things are going better than before. When I started in this business male producers looked at you with strange faces. They thought I was like an enemy trying to find a place in “their” business. Now there are many female producers and DJs all around the world. Boys and girls collaborate together to get cool tracks and this is something that’s changing everything for good.

Question 13:
Which of your female colleagues do you admire or look up to?
I love Claudia Cazacu. I always keep her music in my mp3 player. For me, one of her best tracks is “Size 0”.
Question 14:
What are your plans for 2016?
My main plan is to keep on studying and improving in my production skills. To be honest, I have the same plan every year, lol. Of course, I want to create more music and keep on collaborating with other people. I’d love the trance scene to change for better as well.
Question 15:
This is a question you probably get all the time but could you share with us the significance of your artist name, Iris Deejay?
The name of Iris Dee Jay was created by my mom when I was born. She wanted to call me this way (Iris) but in 1981 she was not allowed. This is the reason why she decided to call me Raquel (my real name).
I’ve always enjoyed more Iris than Raquel so I used it as my artistic name.

I am happy and honored to have had the opportunity to take this written interview with Iris exclusively for MusicTalk!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Singularity E.P-Andrew Odd

Singularity E.P-Andrew Odd

What a journey of epic proportions awaits our eager ears. This is a package that certainly infuses a spine tingling effect with it's 3 gems within.

Singularity is a track that is both inspiring and epic in it's own right. This is how one may imagine the cosmos sounds like.

Approach is a track that without a doubt is approachable by all listeners as it happens to be both majestic and divine all in one.

Event Horizon is the final track and the most dramatic one of all. A driving track filled with just the right amount of spritual and spellbinding soundscapes.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Enuma Elish-Daniel Lesden

Enuma Elish-Daniel Lesden

Daniel is back with a vengeance on an iconic label known for it’s harder style and euphoric tendencies.

As is evident from the title this is a track jam packed with mystical entities. Taking a trip back to the era of the creation as described by the Assyrians and Babylonians in their revered tome.

The listener begins to feel the tense atmosphere as out of the vast emptiness one finds himself/herself guided by unseen deities serving as our hosts during this miraculous journey. Chants and spiritual cries are heard in the distance while the traveler begins to fall deeper and deeper into the abyss which is being transfigured right in front of our very eyes.

Enuma Elish is mystical, atmospheric and compelling.
One listen and it will be on repeat, inspiring you to seize the day and conquer your own personal goals!

This is Psy-Trance at it’s finest!