Monday, September 19, 2016

Markus Schulz feat.Mia Koo-Summer Dream (Anske Remix) (Review)

After the mass success of Markus Schulz's latest artist album "Watch The World" he decided the time had come to welcome fellow artists from "Coldharbour Recordings" and beyond to each be assigned a track from the album and rework it in their own style, to their heart's content.

Andrej Anskinas known to all under his artist name "Anske" has surely cemented himself on Coldharbour Recordings since his wild success of his "Epika E.P". It is no wonder that he was selected for remix duties on "Summer Dream", the feel good summer track featuring the vocals of Mia Koo.

Anske locks himself in the studio and delivers us a magical remix that shall remain intact in our hearts.
Complimenting the original tones and vocal heights of the original while at the same time powers it up and enhances the road trip experience it was set out to capture by its creators.

Using his own special skills and under his own vision Andrej brings a sense of adventure to the dreamlike aspect of the track. Vibes of pure sun drenched bliss decorated with Mia's feel good vocals, receive sheer club treatment as he in fact takes this remix into uncharted territories full of excitement and splendour.

Anske is skyrocketing us to the heavens with this one. It is no surprise that Markus himself loves playing it in his sets in clubs all over the world and featuring it on his radio show "Global DJ Broadcast".

Excellent work by one of the rising stars in the scene!   

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