Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Artisan feat.Anki-Love Is Divine

Danny Cullen former part of the DJ/Producer duo known as Tucandeo, has
embarked upon a solo career going under the artist name "Artisan".

Quite a few magical tracks have been crafted under his new alias and as
it may seem this Irish craftsman is something of a mastermind when it
comes to dance music.
Coldharbour favorite for quite some time it was only logical that he would
tread down that road once more as a solo artist this time.

His newest creation is a vocal delight.Recruiting singer/songwriter Anki,
he treads down melancholic,melodic pathways creating a unique and
spellbinding atmosphere,where everything seems dark and murky like life
with the absence of love in one's life.
Humanity was not designed this way and as nature takes its course
everyone seeks out their special someone to light up their life.

Out of nowhere Anki's vocals fall down like rain,clad with inspiring lyrics,
professing her feelings of love.
Instantly the sky clears,the hazy fog is vanquished and the sun emerges.
That is the power of love indeed.

A pure vocal masterpiece inspiring the listener to go out searching for
their significant other witnessing for themselves the clear message of this
track: Love Is Divine!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Daniel Lesden-Surreal E.P

Daniel has been on a mission to infect each and everyone of our minds with his unique blend of sounds and ethereal soundscapes.

In his latest endeavor (on JOOF Recordings) he has presented us with the magnificent Surreal E.P.
Torn between a torrent of ideas and vast inspiration he decided that one track to showcase all this was simply not enough.The answer was wide and clear and so he has presented us two different sides of the same coin.

Part 1 is spacey, trippy and full of forgotten sounds reimbursed for the 21st Century.
A journey through the deepest depths and chasms of unknown planets beyond our solar system.
In search of the unknown, like modern day crusaders we press on entranced by all we see and hear.

Part 2 retains most of the elements of the previous track, including extra progression to heighten our senses as we delve deeper into the essence and core of the track itself.

Surreal in every measure, this is truly an E.P that every dance music fanatic should have in his collection.

Waste no time and grab your copy now!