Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Adam White & Suzie Del Vecchio-Law Unto Myself [Perfecto Records]


If you were sucked into the world of dance music in the late 90s, slowly beginning your voyage into that realm, discovering those sought out tunes played out by some of the biggest names in the scene, you must have come across one of those legendary tracks that were championed by none other than "Paul Oakenfold". One particular track that was hammered away time and time again and has withstood the test of time is undoubtedly the magnanimous "Law Unto Myself" by "Konkrete", naturally released on "Perfecto Records". Critically acclaimed and a firm favorite amongst many it has been regarded as a priceless jewel of yesteryear. English DJ/Producer "Adam White" known for his versatile work on "Perfecto Records" and beyond was more than eager to step up to the task of renovating this classic, supplying his own rendition. To do it absolute justice he sat down and completely reinvented the track from the very foundation up, giving us a glimpse of this tune through his own eyes. Enlisting fellow "Perfecto" colleague singer/songwriter from Mexico "Suzie Del Vecchio" was a must and together they sought out to bring this track to new heights. The hype for this new version has been undeniable and the public has been awaiting it ever since rumors of its inception spread like wildfire. The result is a bombastic version, one that Adam and Suzie can be mighty proud of and of course is out on "Perfecto Records".

 One familiar with Adam's work can easily pick out the signature sound he has become known for throughout the track. Big pounding basslines, spine tingling synths and a cheeky use of Suzie's "Law Unto Myself" one liner morph forever inwards much like a chameleon adapting to its surroundings, over the ascension of the melody and rhythm within serving as a tasty aural appetizer before the main course. A pesky buildup gets the endorphins rushing while Suzie gives it her all, singing her heart out. Emotions run freely here as anger, anguish, disappointment and ultimately determination are evident throughout her performance. As she utters her final words, leads of fury escape their captivity within the soul as mayhem is unleashed upon the world. Reverse vocal effects move graciously through the mix emphasizing on the dynamics of the track itself. Powerful, just and adamant, the sentence has been carried out so prepare to witness the crowd go wild when this one is played out at all the big events.

 Adam and Suzie please take a bow and welcome back to Perfecto! You have been missed!

Released: 9/10/2020

Label: Perfecto Records 

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Mind Of One-Kairos/Hypernova [FSOE Parallels]


Another successful DJ/Producer duo has sprung out into the open. Taking careful and selective steps while honing their skills along the way, these guys have certainly chosen the right path towards recognition in the dance music scene. Quite often siblings show different tastes in music, interests and so forth. Rarely do they share a common goal, a dream or aspiration. In this case these two could not be better synced. Brothers Chris and Angelos Ekonomakis residing in Canada have come together to form the uncanny duo "Mind Of One". Being twins the name could not be more appropriate. The bros. already have had a steady stream of releases on some of the coolest record labels and gained support by some of the industry giants such as "Ferry Corsten", "Aly & Fila", "Cosmic Gate" and many more. Driven by their passion and united by their creativity these two are back with a fresh E.P on "FSOE Parallels", a "Future Sound Of Egypt" sublabel curated and owned by none other than Santos Torres aka "Monoverse". The E.P consists of two tracks each with their own essence and attitude as you will quickly discover.


The brothers' background is evident here as the title is synonymous with "weather" or even "time" in the Greek language, words constantly used in the brothers' distant homeland, Greece. Brilliant title choice as this one is fine tempered yet unpredictable much like the weather itself. It starts off at a somewhat peaceful state, the percussion and bassline holding us at ease. Just when one thinks they know what may come around the bend clouds form over its tranquil state, casting long shadows and revealing an aggressive nature that remained hidden until now. As the track unfolds we are accompanied by moody, mind bending synths and otherworldly melodies. An energy long submerged quickly arises within and unleashes its fury, sending chills down every listener's spine. A fine slice of progressive for us fortunate souls.


Thoughts of infinite space may have had something to do with the inspiration of this track as it is dark, ominous and mysterious much like the final frontier. It has a certain wondrous quality about it, drawing us further inwards, curious to see what may come next. Majestic melodies and solid progressive grooves lay at the foundation of this one while our mind travels through wormholes of space and time via curious synths, alluring female vocal chants and mind boggling leads, allowing a plethora of questions to arise within the depths of our ever curious psyche. Another marvelous track to add to your collection.

 I may go out on a limb here and state that this is one of the guys' finest E.P's. Looking forward to many more thoughtful progressive numbers such as this one in the near future!

Released: 2/10/2020

Label: FSOE Parallels 

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

NOMADsignal pres. Isotapes-Thorium-238 [Coldharbour Recordings]



Fresh face on the wild and crazy circuit of dance music is American Nicholas Andrew Schwab, known under his artist name "NOMADsignal". An artist with a unique approach and mindset towards dance music, he often combines elements from various genres in his productions thus making the end product nothing sort of spectacular. Techno and trance are his usual "go to" themes production wise, as one can easily discover his passion flowing throughout his body of work. Aside from producing he has a talent for djing as well and holds his very own show on "Twitch" platform dubbed "NOMADCity". He there delivers his personal take on techno, trance and everything in between via his own creative way and fresh perspective. Personal highlights include getting signed on "Coldharbour Recordings", "Markus Schulz's" very own label. "Thorium-238" is the name of his fresh single on the label and it was immediately snatched up and placed on the brand new edition of the prestigious "In Search Of Sunrise 16" DJ mix compilation on the disc mixed by none other than Markus himself. 

 "Thorium-238" finds "NOMADsignal" donning a new alias in which he can perfectly present the sound he was going for. "Isotapes" is the alter ego of the artist if you will, the antidote to the techiness and frenzy we all know him for. It begins as one may imagine one of his productions may, a techy infused monster containing the precise amount of elements to amuse and gain one's attention from the very first beat. The percussion and bass are spot on doing all the dirty work up until the glorious melodies arrive full on, clad in hope, radiance and incorruptible light, stealing the show, piercing the fog as it were. Blissful female vocal one liners follow suit, protruding through the mists of melodies as if snatched from the heavens, leaving one at a state of inner peace, one with the world yet at the same time making us feel small and insignificant in the vast cosmos that surrounds us all. The leads that zip in and out like bright rays of sun descended from the mountain tops send shivers down our spine, adding the finishing touches to enhancing the already electrifying atmosphere found within.

A track of rare beauty. Hats off to Nicholas for this one! I salute you!

Released: 2/10/2020

Label: Coldharbour Recordings 

Thursday, November 5, 2020

EL3CTRXX feat. Roxanne Emery-Technicolor [AVA Recordings]


American DJ/Producer "EL3CTRXX" has been on a search for the perfect beat for over fifteen years. In that time he has honed his skills as a DJ and producer, seeing his rise to fame. Creating beats with a catchy rhythm is his forte and he has done so once again on his newest creation. Enlisting the vocal talents of English singer/songwriter "Roxanne Emery" it was bound to be a success out on "AVA Recordings", "Technicolor" will bring light into your life. 

 From the very first moment of play our ears are flooded with sheer brightness and joy. Steadfast basslines and a minimalist approach on the percussion complement the joyous vibes which engulf us all. Roxanne shines like an evening star with the clear tones of her radiant voice illuminating the gray and withered world around us. Most of us are used to seeing the world in shades of black and white like an idle, old beaten up chess board but every so often glimmers of hope arise and our whole world can change as our outlook changes and we are surrounded by a palette of colors, as if supplied by the finest painter. A celebration of wonder and positivity, a rejoice of life supplied by the joyous, bright melodies and general hyped up attitude paired up brilliantly with Roxanne's wonderful vocals. A respray of emotions and glee that is much needed in the world of today! 

Released: 25/9/2020

Label: AVA Recordings 

Monday, November 2, 2020

Paul Sawyer & Jan Johnston-Circle [Krafted Underground]


The leaves may begin to change color and fall while the sky turns gray as the memory of summer fades away but don't despair just yet because a brand new release is on its way. DJ/Producer "Paul Sawyer" known for his work on labels such as "Perfecto Records", "Toolroom", "Armada", "Pure Progressive" and many more has joined creative forces with the illustrious singer/songwriter "Jan Johnston", one of the most recognized voices in the world of dance music and beyond. This will undoubtedly be received with loads of enthusiasm and countless cheer by the vocal dance community and as it seems they will be absolutely right to rejoice. Paul and Jan have synced their minds as one and the result is called "Circle". It will be out on Paul's own label "Krafted Underground". 

 Peering within we encounter pounding drums and intriguing yet serene melodies while Jan's luscious vocals float in mid air, surrounding us as if drawn in by a sudden gust of wind. Proggy vibes follow with an evident emphasis on the dramatic strings that unfold alongside the hypnotic groove that emanates from within. Jan herself plays the role of the educator, teaching us all about one of the most powerful forces in our world, the somewhat elusive yet healing power of love. Sought out by many but obtainable by the lucky ones it is without a doubt one of the most precious gifts to humanity. The original mix keeps things at a steady pace, grounded and true with an emotional backdrop and a kind of reminiscence to those golden years of trance and tracks of yesteryear.

 The "4am Mix" on the other hand builds on the winning formula of the original adding an extra dosage of percussion and extending the boundaries while broadening the mix with a somewhat, darker proggier outlook that undoubtedly hypnotizes us all. Jan follows suit doing what she does best, delivering a performance that is both touching and haunting at the same time. Extra effects and vocal samples are also thrown in for good measure keeping the "4am Mix" true to its nature.

 A brilliant collaboration and ode to the cosmic power of love, courtesy of Paul and Jan. Each mix is precious and will resonate within your psyche for months to come!

Released: 9/11/2020

Label: Krafted Underground