Thursday, November 5, 2020

EL3CTRXX feat. Roxanne Emery-Technicolor [AVA Recordings]


American DJ/Producer "EL3CTRXX" has been on a search for the perfect beat for over fifteen years. In that time he has honed his skills as a DJ and producer, seeing his rise to fame. Creating beats with a catchy rhythm is his forte and he has done so once again on his newest creation. Enlisting the vocal talents of English singer/songwriter "Roxanne Emery" it was bound to be a success out on "AVA Recordings", "Technicolor" will bring light into your life. 

 From the very first moment of play our ears are flooded with sheer brightness and joy. Steadfast basslines and a minimalist approach on the percussion complement the joyous vibes which engulf us all. Roxanne shines like an evening star with the clear tones of her radiant voice illuminating the gray and withered world around us. Most of us are used to seeing the world in shades of black and white like an idle, old beaten up chess board but every so often glimmers of hope arise and our whole world can change as our outlook changes and we are surrounded by a palette of colors, as if supplied by the finest painter. A celebration of wonder and positivity, a rejoice of life supplied by the joyous, bright melodies and general hyped up attitude paired up brilliantly with Roxanne's wonderful vocals. A respray of emotions and glee that is much needed in the world of today! 

Released: 25/9/2020

Label: AVA Recordings 


  1. All we need is a higher consciousness & music is the most perfect & brilliant way to help us achieve it!! Well said Kostas 👍

    1. Thanks so much dear Jeanette! :) Appreciate it!