Monday, April 25, 2022

Dark Matter-Dragons Tear (Thomas Datt Third Eye Activation Remix) [Landscapes Music]


After a significant amount of absence from the scene, prolific dance music artist "Thomas Datt", marks his imminent return on none other than label on the rise (as I have stated many times before), "Landscapes Music". This is a label heralded by none other than Shyamol Maracci (HORIZONS). Thomas decided it was definitely time to emerge back into the scene, leaving his musical stamp on one of the label's finest releases from the past, the incredible "Dragons Tear" by Danish DJ/Producer "Dark Matter", also known as "Dreamy Dawn". In doing so he brought forth all of his wisdom and experience that he has gained over the years, bringing forward his newly found inner peace and in turn found a way to transmit all of this into the remix you have before you. He dubbed it "Third Eye Activation Remix", a title aptly suited as you will quickly witness.

 We are instantly greeted with magical, mystifying melodies, fresh and vibrant as can be, soul cleansing if you will, as the rest of the elements get to work like a well oiled machine in the background. Acid lines and squelches make their appearance leaving an Earthly attribute as to not get carried away swiftly into the heavenly atmosphere that begins to form. Melodies loaded with an inner calmness follow as images of warm delicate sunlight pierce a quiet, sleepy forest bringing forth a sort of radiance and splendor to the landscape itself. The cheerful leads follow suit enhancing the atmosphere further adding an extra dosage of joy and an emotional "happy to be alive" element that really brings this tune to new heights. Healing, powerful music that will undoubtedly begin a healing process within each individual listener through serene, flawless and rejuvenating beats! A great step forward for "Thomas Datt", who constantly delivers an essence of undeniable quality to the tunes or remixes he has put his touch on.

Released: 11/4/2022

Label: Landscapes Music 

Monday, April 11, 2022

Miss Rodriguez-Your Eyes [FSOE Parallels]


You certainly got to hand it to music labels when they go above and beyond in search of new and exciting talent to showcase on their labels. "FSOE Parallels" has been steadily excelling over the course of years, delivering a plethora of pure quality tunes  under the watchful eye of Santos Torres ("Monoverse"), the man behind the label itself. 

This year seems to be another successful one for the label so far as we have already seen loads of promising artists joining the team. One of the artists to keep an eye out for is most definitely Mexican producer "Miss Rodriguez". Having had her first release on the label a while back, it was only a matter of time till she would make her imminent return for a second musical offering. Her new single is aptly titled "Your Eyes" and it is a tune that will undoubtedly grow and become a part of you with every listen.

 The progressive house producer demonstrates her wondrous talent once more, bringing out all the stops on her latest musical endeavor. "Your Eyes" is filled with the right kind of ingredients to easily make it a standout tune. From the very beginning we are surrounded with an electrifying atmosphere, an elegant assortment of dark, proggy grooves to accompany it and a distinct male "deep house style" vocal performance that ties it all together quite beautifully. Thrilling, dramatic and moody at times this emotional roller coaster has something for everyone.

Another sure hit for "Miss Rodriguez" that will surely works wonders on the airwaves and clubs alike!

Released: 4/3/2022

Label: FSOE Parallels