Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Horizons-Pokhara @ Dawn [Landscapes Music]


If you have been frequently following my reviews then you are certainly aware of the respect I hold for smaller labels and artists who are trying to achieve their well deserved attention. One of the labels that has been making waves of its very own in the dance music scene is "Landscapes Music". I have covered quite a few of their releases as they always find the way to amaze with the sheer quality of their work and artists they showcase. 

 This time I set my sights and ears for that matter on the brand new single by the "Landscapes Music" owner himself, Shyamol Maracci. He frequently demonstrates his production skills under his artist name "Horizons". His new single is called "Pokhara@Dawn" and what a stunner it is!

 The kicks and bassline quickly set the pace of what lies ahead while the rest of the key elements fall into place. An assortment of finely chosen effects add to the heightening of the senses as a unique fusion of mystical, epic yet motivational melodies slide make their appearance. 'Tis without a doubt an aural journey into some of the places less traveled in our miraculous, mystifying world we all inhabit. 

 Visions of hiking through broken down trails come to mind, as we eagerly make our way towards the mountain top. Birds begin their morning songs hidden in their own world, tucked away beyond the dark trees, giving us a serenade of their very own while we inhale the crisp mountain air. Once we reach the summit, the view we witness is incredible. We are quickly filled with a proud sense of accomplishment as we gaze upon the world below. The sun begins to make its appearance shyly in this forgotten corner of the world and an instant flooding of serenity encircles us. 

 This is an artist that has often taken us on a musical journey to places unknown and does so once more, giving us a glimpse into a world very few of us have had the opportunity to lay eyes upon!

Released: 4/6/2021

Label: Landscapes Music