Monday, June 21, 2021

Kyau & Albert-Outside 21 [Euphonic]



There have been several iconic DJ/Producer duos over the years in the scene. Some have shared in the success and eventually moved on, parting ways in search of other ventures while others have remained firmly together continuing their joined road to success. One of these legendary dance music outfits is most definitely German artists "Kyau & Albert", who have many a time delighted our ears over the years via their eclectic productions or by their exciting performances around the globe. Steven Moebius Albert and Ralph Kyau, show no sign of slowing down as they have been busy throughout our somewhat darker days during the pandemic, forging new material or reviving past gems in their music laboratory. Their latest offering can be found on home label "Euphonic" and it is called "Outside 21". A marvelous revision of their original "Outside" from many years ago.

 Echo infused percussion leads the way towards ethereal melodies, groovy basslines, sunset encapsulated moments and hazy, dreamy soundscapes. Fragments of speech are thrown in quite fittingly amongst the grooves, till the ever distinct voice found in most of their productions that of Steven himself, works its way into the mix. Chills form once the vocals intertwine with the majestic, sunset filled melodies while regal strings add to the lush beauty of this one, guiding us all along emotional, summer drenched paths, inspired by the rare goodness within. 

 Grab yourselves a glass of chilled sangria and enjoy the sun go down, filling the sky with numerous colors, while listening to this tune on one of the many beautiful beaches your summer getaway has to offer. Pure bliss courtesy of the uncanny duo!

Released: 23/4/2021

Label: Euphonic 

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