Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Kris O' Neil-Canvas White [KONtour]


Danish DJ/Producer "Kris O' Neil" and head of prolific label "Avanti" is an artist who always manages to bring his A game to his productions. Many of his past releases have found a home on well known labels such as the mighty "Perfecto Records",infinite support from his peers and many of the scene's leading artists. He always seeks out and showcases some of the finest, eclectic tunes on "Avanti" as an A&R, therefore the quality of the label never fades. After a brief absence he is back with another fresh tune and it is in fact a rare breath of fresh air. "Canvas White" is the name and he literally has pulled out all the stops on this one, re imagining his sound on an empty palette of sound. 

 Soothing grooves flow through the air while the subtle percussion paves the way for moody basslines and upbeat male vocal snippets. The fresh inspiring melodies that break through the fog are soaked with hope, brightness and carry endless possibilities. The genius pair up that follows onward amongst the gloomy undertones and optimistically inclined melodies makes for a great contrast between modes and sounds. A sort of Ying Yang phenomenon if you will, a perfect balance among sound barriers that utterly excites the mind and soothes the soul! 

 Another fine slice of progressive goodness for the fans that will literally eat this one up!

Released: 25/6/2021

Label: KONtour


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