Friday, July 16, 2021

Dan Thompson-Lost Soul [Coldharbour Recordings]


This trance mastermind is back with yet another euphoric super charger that will surely brighten up your summer nights. I am of course referring to English DJ/Producer "Dan Thompson", who has been on the ride of his life these past years. He has released a ton of superb originals, remixes and collaborations. For those of you who have followed his music quite closely you are certainly aware of his team up with fellow producer " Sam Brown" under their "Darkness Falls" project as well. All in all Dan has been steadily supplying us with killer tuneage and entertaining us regularly during the lockdown period with his marathon DJ sets on well known online platform "Twitch". Now he's back in the spotlight once more as he makes his imminent return to "Markus Schulz's" label "Coldharbour Recordings". 

 His new creation has been dubbed "Lost Soul" and will utterly blow your mind! As the track begins it quickly wastes no time to smell the flowers, charging ahead in full force like a prize horse competing in the race of its life. A plethora of effects are casually spread out amongst sturdy basslines, a swarm of ethereal female choir-like vocals and a surge of mesmerizing melodies. The break comes at the opportune moment, letting us have a breather, mentally recharging our batteries while clearing our mind from all the troubles of the past. The lush melodies and chopped female vox ultimately work a kind of magic upon us, soothing one's soul. The marvelous buildup that follows appears as if to signify a supercharged revival of one's self, ready to be hurled out in the world once more. Dan unleashes some unbelievably powerful leads and inspiring melodies which are brilliantly paired up with the phrenetic bassline and percussion that follows along turbulently. 

A high end tune that will work wonders in any surrounding you may find yourselves. It could be the club, home sound system or even energize you further as you enjoy your afternoon run! Another anthem from an artist that continues to amaze with every release and performance.

Released: 21/5/2021

Label: Coldharbour Recordings  

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