Friday, October 28, 2016

Anske-Starlight/Thunder E.P Review (Coldharbour Recordings)

After a fine few months seizing grand opportunities left and right and witnessing some of his dreams becoming reality Andrej Anskinas (Anske) is back with another mass E.P on his favorite label: "Coldharbour Recordings". An artist that is driven by his undying passion and determination for fine music dives deep into the depths of Coldharbour with this new E.P. The two tracks included within are the result of his efforts and I must admit he has sure poured his soul into this as he always does.


This one is dark, vibrant and inspiring. Packing hypnotizing leads capable of grasping your attention from the moment you press the play button. One listen to this will get your adrenaline rushing, containing the signature sound he is becoming known for.

Entering our vehicle of choice, we close the door behind us. The night is young as we turn the ignition key  and hear our engine proudly roaring for us as if to push us forward. With a sly smile we slip in our CD in the unit's player and at once hypnotizing beats flood the interior. Quiet, empty streets lay before us with a clear starlit sky above us. Indulging our inner desire we charge ahead, tires squealing as we zoom past lit up skyscrapers and offices of business. All the while feeling the refreshing night air while racing, feeling completely free with no care in the world. Truly feelings of pure bliss overpowers us as we continue our journey into the night content with our life.


Taking things deeper and spiritual, "Starlight" is keen on becoming an instant fave. Mesmerizing melodies lead us to a state of inner harmony and pure determination in one's everyday life.

What we have waited for all through the harsher months of the year is finally upon us. A perfect summer evening is forming as the sun disappears into the sea, casting its final rays of red and yellow upon the landscape that surrounds us. Seagulls call to us from above, the moon and stars anxious to make their appearance as they hide like the second act, awaiting to make their grand appearance and steal the show.
Feeling a gust of sea breeze in the air we begin our evening walk upon the golden like sand of the beach, while scattered seashells of all shapes and sizes adorn the land we tread on like long forgotten jewels cast away by the kingdom of the deep sea that lies before us. Pure enjoyment indeed as we take in all we see and feel, cleansing our mind and soul. Half way through our promenade the sky grows gradually darker and we find ourselves flooded by starlight, all the while marveling at the wonders of our world just as the moon begins its glorious ascend into the night sky. A fine night to be alive.

Mass congrats to Anske for delivering us such a treasure that shall remain in our hearts for years to come.     


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