Saturday, October 10, 2020

Ben Ashley & Natalie Dime-U [Abora Recordings]


With so many releases being hurled out into the open every month a large amount of music may go unnoticed sadly, ultimately getting lost in the cracks. Fortunately for us all every so often a single comes along that instantly stands out in our mind from the very first moment. The beat is on instant repeat, guiding us along on our daily routine. "U" is one of those tracks. "Ben Ashley" from the UK has teamed up once more with the eloquent singer/songwriter "Natalie Dime" and created one of vocal trance's most sought out tracks this year. This was so well received by the audience that it even climbed to the 15th place on the "Beatport" charts and in turn gained quite a bit of airplay by a vast number of artists including "Andrew Rayel". Out on "Abora Recordings", "U" has quickly become a firm favorite amongst the dance music populous.

 We are instantly ambushed by a blast of pure euphoria as chopped vocals snippets and a hyped up dosage of uplifting energy is sprinkled with an air of lush, meticulous and serene melodies. This in turn prepares the ground for an outstanding emotionally charged atmosphere as Natalie shines while delivering a performance of vocal delight. A whirlwind of emotions are conjured up while visions of bright blue skies loom over us all. The healing rays of the sun play their part in warming the ever so stirring soul, healing the anguish within us all. 

Beautiful imagery crafted here by Ben and Natalie who deliver a track that will haunt your minds for months on end.

Released: 10/8/2020

Label: Abora Recordings 

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