Saturday, October 3, 2020

Yoshi & Razner feat. Kate Miles-Don't Let Me Fall [Suanda True]


If you have been on the lookout for some of the freshest names in the scene then you are certainly familiar with the Spanish twin brother force that answers to the name "Yoshi & Razner". Producing for only a handful of years and djing for many more these guys have swiftly been ascending the ladder of success. Miguel and Jose's talents and understanding of dance music has brought them this far. 

 Their latest release brings them to "Suanda" territory, on the "Suanda True" imprint to be precise. The twins find themselves joining forces with Norwegian singer/songwriter "Kate Miles". Kate is easily known for her distinct vocal performances on tracks such as "Safe and Sound" alongside "Dave Neven", "Behind The Silence" with "Joint Operations Centre", "If You Stay" with "Aurosonic" and many more. Quite the pleasure for us all to see the trio collaborating, connecting their creative minds as one. The result is the tremendously good vocal trance delight you have before you called "Don't Let Me Fall".

 A turbulent amount of power emanates from the core of the track while vocal chants teasingly beckon us further inwards. Fallen under a hypnotic state, we are mesmerized by swooshes and an aural vortex of sound, which in turn bring forth an impressive array of ethereal melodies that are so rich, touching and heartfelt their origin must not be of this world. Through the mists of magical melodies Kate's angelic vocals drift inwards like a warm, soothing breeze, always piercing the fog that has gradually encircled us all. 

 Emotional drenched vocal trance at its finest courtesy of these three ambitious artists. A track so delicate yet powerful it will easily snatch up a piece of your heart!

Released: 31/8/2020

Label: Suanda True

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