Sunday, September 27, 2020

Lab4-Concept Of Love (Retro Futurism Remix)


Hard dance act "Lab4", consisting of Adam Newman and Les Elston have had their fair share of the spotlight throughout the years. The UK act was formed in 1994 and since then they have gone on to produce a plethora of singles and a few artist albums at that. One of their biggest hits was without a doubt "Concept Of Love" which fared mighty well in the land of the far East and was even championed by hard dance icon "Yoji Biomehanica, who loved it so much that he even provided a remix of his very own back then. Looking back at it all the duo believed the time had come for a revival of this classic, reworking it to their heart's content and bringing up to speed for the year 2020. These guys certainly knew what the public desired and gave us a brand new "Concept Of Love 2020 (Retro Futurism Remix)".

 This new remix contains the true feel of the original, keeping the spirit alive while expanding the notion at hand. Female and male one liners are thrown within in good measure while the raw energy roars on, as the insatiable leads trample upon anything and anyone that lies in their path. Expect an extra dosage of upbeat drama and theatrics which build and build making it nearly impossible for anyone on the dance floor to remain still.

 Hard dance at its finest, completely revived and revamped for our era. These guys have done it again. "Lab4" continues to be a force to be reckoned with within the scene as they take on the role of educators, teaching us about the elaborate and elusive concept of love.

Released: 31/8/2020






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