Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Monoverse-Everything You Are E.P [FSOE Parallels]


After a brief absence from the spotlight for personal reasons, Santos Torres is back in the action. I am of course referring to DJ/Producer "Monoverse" as most of the dance music populous may know him. Running his own label under the "Future Sound Of Egypt" imprint has been one of the highlights in his ever blossoming career. He continues to offer us some of the most exquisite offerings on the one and only "Parallels". It was only fitting that he would make his imminent return to the label with a fresh E.P giving us a double aural pleasure before this difficult year ends. His new E.P contains two enigmatic tracks, different from what one may be used to by "Monoverse" but fresh and inspiring with a hint of his signature sound embedded deep within. Let us dig deep and uncover those aural gems shall we?

"Everything You Are": Spacious grooves unfold as an ever growing intensity stirs from within the very core of the track itself. A minimalistic approach on the percussion is just what was needed for the subtle progression of this one. Melancholic melodies and deep house oriented pitched down vocal snippets attempt to brighten the mood while building on the emotional atmosphere of this one.Beautiful harmonies spread their wings and glide like the most colorful butterflies amongst intriguing stabs and rolling basslines. Deep, emotional tuneage wrought straight from the depths of the artist's soul itself.

"We Are": Steering away from the course of its elder sibling, this next one has a deeper, curious side to it. Enriched melodies and accentuated dark grooves move forward amongst a sea of female vocal snippets. The break holds an array of beautiful, serene, almost nostalgic melodies as if plucked from a music box, long lost in time. Faster paced, smooth and intriguing this one ticks ticks all the right boxes as its progression is what tells the story, keeping the listener at constant attention.

A slight turn of direction for "Monoverse" as he leans towards the progressive side of things but totally wins the audience over with his story telling through his enriched grooves and fine blend of meticulous melodies. Welcome back! Here's to many more releases in the near future!

Released: 23/10/2020

Label: FSOE Parallels      


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