Wednesday, December 2, 2020

GXD & Elle Vee-Sail [AVA Recordings]


English dance music outfit duo "GXD" are one of the fastest rising stars in the scene today and for good reason. Daley Young and Matt Golledge are the masterminds behind the project and have worked tirelessly over the years with 2020 being one of their most productive and fruitful by far. Having given us a multitude of top notch productions such as "Voices", "Evolution", "Echoes" and "Without You", the duo continue their production frenzy by gaining support left and right along the way. Their newest labor of love is one of the most memorable vocal trance tunes that you will hear this year. Teaming up once more with American singer/songwriter "Elle Vee" they proudly present "Sail", out now on "AVA Recordings". Let your mind take in all that you will witness by pressing the play button on your device of choice. 

 From the very first moment we are thrust into a world populated by grungy basslines and buzzing powered up synths, traversing through a troubled sea while sonic waves wrought with emotion carry us further away from home. In the midst of it all we find ourselves encircled by a surge of cosmic female voices, awakening a certain awe within us all. The voyage is full of peril but wonder as well much like life itself. Like a modern day siren Elle arrives in the break delivering a truly divine performance. Tormented by her inner demons, weaknesses and inabilities she lets her soul bare for all to see while sadness and despair creep over her as things did not work out the way she had quite wished they would. Having being dealt a lousy game of cards at life she recollects her past errors and wishes to obtain her very own place in the sun, living to the fullest, embracing life as a gift. All of this has been portrayed exquisitely through Elle's dark and bitter performance. A beacon of light emanates from within the gloom, beckoning us all to land and faraway from the dark, troubled waters we have been sailing over the years. Redemption and solace can be found for us as we step foot back on dry land.

 Undoubtedly track of the year for "GXD" and "Elle Vee". A magnificent tune that will not depart your mind for months on end.

Released: 23/10/2020

Label: AVA Recordings 

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