Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Aly & Fila with Deirdre Mclaughlin-Gravity (Daxson Remix) [Future Sound Of Egypt]


Egyptian trance duo "Aly & Fila" joined forces with Irish songstress "Deirdre Mclaughlin" in 2019 and the result was the mesmerizing tune "Gravity" we all have come to know and love. It went on to become a firm favorite amongst the vocal trance enthusiasts with Deirdre's vocal talents stealing the show. It naturally was released on "Aly & Fila's" home label "Future Sound Of Egypt" and went on to receive a great position in the dance music charts and our hearts. 

After being supported by many of clubland's heroes it was only fitting to see remixes of this tune surface. The desire by the artists to remix this was imminent. First on board with a thrilling remix is an English DJ/Producer known for his wide selection of successful originals and remixes alike under his own name "Dan Dobson" or his usual alter ego "Daxson". 

 Dan gets straight to work by implementing his artistic influences within. Acid synths, choir-like segments and buzzing basslines are here from the start to shake things up. Deirdre's haunting vocals emerge into the open like a bright beacon on a starless night, making the track soar to new heights. Lush piano keys are here paired up amongst angelic, serene strings giving us moments of temporary reflection before the distinct leads rush in piercing our veins with pure adrenaline, elevating our very essence to the heavens above! 

 Uplifting vocal trance at its very finest! Would love to see a future collaboration in the works between Dan and Deirdre. Here's to many more tunes like this!

Released: 25/6/2021

Label: Future Sound Of Egypt 

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