Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Maria Healy-Kismet [Subculture]


One of Ireland's most prominent artists in the dance music field is without any doubt "Maria Healy". Maria has been known for her vigorous performances at esteemed venues and festivals such as "Luminosity", "Synergy" and "Planet Love" among many others. Her ever steady flow of releases on labels such as "Subculture", "Regenerate Records", "Blue Soho Recordings" and "Extrema Global Music" have brought to light some real gems. "Dreamer", "Clouds", "Desiderata" and "Mimosa" are only some of the pure hits this talented woman has offered to the dance music public. Inspiration never runs dry for this one and so she is back with a solid new single on fellow Irishman "John O' Callaghan's" label "Subculture". "Kismet" is the name and it is a riveting tune indeed!

 Pounding basslines, acid-like melodies, squelches and energized percussion serve as the appetizers before the main melody joins in. Bright, majestic and pure with a certain note of melancholy it turns it all around. Moments of reflection and deep thought arise within our soul. Questions seeking answers and choices made in haste are ever so evident in our mind. When the energy fueled leads arrive and seamlessly blend in with the main melody, a blissful matrimony of musical harmony arises and everything around us becomes as clear as daylight.

 Another aural pleasure from an artist who's story is ever so blossoming in the scene that we love. Uplifting, energetic, melodic goodness that will soothe and supercharge your life!

Released: 17/9/2021

Label: Subculture    


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