Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Anske-Suncatcher [Coldharbour Recordings]


One of Lithuania's leading dance music icons is without any doubt Andrej Anskinas, better known to the dance music populous as "Anske". This talented music producer and DJ has realized many of his dreams already by performing at some of the world's biggest events such as "Luminosity" in the Netherlands. A creator of catchy yet intricate tunes with lots of emotional depth "Anske", continues on in full force constantly on the move. If you are familiar with tunes such as "Space Howl", "Epika", "Xplorer" and "Blue Lagoon" you definitely know the vast potential of this artist. His latest tune brings him to "Coldharbour Recordings" shores once more with the incredible "Suncatcher". It was such a hit that "Markus Schulz" included it in the latest edition of the illustrious DJ mix compilation "In Search Of Sunrise", bestowing this grand honor on "Anske" for the third time!

 The listener is instantly captivated from the very first moments of play as they are surrounded by tough, edgy basslines, rhythmical high strung percussion and upbeat harmonies. When we reach the break in the track we are gradually overcome by a feeling of wonder, awe and splendor. Uncanny melodies emerge, casting an aura of positivity all around as visions of tropical landscapes, hidden waterfalls and lush vegetation capture the heart of our very imagination. When the leads kick in pairing up quite eloquently with the rest of the key elements, our hearts shore with joy much like the fiery red sun rising in the distance as the dawn of a promising new day approaches. 

Magical tuneage once more by "Anske", who lives up to his sheer potential and will definitely see loads of love from the fans and his peers alike for this one!

Released: 1/10.2021

Label: Coldharbour Recordings



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