Monday, April 26, 2021

Meanda-Far Away E.P [Landscapes Music]


"Landscapes Music" is a label that purely focuses on releasing a selective amount of musical material, never going for a truckload of releases at a time. Each release is carefully selected to fit the label's perspective and view in the elaborate world of electronic dance music. The label's A&R happens to be Austrian producer "Meanda" and when not shifting through demos he of course works on his own original music, which has a distinct character and sound to it. His brand new E.P lands on home turf and is quite the spectacle as you will quickly realize. His new E.P contains the original and an alternate version of his track "Far Away" which you will undoubtedly devour in one take.

 Eerie melodies are expertly paired up among fire forged subterranean basslines, water-like droplets,curious effects and moody grooves with a minimalist junglesque percussion lurking in the background like a wretched fiend out to strike when no one is aware. A marvelous fusion of dark, monochrome grooves which originate in the progressive territory, alongside stripped back rhythms that appear in the futuristic palettes of techno which instill chills and thrills throughout the deepest depths of the listener's soul. 

 The alternate edition of this tune is dubbed "Find Yourself version". It contains several similarities to the original, building on the foundations of its originator while emphasizing on extra amounts of drama via its lead synths, its sleek progression and its reinvented hypnotic basslines.

 An adventure like no other unfolds as we make our way into the darkest depths and underbelly of our world. An exploration within lost caverns long abandoned where darkness lies, crystals form like long lost jewels and stalactites hang from the ceiling as if representing the fancy crystal chandeliers of old. The echo of water trickling down the crevices can be heard in the distance as we move on armed with courage, a flaming torch, curiosity and a rising feeling of adventure that begins rippling through our skin.

 Another striking E.P by "Meanda" and the "Landscapes" crew. Perfectly suited for those 3AM sessions that we all love to get lost in!

Released: 30/4/2021

Label: Landscapes Music 

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