Saturday, October 23, 2021

Memory Loss-Kaiju [AVA White]


When you think of Andy Moor's iconic label "AVA Recordings" you may be constantly reminded of the numerous quality releases by talented artists from far and wide. Many of these artists have worked their magic and landed a well deserved spot on the pantheon of the label and in the world of dance music itself. One of these artists hails from Canada and answers to the mysterious and unique artist name "Memory Loss". She has certainly had her fair share of success in the scene, seeing countless support from some of the major players in the scene and boasting releases on several labels including "AVA Recordings" and "In Trance We Trust". Being temporarily away from the producing side of things for a bit she still managed to capture our attention and keep us regularly entertained via her live DJ performances on the "Twitch" platform. 

 Her newest single landed on "AVA White", beloved uplifting sub label of "AVA Recordings" and goes by the name of "Kaiju". A monster of a tune as one may easily discover from the very first moments of play. Colossal soaring synths, turbulent, gargantuan basslines and brief melodic moments of serenity are expertly applied here in good measure by the artist. The intriguing complexity and ultimate duality of "Kaiju" lays on its antithesis. Dynamic and fierce yet simultaneously enchanting and dreamy. Much like a gentle giant from the fairy tales of old that can be fierce and lethal yet at peace and kind when need be. A monstrous tune that will have you easily gasping for air, as you lose yourself on the dance floor amongst the dazzling lights. This has the makings of a future classic. Another hit for "Memory Loss!"

Released: 6/8/2021

Label: AVA White 


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