Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Dustin Husain pres. DH-The Adjudicator [Coldharbour Recordings]


American DJ/Producer "Dustin Husain" has been on a rise in the scene over the past years. His recent body of work on labels such as "Rielism", "Flashover" and "AVA Recordings" have been catapulting him directly to the forefront on the scene itself, turning heads while doing so. Attaining support from some of the biggest stars of the scene has been acquired while Dustin continues to thrive, letting his music speak for itself. His recent ventures have lead him to new territories such as "Markus Schulz's" esteemed "Coldharbour Recordings". For this particular outing he casts away his usual formula and sound we know him for by swapping it for a new one in which he clearly showcases his niche for the darker, moodier side of things. "DH" is his alter ego in which he proves that he can play in the field with the best of them. His brainchild dubbed "The Adjudicator" finds its rightful place on "Coldharbour Black", younger sibling of the label and home for all things dark and dreary.

 "The Adjudicator" is filled with a dark, sinister atmosphere inhabited by spooky male vocal snippets, buzzing synths, widely scattered effects, eerie, spine tingling melodies and an authoritative narrative. Throbbing basslines lay at the very core of the track while each aforementioned element makes its dramatic appearance in orderly fashion thus completing the pieces of the unfinished puzzle that lays out before us. This is a track wrought from darkness which will work wonders on future dance floors during those pesky 3AM sessions.

Released: 6/11/2020

Label: Coldharbour Black  


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