Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Andy Moor, Somna & Linney-More Than Love [AVA Recordings]



"AVA Recordings", the record label established by English DJ/Producer "Andy Moor", was created in order to house some of his own productions as well as releases by a plethora of artists that have a lot to say in the world of dance music, using their ability to craft purely addictive music, letting it be their voice in the world we all inhabit. Over the years we have heard a fair amount of gems. Many of them have resonated deep within us, attaining a piece of our soul even after all these years. 

 As the three hundredth and fiftieth release on the label was a distant mirage in the horizon it was only fitting that it had to be something truly special to celebrate this musical milestone. Andy got together with fellow co-owner of "AVA Recordings" and DJ/Producer "Somna" to collaborate on a very special track, one that would combine their musical tastes, influences and intricate sounds. Being a vocal tune they had in mind it made sense that they had to obtain the right person for the job and indeed they did in American Singer/Songwriter Caitlin Linney, known under her artist name "Linney". Being on the rise for quite some time with tracks such as "Yesterday" (with "Gareth Emery" and "NASH" or "Closer To You" (with "Maratone"), she was the perfect piece of the puzzle for supplying her vocals and songwriting skills to fit the emotional soundscapes they all wished to enter. The result was the marvelous "More Than Love" which is of course released on "AVA Recordings". 

 Peering in we encounter vocalized drums that shape the path ahead alongside dramatic effects and frantic fills, reverse vocal snippets and buzzing basslines. Majestic melodies follow dressed elegantly with the sheer emotional and downright hopeful vocals supplied by Linney herself. The combination of Linney's story telling skills and illustrious vocals alongside the dreamy, aspired melodies supplied by Andy and Somna is like something out of a fairy tale. A magical, almost unreal journey into a world where anything may occur. "Shatter the dark with a million stars", let hope and good will prevail even if the obstacles ahead may appear as high as mountains. The journey may be long and perilous but love will find its way throughout the darkness and shine radiant and bright like the mighty sun. 

 The trio have painted a musical masterpiece complete with emotional landscapes, breathtaking melodies and undeniable mental imagery. Much more than love was needed to create this one!


Label: AVA Recordings 

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