Sunday, January 9, 2022

Kalbee & Raimer-Reaching [Coldharbour Black]



We have had quite a number of artist duos over the long and prosperous years of clubland. Some rose to greatness but later went on their separate ways. Others followed the road ahead, despite the many hurdles and obstacles in their path. The fact remains though that quite often, mathematically speaking, two minds can be better than one.They can easily exchange ideas back and forth, while at the same time motivate each other thus keeping their musical vibe alive and well. One of these rather new founded duos are American artists "Kalbee & Raimer". These two musical prodigies have left a rather successful year behind them and what better way to demonstrate that than with a new offering to the dance music cosmos. These two have gained loads of attention from well known dance music icon "Markus Schulz", whose gift for discovering and nurturing talented artists is uncanny. He invited them to share their sound with the world more than often on his label "Coldharbour Recordings". Their new release finds them on the harbour once more, the "Coldharbour Black" imprint to be exact. Fitting place for these two as their single "Reaching" has just the right stuff to be part of the darker, techier, more sinister part of the label.

 Through the thick mist that forms from the very beginning of the track, pounding basslines and distant horns can be heard. Eerie, mysterious melodies emerge, pairing up marvelously with the distinct darkness of the main bassline, guiding us all along a treacherous journey through the deepest, unexplored chasms of the Earth. Seeing is usually the first sense but in this case, our ears play the leading role as our definite guides throughout the ongoing darkness that surrounds us all. Alert, vigilant, with an ever rising sense of adventure brooding in the very core of our soul, we charge on with faith as our protector. Shades of grey loom in from every angle while faint noises can be heard from afar. The hazy, mesmerizing melodies in the midst of the tune give us a moment of temporary clarity, right before the subterranean leads take off, with a kind of hidden wrath boiling from within. 

A tune of exceptional purpose. Dark, mysterious and hauntingly beautiful. It will definitely sit well with those craving the more furious, edgy and underground side of dance music. Well done guys!

Released: 19/11/2021

Label: Coldharbour Black 

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