Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Quincy Weigert-Ad Astra [Nethertape Records]


One of dance music's most exciting attributes is the fact that it is never stagnant. Constantly reinventing itself with new ideas. The appearance of new and promising artists who give it their all, telling their tale through the music medium is another glorious thing we love about the genre. One of these artists is an up and coming producer that goes by the name of Quincy Weigert. This talented artist has been steadily riding the wave of success over the years, as he has been frequently supported by some of the scene's finest including "Paul Oakenfold", "Markus Schulz", "Cosmic Gate", "Ferry Corsten" and many more. His new release is out now on all major dance music portals via "Nethertape Records" and it is a riveting one at that. 

 "Ad Astra" kicks things off like a locomotive in full force. Growling basslines, rhythmical percussion and a wondrous otherworldly theme is eloquently been laid out by the artist. Female vocal wails add an extra bit of flair to the emotional charged atmosphere that begins to form all around. A medley of melancholic melodies sweeps in as tiny droplets of luscious melodies and overpowering synths give the joyous listener the tendency and feeling that time is rapidly running out, much like the sand in an hourglass, precious and valuable like life itself.

A powerful, adventurous tune that will easily gain a place in the audience's hearts and the DJ's digital crates! Majestic and euphoric!

Released: 15/1/22

Label: Nethertape Records


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