Thursday, January 6, 2022

HORIZONS-Night On Fraser Island [Landscapes Music]


In the final month of last year, one of dance music's upcoming and most promising labels "Landscapes Music" ushered in a final release to bid farewell to a most fruitful year music wise. This release was created by none other than the founder and owner of the label himself, Shyamol Maracci. Best known under his artist name "HORIZONS", he is an artist known for showcasing beautiful scenery and landscapes for that matter, throughout his aural productions, the artist name he chose for himself could not be more fitting. Surely one familiar with his work can recognize his expertise in all of his eclectic releases. His latest musical outing is on home label "Landscapes Music" and is dubbed "Night On Fraser Island" part of the "Australia EP".

 An air of evident mystery can be found encircling this majestic offering, as darker undertones solidify the tune's stunning presence. Ethereal melodies ascend with the highest grace from the tune's grave foundations. A perfect harmony of layers in which every element complements its siblings accordingly, thus forming a window through the sound barriers, a glimpse into an isle of infinite beauty. "Fraser Island" appears to be a truly magical place wrought with joy, heart stopping scenery and breathtaking views. The splendor of nature and the awe factor are ever so present here, demonstrated exquisitely through the artist's musical touch.

 Another beauty of a tune crafted from the "Landscapes Music's" main man. Great way to send off the year and usher in the new one full of promise and hope within one's heart!

Released: 6/12/2021

Label: Landscapes Music 


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