Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Boy From The Future-The Day You Will See The Light [Landscapes Music]

 Labels have been known to pop up like mushrooms in the scene ever since dance music's inception. Every once in a while a label is born with the fundamentals of greatness. One of these labels known for their unique approach, roster of artists and sound is certainly "Landscapes Music" owned and curated by Shyamol Maracci. Their latest release once again calls to arms a "Landscapes" regular: "The Boy From The Future". This talented producer is back showcasing the progressive sound he has become known for, if you have been digging deep through the "Landscapes" releases. His new single is titled "The Day You Will See The Light" and it is out now.

 This futuristic inhabitant brings forth solid progressive grooves fortified by lush vibes and an onspray of positivity and promise demonstrated through the expert use of steadfast percussion, minimal use of effects and a more than welcome downpour of illuminated melodies, which surely bring a glimmer of hope, shining light into the darkest and most abandoned of places. Images come to life within one's mind of lands long dark and forgotten, at last gaining the gift of the ever nurturing sun upon the fertile soil. We all stare and marvel at the glory of nature as new life is sprung from the ashes. A reminder to humanity that no matter how hard things may get hope is always lurking around the corner.

 This artist brings a ray of light into our lives with his new single. If you are seeking a dose of happiness on a difficult day, this one is just right for you!

Released: 29/3/2021

Label: Landscapes Music 

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