Saturday, March 19, 2022

HORIZONS-Dusk Over Puerto Princesa (NAREL Remix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]


2022 so far has been a year of new opportunities, a downpour of new and exceptional music and of course the slow and steady ascend of new artists in the scene that we all are enamored with. It has also seen the return and welcome revival of our favorite tunes from the past. A tune that had definitely received loads of attention and praise when it was released a couple years ago was undoubtedly "Dusk Over Puerto Princesa", by Italian DJ/Producer and label owner of "LANDSCAPES MUSIC", Shyamol Maracci, better known under his artist name "HORIZONS". This tune has been reshaped and re imagined once more under the watchful eye and precise ear of a talented producer that answers to the name "NAREL". This new forged outing and reinterpretation of the beloved track is out now on the original artist's home label itself "LANDSCAPES MUSIC".

 The lush, magical and dreamy recognizable vibes of the original are here in all their glory, spliced up magnificently by the artist at work. A thorough and clairvoyant approach into the future, fine tuned for 2022. The listener is easily engaged in the melodious nature of the tune at hand and ongoing majestic theme it encapsulates, as a vibrant feeling of splendor is ever present throughout it all. Magnanimous remix attempt in keeping the track present, fresh and innovative, something that is without a doubt much needed in the world we inhabit today. The refreshing, mind altering, meticulous vibes that follow sit in perfectly with the lush imagery of the crystal clear waters and ongoing serenity found at the very location of "Puerto Princesa" itself. 

 A huge round of applause goes out to the talented "NAREL" for his exquisite remix work.

Released: 7/3/2022


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