Friday, January 26, 2018

Uppercut E.P-Mr.Pit pres. MPT Project [Well Mixed Records]

One of Romania's finest DJ/Producers is back in action. Adrian Ivan, the artist known as "Mr.Pit", has always had a unique approach towards dance music and it shows in the vast majority of his productions and remixes. Undergroundish tech-infused vibes with a dose of trance and experimental sounds is the winning formula that defines him, as he is always one step ahead of the competition. Now he unveils his new E.P entitled "Uppercut" on "Well Mixed Records".

 "Uppercut": This is the leading track of the E.P without a doubt. Fierce, relentless beats infused with dark menacing leads that get your adrenaline pumping. This one sure packs a mighty punch.

 A cloaked figure appears on the dark road ahead. Walking steadily with utter confidence, he makes his way towards the arena that resides upon the hill. Outside a large crowd has started to assemble, awaiting admittance to the grand event. The atmosphere is tense and there is an excitement in the air. As he walks past them, cries from admirers burst out and words of praise fall like rain. The prized fighter enters the arena while raising his fists high in the air, thus indulging his fans further. We decide to join in and wait in line to see the fight everyone has been talking about. The energy within the arena is electric as the crowd is ecstatic awaiting for it to begin. The fighters emerge one by one, walking tall and proud receiving pure devotion from the fans that cheer them on. Once inside the ring, you can totally see how impressive they are. The bell has rang and our hero moves wickedly fast, delivering serious punishment to the challenger. He is a ruthless fighting machine that delivers swift blows towards his opponent while blocking his advances and threatening punches to major areas. One by one he wins the rounds as his opponent grows weak and tired. We all await the outcome of this fight, anxious and loaded with pride.

 "Rule No5": A mighty track full of unexpected sounds and effects. Squelching basslines, hypnotic rhythms and classic trance leads all come together in perfect harmony. A track that will grow on you with every listen and guaranteed to get you moving on the dance floor.

 We find ourselves in a jeep heading through the vast barren landscape in front of us. The whole terrain is covered in sand as far as the eye can see. Feeling the hot sun gracing our skin we wonder if the directions we acquired were the right ones. It appears to be a place absent of sound, the only noise that can be heard is the steady murmur of our vehicle's motor. After a long period of driving, the stress seems to be getting the best of us. We are torn between the decision to forget it all and turn back or head on further to see if we may find what we are searching for beyond the golden sand dunes that lay out before us. We press on and much to our delight, a faint sound can be heard, carried upon the wind. As we get closer the variety of sounds increase and faraway in the distance like a desert mirage we see it. Layed out smack in the middle of the desert, a place all dance music fanatics would clearly lose sleep over. The excitement grows within as hypnotic beats pierce the quietness of the desert and we make out a large temple like structure. Lights of many colors emerge, purely synced to the nasty beats that escape from the huge speakers, while a large flag sails in the wind with the words "Rule No.5" imprinted on it. Excitement grows within us as we park and make our way towards this magical and enchanting place. This shall be an experience never to be forgotten.

Another heart pounding, thrilling E.P from Mr.Pit that will remain in your playlist and heart for the longest time!

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