Friday, December 22, 2017

Daniel Lesden-Existence (Review)

Daniel Sokolovskiy, widely recognized under his artist name "Daniel Lesden", has been moving mountains with his fine blend of euphoric psy-trance beats. This talented Russian who is based in Israel for several years now has the unique gift of creating music that could easily have come from another world. If you have followed his body of work closely, you would discover his interest and love for the cosmos and outer space as it is imprinted deep within his music. His latest artist album entitled "2000 Years Ahead" was a unique, mind altering release for dance music lovers everywhere. Now he is back with his new single, preparing to shake things up once more. It is rightfully dubbed "Existence" and is out now on "Digital Om Productions". An ecstatic, riveting track packed with all the goodies every psy-trance fan craves: science fiction/robotic narrative vocals, mechanical effects, underground basslines and infectious leads that get your blood pumping.

We have somehow managed to maneuver the technology that has been given to us to its full potential and in turn accomplish astounding things, things that our very own peers would describe as science fiction. Stepping into the contraption we built over the past few years with the strain on our own life, we watch as the flashes of red and green lights signify the appearance of the wide hazy vortex which appears before us, waiting for us to enter, absent of fear. We do so courageously without analyzing the potential dangers and consequences this may hold. We disintegrate like grains of sand in the wind. Shortly after we arrive at a place as old as time itself and we cautiously take our first steps on the soil of the evergreen past. We realize this is where it all began, primitive Earth before our vibrant civilization began to thrive in every corner of the world. Gaining a glimpse of what life was like we then jump back into the vortex that has reappeared before us, thinking we will return to present time. Alas we are mistaken, as we suddenly appear in a world far different than our own. This is a world full of machines, astonishing technology, gray skies and advanced humans that seem to possess powers that we as mere mortals could only dream of. Cold sweat trickles down our neck as we discover that this is not some far away world, this is the future of planet Earth. Time to get back to our time before we become trapped forever in this reality.                                                                                 

Another spellbinding track by the explorer of worlds, Daniel Lesden. Highly recommended to all of you that enjoy a different side of dance music. 

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