Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Illuminor-Anyone But You [Amon Vision]



There are plenty of DJ/Producer duos in the dance music scene as of late and I for one am glad to see artists working together as a team  with the results of their endeavors being nothing short of amazing, Prime examples of duos like this are most definitely "The Arkham Knights", "Yoshi & Razner", "Mind Of One", the list goes on. Another DJ/Producer duo you may want to keep an eye out for or ear for that matter is dance music outfit answering to the name "Illuminor". These guys from Perth, Australia have been flying high, have a nice assortment of releases to prove it plus amazing performances as well, the last one being alongside Dutch DJ/Producer sensation "Marlo".

Their newest release takes them to home turf Australia. "Anyone But You" is the name and released on "Amon Vision", a label with a bright amount of carefully selected releases. This one is no different as you will quickly witness further on. 

Playful claps sway in harmony as if romantically inclined to the deep, vibrant flavors of the chugging bassline. Wistful melodies appear to break through the clouds, spreading a sort of unearthly radiance and all in positive atmosphere illuminating the whole world around us step by step. "Kyau & Albert"-like male vocals appear in the middle bringing forth a large sentimental value as emotions arise like the tide among a sea of beautiful enriched, enchanting leads. Lush, emotional tuneage that would melt the iciest of hearts. If one version was not enough to wet your appetite then this added bonus should do just the trick. "Chris SX" from Germany is called to remix duties and it is a brilliant addition to the release. The "Chris SX Remix" shifts things to a higher gear, keeping the beloved elements of the original while implementing his own euphoric tendencies being of course a challenge within itself. "Anyone But You" gets a supercharged uplifting trance makeover, flooded with an air of tribal vocal chants taking us all to sunny far away lands by the sea while a fusion of breakbeat and uplifting grooves blossom like a rare flower within. 

Both versions will easily excite the fans to this excellent release.

Released: 13/11/2020

Label: Amon Vision



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