Friday, October 30, 2015

Genesis-Daniel Lesden and Cosmithex

Genesis-Daniel Lesden and Cosmithex

by Kostas W.Voulgaris (

Daniel is indeed a storyteller. This is evident if you have happened to follow his
string of releases.His tracks are loaded with just the right stuff to take us on destinations we would never have had the privilege of arriving at.

 In this trip he joins forces with Cosmithex delivering us the massive “Genesis”.

The aforementioned trip starts off in a state of awe as the melody is so divine, almost as a sound descending from the heavens. It feels like being taken back to the very beginning, when the creator began assembling our planet as he saw fit.

The narrative vocals arriving at the precise moment in the midst of the track add an extra notch to the enhancement of the already epic aural ride we have been on.
One feels himself/herself drawn, almost hypnotized to the rhythm and infectious vibe of this one!

If anything can be said about the masterminds behind the music it would be that the duo are certainly trance masters of the cosmos!

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